Saturday, July 29, 2006

How to get crispy fried shallots?

I was surfing the Net, browsing through blogs and found Lilian of Malaysia Best's question regarding crispy shallots. Although the ones we make at home are crispy after they emerge from the hot oil, they turn soggy with time hence they need to be consumed immediately. As fried shallots are added into almost every kind of food to add taste especially hawker type food, manufacturers have devised a method to keep them crispy. The urban legend claims the manufacturers add plastic to keep the shallots extra crispy.

Recently after my failed attempts to made crispy wafer thin ginger slices, I have been fascinated to find out what's the right method. My mother suggested I add flour as this was a tip her friend gave her. Although I have yet to try her proposed method, I came across this interesting tip in the Star paper's Homes supplement dated 26 July, 2006 where they have an Ideas to Share column. This lady i.e. Linda Wong from Taman Mayang Jaya (who should be credited as the originator of this tip) was kind enough to share her secret of crispier fried shallots:
"Sprinkle some rice flour into sliced shallots and mix well before frying. Drain out fried shallots when it turns golden brown. Keep crispy shallots in an air tight container to enjoy crispiness for a month"
Although I have yet to try it out, her method kinda makes sense since it's similar to what my mother proposed. Will probably have to try it out or better still, if any of you try it out, do let me know if it works. I thought it will be nice to share the tip and also document it down as I have a bad habit of losing newspaper cuttings all the time. There was also another interesting tip which a Sonia Lee from Damansara Jaya shared on the secret to fresh and white bean sprouts versus those soggy brown sprouts:
"After removing the sprout tails, soak in a basin of ice cubes with a dash of salt. The result is crunchy fresh and white sprouts"
Hope you enjoy the tips and do give me feedback if the tips work or don't work!

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wombie said...

For crunchy fried shallots, try rinsing cut shallots in water and then put in strainer and let it air dry COMPLETELY before frying it or else wet shallots will cause oil to splatter. When my mom told me this, I didn't believe her. My sis tried it out last week and it really worked! Seems like a lot of work but I think it's worth it if you intend to make a big batch to keep.

Louise said...

hey.. .funnily here in sweden, they sell lots of fried shallots (similar to the one you buy ready in msia).. the reason is that they use it for hot dogs and on their salad! All the Malaysians love them here cos its great for chinese cooking! I put them on fried noodle, on vege etc! And they are probably the cheapest thing in the supermarket here!

Kem Lambaian Danau said...

i add fine salt to the slices of shallots. mix well and fry them.

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks for tip! I will have to try this!

boo_licious said...

simmie - thxs for the tip! You're back for the holidays rite? Have a fun time.

louise - wow, I didn't think Swedes liked fried shallots until you mentioned it.

ogy - thxs for the tip!

lannae - hope it works. I must try when I stock up my oil as I only have olive oil at home.

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