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J Co Donuts @ The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, we did a quick walkabout around the new malls - the Gardens and The Pavilion. The Pavilion is enormous with 6 floors of retail and food outlets to satisfy all our spending needs for quite some time. Although most of the places weren't opened yet, I did a pretty good walk around looking at what food outlets they had (more on that later on). Instead, let's do a quick review of
J.Co Donuts - the Indonesian doughnut chain. It seems Big Apple Donuts is based on their concept hence the look alike packaging and varieties offered here.

Queues were evident here - long ones to get your box of doughnuts. I liked the design of the place especially the zip on the huge wall. Instead of the usual metal teeth in the zip, they used J.Co Donuts coffee mugs to line the sides of the zip. Also cool was the mirror which reflected the queue of people waiting patiently for their doughnuts. Part of the place has tables and cosy chairs for you to sit and enjoy your doughnut and coffee. There's even free Wi-Fi for those who wish to surf the net.

Like Big Apple Donuts, baking takes place on the premises. Here baking may take place at the back of the counter in a teeny weeny space but it feels more hygenic especially since it's covered up with plastic see through panels. The staff is properly attired with hats, masks and plastic gloves. The staff is Indonesian so I suspect they brought in their own people pending training locals here.


They were having a promotion - RM33.40 for 2 dozen doughnuts. Definitely a good deal as the doughnut is RM2 (for the Glazzy) and RM2.30 for the assorted versions. Since we couldn't eat so many doughnuts in the danger of ending up looking like Homer Simpson, we got two boxes of half a dozen doughnuts (RM11 per box). The original plan was Splashie Boy took one box home and I had one to sample. Unfortunately our plans were dashed as he found out more people were attending his family dinner so I had to give up my box of doughnuts too. Sniff! I did get to sample one doughnut though - the plain glazed one known as Glazzy which got my thumbs up. It's softer than Big Apple Donuts and the glaze is thicker and sweeter.

Black Jack

Although I didn't get to taste them all, heard good feedback from Splashie Boy's family. General consensus was it's nicer than Big Apple Donuts. The kids loved it and had fun fighting over which flavours to try. They went crazy for the chocolate varieties since they loved chocolate. The Coco Loco - the chocolate topped one with chocolate cream inside had their vote.

Cheese Miss You

The Alcapone is their best seller - melted chocolate with loads of almonds sprinkled on top. In fact, it looked like a warzone of almonds. The Black Jack version was a dipped chocolate doughnut which the kids loved. Even the Cheese version smelt good and tasted good according to Splashie Boy.


The crushed oreo biscuits version wasn't fantastic and looked so like the Big Apple Donuts version.

Crunchy Crunchy

J.Co Donuts crunchy doughnut uses crunchy corn flakes versus cocoa puffs like the Big Apple Donut.

Why Nut?

A firm favourite with chunks of peanuts topping a chocolate glazed doughnut.

Coco Loco

This was the kids' favourite as it had cream oozing out of a nice soft doughnut topped with dark chocolate glaze.

Miss Green T

The green tea topping definitely looked better than the pale one in Big Apple Donuts.

J Crown Oreo

They also have these varieties known as J Crown which look like a ring or flower. Similar toppings are used like oreo, white chocolate with nuts, dark chocolate and etc. Although they look very pretty, tastewise, it's not as soft as the doughnut.

Tira Miss U

The tiramisu version with sprinkles of coffee powder. Even Splashie Boy, the anti-coffee person liked this one. It's filled with tiramisu cream. Must be artificial flavouring since it should not have any alcohol.

Snow White

Last but not least, the classic doughnut with icing sugar and cream within. Other varieties we didn't get were their Berry Blue, Mango Blitz and Sugar Ice. When we bought the doughnuts, we also got free Hari Raya packets. Pretty nifty packets as you're entitled to a free Glazzy doughnut if you present it to the counter. There's also a system for you to order the doughnuts - join the queue and pick your doughnuts, they'll put a queue number on it. Wait in line to get to the cashier and say your queue number to pick up your doughnuts once you have paid.

Overall, I would say I kinda prefer J.Co Donuts with their softer texture and stronger flavours. However, Big Apple Donuts does have their advantage due to their proximity at the Curve to my house. They also have introduced a local favourite, the Durian version. Heard also through the grapevine they're opening in Cheras while J.Co Donuts will be opening in Sunway Pyramid. There will also be a Big Apple Donut in the Pavilion but at the 6th floor while J.Co Donuts is located on the first floor.

Other food and beverage places to check out in the Pavilion - Esprit Cafe run by Aromas Singapore. They have durian puffs which are supplied by the Happy Meals place Teckiee blogged about. Interesting concept - the cakes are cut into tiny cubes for one to try and assortment. There's old favourites from Equatorial Hotel - Etoile Bistro at the concourse area and soon to open Kampachi on the sixth floor. Most of the places are around the first, third and sixth floor. First floor also has the supermarket, Mercato which does not look exciting. What looks exciting is the soon to be open Paul which has cafes all over France and UK. There's Tony Romas, Crystal Jade Kitchen and Yo! Sushi from London on the first floor. The sixth floor looks interesting with restaurants like Angus House, Bosphorus (Turkish food) but will only be open in November. Third floor outlets look like bars as they're at the street level - La Bodega and a Mexican bar and grill. Definitely loads to look forward to when you make your way here.

