Monday, July 10, 2006

Hai Peng Kopitiam @ Kemaman, Terengganu

Yawn! I have been awake for the World Cup and it was amazing with Italy winning on penalties. No Italian pasta today even though I am sure I have a plain tomato and basil one in my archive but since the morning beckons, I prefer an ice blended coffee a.k.a Hai Peng's Special Coffee Breeze (RM6.50) to keep awake with! It's not mine but from Splashie Boy's recent trip to Terengganu. Whenever one goes around that area - three essential stops along the coastal road from Kuantan to Terengganu are the keropok lekor stalls dotting the side of the road, Kemaman or Chukai for seafood (stuffed crab) and coffee at Hai Peng. They are famous for their traditional coffee and of course breakfast items.

Breakfast was a feast - everyone was tucking into Nasi Lemak, toasted bread with kaya (RM0.90) and half boiled eggs. Their iced coffee comes in chilled plastic cups that are sealed on top. This place has been around for ages i.e. before World War Two and is very much an institution in Kemaman.

Other specialities are their Nasi Dagang and the charcoal toasted bun filled with kaya and ice cold slabs of butter. Splashie Boy took a picture of the ketupat daun palas as it was served differently from here. They had pan fried it hence the ketupat was slightly crunchy on the outside. Sorry for the short write up but I wasn't there to taste the great food! No pictures of the seafood they ate at night as someone forgot to snap any. Check the other reviews as they have lots of pictures of seafood they ordered including the famous stuffed crabs.

Hai Peng Kopitiam
3753 Jalan Sulaimani
24000 Kemaman

Tel No: 09 - 859 7810

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an9ie said...

Oooh, kaya on toast! Boo, you are killing me! I was strong enough to pass up on some kaya at the Asian mini-mart on Saturday, now I have to go back and get it...

fatboybakes said...

aiya, now got craving. i find their coffee a bit too sweet though. but it goes really well with the charcoal toasted toast and half boiled eggs...yummmmmmm..........aarghhhh

flymeng said...

When I was a kid, my mom would make me half boiled egg for breakfast. I would add soy sauce, white pepper and dip it with toast or crackers. It came with Milo too.
My dad took me to Kemaman for fishing many years ago. I wonder if the town has changed. I also remembered driving through Karak. We would fish for Snakehead (Sang Yue) and Toman.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. I need one of those iced coffees right away!

boo_licious said...

an9ie - never mind! Kaya is comfort food as it's so yummy. I now toast the soft buns myself on a pan, put kaya and a slab of cold butter - it's heavenly.

fatboybakes - I also want some but sadly I could not go on this trip.

lisa - When I was typing that early in the morning I was yawning so hard and that coffee was the only thing perking me up a bit.

headsteadi said...

I just went there last week. Nice place and good food. Here's my review

CCLee said...

i also went there too. Nice place to lepak :)

Julian Si said...

Its still pretty good ... but only the COFFEE and FRIED MEEHOON I reckon!

It's a pre-requisite to stop here on the way back home to KL after a Pulau Redang dive trip!

Gourmetsharing said...

This coffee shouldn't be missed when you have the chance to pass by Chukai, Terenggan.

You can get the map at below link:

Hai Peng Coffee

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