Monday, July 10, 2006

Tomato Basil Linguini

I dug around my photo archive and found it - don't you think it has the tri colours of the Italian flag - red, green and white? It's really simple to make with basil leaves and shaving of parmesan cheese. During my mini photo session, my parmesan cheese melted a bit though.

I usually buy chopped tomatoes - it's easier since the fresh tomatoes we get can sometimes be sourish. To make the sauce, it was simple to just cook it down with chopped garlic and one red chilli to add spice. This chilli was added after I read Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners which recommended it. This makes a yummy tomato sauce which goes so well with pasta. You just shred basil leaves and mix it with the pasta and sauce as it adds a great fragrance. Top it with lots of parmesan cheese and you have a simple meal which would probably cost you a bomb outside.


Robin CHAN said...


have u tried using sun-dried tomatoes?

Unknown said...

now that looks absolutely slurp-worthy! I too use canned tomatoes as they are redder and sweeter than our local Cameron Highlands tomatoes, which can be a tad sourish, as you say.

Lisa said...

Yum yum! Go Italy! I love to make a version of this dish, which my niece actually showed me a few years ago. So simple and wonderful. I use fresh Roma tomatoes when they're in season around here. Adding a hot pepper is a nice idea.

boo_licious said...

robin - when I am super lazy, I use sun dried tomatoes. The oil is so great, I have this fantastic recipe with sizzled sausages. Yummy stuff.

Cath - yeah, if I have to get those really nice tomatoes, they cost a bomb here since it's brought in from Australia.

lisa - yeah! Amazing win but sad too about what happened to France.

GFAD said...

Boo, where do you usually get your fresh basil leaves?

I heard from the radio recently one can make sun-dried tomatoes by baking them in an oven. Have you tried before? Store-bought ones are a bit pricey.

fatboybakes said...

ka..t, fresh basil so far i've found is cheapest in bangsar village. RM2.99 (or was it 3.99) for 50gm, which is 5.99 in cold storage.
actually these days u can buy sundried tomatoes in jars, and not by the kilo. quite reasonably priced, and they last a long time, coz you cant eat that much of em...or can you?

boo_licious said...

kat - u can get them at Jusco, Cold Storage and Bsar Village. No idea abt making my own sundried tomatoes but I don't think it'll taste great becoz our tomatoes are not as nice as the overseas tomatoes.

fatboybakes - I bought mine in a jar and they last a long time in my fridge. Love the oil the tomatoes are soaking in.

chocolalat! said...

Hi there

sorry to comment on an old posting.

Just wondering:

how do you keep the basil from turning balck so fast? Normally the basil comes in a pack, which is quite a lot, so naturally, you wont be using them all at once. would like to be able to keep them longer.


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