J. Co Donuts & Coffee
Lot 1.05.00
First Floor
The Pavilion
Kuala Lumpur

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Cat Cat said...

Look like a Dunkin Donuts in USA... Another famous one here is Krispy Creme... Great donuts.

I'll take Coco Loco - 10 bijik, please.

Mike Lee said...

Thanks for review. Only manage eat 3 kinds of donuts from the awesome selection.
Regarding an opening of branch in Pyramid, I think its very confirm. My friend did call the HQ of JCo to ask bout it. I even asked the cashier and he said will be opening one in Selangor very soon. :)

yiiming said...

do you mean Paul the bakery? wow, some effort by the management team of Pavillion
Paul also have their presence now in Shanghai, their eclairs and macarons are quite good

ling239 said...

i like the Coco Loco too!!
but it could get a bit messy if you are not careful or aware when the chocolate cream from inside starts dripping...
btw Big Apple will be opening soon in 1-U new wing too ~ ^_^

jasmine said...

was at pavilion too during the weekend and j.co was our last stop (after the queue has stopped). the doughnuts were indeed good! so were the drinks :)

GFAD said...

I once had a B.Apple's plain donut (no glaze, just kosong), piping hot and it was fabulous! Once cold it wasn't as good though. Must try JCo's kosong donut too. Can taste the donut better without all those cloying glazes.

This Pavillion team has managed to rope in some pretty good tenants. Well worth a visit once everything is up and running! Paul has really good pastries. In Dubai, I had their chocolate eclair and it was divine!! Must try their breads soon.

teckiee said...

The puff at Esprit cafe is so over priced =( I was craving for it after reading your post. Bbought RM1.50 a piece! ...*sign* ...but near my office so I guess ok gua...

Big Boys Oven said...

We also can't wait for Paul's cafe which brought in by Farah Khan.

teckiee: Forgot to tell you that Esprit triple the price of their cakes....lol

mudslinger said...

btw, big apple has already opened their second outlet in cheras. it's in tesco extra (used to be makro).

i love your blog!

卡娃伊 ling_lol said...

OMG!!! looks so tasty!!! i can hardly wait to try on those doughnuts~

i like to read ur blog too... so tat i'll know whr got nice & affordable foods..

Unknown said...

thanks ! it a very informative post, i'll know what to expect when i get there :)

Anonymous said...

whooaaaa they look really yummy......:)

daphne said...

that was a good review. Lots of info. The J Crown Oreo looks very different to the other donuts I have seen.

Can't wait to sink my teeth in Krispy Creme next week when I'm in Sydney! hehe

Tummythoz said...

Eye candy but no drooling for me (a rare occurence whenever visiting your blog). Only like d conservative type of donut - dusted with sugar.

boo_licious said...

cat cat - this one more like Krispy Kreme.

mikelee - yup, near Jusco and opening in November so look out for Jco in there.

lim - yup! I saw the website and the stuff looks excellent.

ling239 - hee hee, must be careful esp if wearing white.

jasmine - think the whole world will be checking out these malls.

kat - aiks, can't wait for Paul to start as the food sounds super good.

teckiee - wow! that is pricey but I guess with nice environment and costs.

BBO - yup, definitely something I will go all the way down town for.

mudslinger - yup, heard abt that too per the grapevine.

ling ling - thxs. Hope u enjoy the doughnuts.

kampungboycitygal - hope you like the doughnuts. may be subject to yr own tastebuds.

azra - the glazzy was yummy! Am sure all these would have tasted even better

daphne - read that it's meant to be chewier.

tummythoz - such self control Guess you can have the Dunkin Donuts as I don't think they do plain dusted with sugar here.

wmw said...

Hmmm...where's my sample??? ;o)

boo_licious said...

wmw - gone baby gone as Splashie Boy's nieces and nephews ate it all.

Jackson - yup, lots of wars this time happening.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the informative details on J.Co
Here is many visit there:

God of Food's said...

Woow!!! all the new donut company coming out so fast, Big apple and now J.co. who's next?

boo_licious said...

soo - thxs for the link.

god of food's - dunno who else will jump in the bandwagon? Maybe the Spore versions like Donut Factory and etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the compliments and supports. Drop by to J.CO again yah! Regards, Intan (PR OF J.CO DONUTS & COFFEE Pavilion)

ai wei said...

donuts! i can't wait to have a bite on them!

hungry hungry now~

mecha said...

how crazy can this be??? i've been to The Pavilion and saw this cafe 2 weeks ago! i also had dinner at a great place, Yo! Sushi restaurant and i would really want their phone number or e-mail address, anything that would help me contact them. can anyone help me? thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Greetings From J.CO Donuts & Coffee!
In celebrating our 2nd opening in Sunway
Pyramid this 7 December, we’re pleased
to inform all donut lovers out there
that J.CO will be doing sampling from
27th Nov until 4th Dec (12pm till 5pm)@
of donuts will be given away during that
hours, so come and join the fun with
J.CO! See you there!!

Intan Suraya

Rizby said...

Hi...looks like we have a few things in common....we're foodies of course...we both enjoy J. Co Donuts and we can't wait for Paul Cafe to be open! :-)...Do drop by my website rizbyriz.multiply.com...some great recipes to share

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