Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 96


It must be the weekend again as Mum made me pose today. She reckons I can become a super model kitty cat but little does she know I rather be a tomboy chasing birdies and wrestling with my big brother. I tried to avoid her by getting as high as I could but she still pursued me with her camera.

Nothing eventful happening in our little kitty world except of course my brother keeps dissapearing every night. Not sure where he goes but maybe he found a new girlfriend. Whatever the reason is, I'm glad as he can be a pain in the neck sometimes.

Do visit my friends, Upsie and Sundance at
What Did You Eat? who are hosting WCB this weekend. Strange things are happening there - weighting squirrels and harnessing kitties.

Lots of kisses
Fluff Puff the kitten wonder


sher said...

I love looking at Fluff Puff, because she looks like my sweet Katie, who is no longer with us. She was the sweetest cat and Fluff Puff looks like she is a darling. Great picture--I'm sure you are on your way to being a star.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great model! I love your cat's colourful coat...

Katie said...

Wow your kitty is so adorable! The colours in her fur are so gorgeous. Wow I agree with your Mum - you could be a super model kitty! :) (And super model kitties can still chase birdies and wrestle their big brothers!)

Katie and Puddy

boo_licious said...

sher - fluff puff is no sweetie though. She can be a rascal too.

rosa - hope maruschka stops yodeling soon.

kate - thxs for calling her super model. Maybe she can earn her food soon.

sammawow said...

Such a beautiful picture. I love all those colors of her fur with those gorgeous eyes!

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