Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dining Out @ Cuisine Studio, Tropicana Golf & Country Club, Petaling Jaya

Assorted Bruschetta (RM29)

I must admit I've been holding on these photos for the longest time ever. Reason why I've been reluctant to post it up has been because I was planning to return to try more items which I missed during my two visits here. As usual when life catches up with you and more new places open, my good intentions always go awry. Hence I decided today would be a great day to post about this place since Ratatouille the movie opens in cinemas in Malaysia. The link to the movie is the French cooking bit as this is the place run by the same chefs who conduct classes at the French Culinary School in Menara IMC. If you're also a faithful follower of Flavours magazine, you'll also notice some items featured in the recipe sections since they're the same chefs. And if you're wondering, I don't think there is a rat in the kitchen named Remy who aspires to be a chef.

Duck Rilette

This place is quite well hidden from the public since it's located at the golf club. Most of the patrons who dine here either stay at the golf course area or come here to buy cooking/baking supplies. This place also conducts classes by the same chefs as the French Culinary School. For the cooking/baking enthusiasts, there's Monin syrup here(I love their Green Apple and Peach), Valrhona chocolate and cocoa powder, Microplane graters, french sea salts, sausages and etc. It's essentially the same items you can get from Gourmandines.

Chef's Salad (RM27)

The menu here is quite small and sometimes they have various specials. We like their Assorted Bruschetta - crispy bread slices topped with sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomato salsa, roast chicken, smoked duck breast and olives. My favourite bit was the smoked duck breast and the roast chicken ones. What's really good at this place are their breads especially the multigrain bread if you like those with more bite and less fluff. They're also available off the counter too. We didn't fare too well with the Duck Rilette as it was undersalted and quite bland. After we asked the wait staff about it, they took it back and didn't charge us for it. Seems the chef could have undersalted it when they made it.

Fish Brandade (RM38)

During lunch time, the Fish Brandade is a popular dish. It's essentially salted cod fish pieces mixed with creamy mash potatoes which you eat with bread. It can be quite salty if you're not used to the salted cod fish but I quite liked it as I'm a fan of anything with mash potatoes. I love their Chef's Salad which is very substantial and a meal by itself or should be at least shared among 3 people. There's olives, bits of smoked duck breast, sundried tomatoes on a bed of crispy salad leaves.

Wagyu Beef Cheeks (RM75)

The two items which I have been dying to revisit to try is their Lamb Shank and Tea Smoked Salmon. However since they had ran out of Tea Smoked Salmon that day and they had this as a special, we decided to try it. The beef cheeks here are different from Max! Kitchen and Wines. There's less sauce and flavours are not as strong as Max! The beef cheeks are super tender of course and feels very rustic served with steamed potatoes which is the traditional way. It's actually served with the pot so I had to dig it out to snap a picture. The portions are enough to be shared among two of us but then we're not big eaters. Remember the multi grain bread I raved about, well this is where we used it to mop up the juices which tasted so divine. They have since added this to the menu so you can try it all the time.

Chocolate Sacher (RM18)

Musn't forget desserts, the Chocolate Sacher which we shared among two of us was light and rich with it's layers of cake and mousse.

Peach French Macaroons (RM3 each)

Another favourite of mine - French Macaroons. These ones are peach flavoured which I artfully tried to arrange them in a stack. Sadly one fell during my picture taking sessions hence it's a bit broken. It's kinda strange how French Macaroons have yet to catch on in Malaysia. I guess not everyone likes their chewy texture.

They also serve breakfast during the weekends which we tried once and I'll blog about it another time. Prices here tend to be on a higher side but the food is good here. It's also a good alternative if you're a Petaling Jaya resident who does not want to fight through the traffic to Kuala Lumpur. Corkage is free so bring a bottle of wine if you wish for dinner. If you wish to come and eat here, note that there's a 10% discount if you're a Tropicana Golf Club member.

Cuisine Studio
The Palm New Wing
Tropicana Golf & Country Club
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7805 3088

(Pork free. Open from 11am to 10pm daily. During the weekends, they start from 8am onwards as breakfast is served. Click on the link above for more details about the place including pictures.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Cat Cat said...

You've never failed to impress me with your dessert's pictures... YUM YUM!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the food looks very very good..tropicana eh? must give this a try..sigh another item on the list..and a very long list may i add.. so is the wagyu portion bigger then the 1 at max?

Big Boys Oven said...

French food, I always adore them. They are lovely, simple, elegant and inviting. French stew can also very tasty too. Anyway dessert... chocolat is my favourite platter. Wait, wait wait.... hope bigboysoven will come up with some varitey of macaroons soon. Love those chewy cookies, I always have some in my kitchen jar. hehehehe..

Vincent Cho said...

oh my oh my~!! those photos making me mouth watering~!!

ling239 said...

French Macaroons!!
been looking for this but dunno where to find... tks so much ~ ^_^

IronEaters said...

the chocolate sacher looks fabulous! and the french macaroons too =D

wmw said...

Another place for beef cheeks??? Macaroons! Check out the pics of macaroons from
I almost fainted at the sight of those beauties!

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

As usual, i really love looking at your blog. Todays dishes look very wonderful. I hope you have many more nice meal there.

boo_licious said...

cat cat - LOL, they were yum yum esp the macaroons.

joe - wagyu beef just nice to share for 2 small eaters. Not sure if enough for you though.

big boys oven - wow, can see yr eyes glazing over with the mention of France. Macaroons sounds good. I shld attempt to make some but doubt mine will look or taste so great.

vincent cho - *passes hankerchief*

ling239 - u can get these type at bakerzin and also KL Hilton's Caffe Cino. Lots of varieties there.

ironeaters - they were pretty good, I could understand what is the fuss abt macaroons now.

wmw - I know! Evan's site is amazing esp the rainbow colours of her macaroons. I sometimes want to get someone to bring home a box from Spore.

lovely malaysia food - thanks! Hope you will give it a try.

ling239 said...

tks a lot ~ ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

Can be exchange macaroons? hahahaha last night sunny yaw was jumping up as he had managed to accomplished his a badge of macaroons. heheheheh

Rarebeet said...

Love macaroons! The food sounds pretty impressive especially for a golf & country club huh? Tres chic!

J said...

Mmmmm. Looks yummy!
(Prices seem a bit on the high side though but once in a while should be alright....)

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