Thursday, April 12, 2007

Raihan Nasi Kandar Asli Pulau Pinang @ Shah Alam

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that only in Malaysia, you find food everywhere. Well, not only do you find it everywhere, sometimes they're located at the most unlikely places. I've heard of stalls within the meat cutting areas of markets, next to chicken sellers, car washes, mechanic shops and etc. Take for instance, this particular Nasi Kandar restaurant. Located within a light industrial area amid car workshops and factories, it still draws in the customers with their famous Nasi Kandar.

The origins of Nasi Kandar can be traced back to Penang where it was peddled by Indian Muslims who used a long pole (known as the kandar) to balance the food in two large containers. Till today, most places which serve this extremely popular dish, still display a picture of the Nasi Kandar man or the container which was used to store the rice.

The food is simple fare - a big plate of steamed rice coupled with vegetables (either curry bean sprouts or cabbage), a pool of curry sauce which is mixed from various types of curries and deep fried chicken. If you don't fancy deep fried chicken, choose from a variety of other cooked curries. At this restaurant, they also offer deep fried ayam kampung (free range chicken). What makes the dish extra special is the "ganja" at the side. Nope there's no cannabis or anything illegal inside it. It's essential deep fried bits flavoured with spices. Extremely addictive especially when sprinkled on top of your rice.

This particular stall serves pretty budget Nasi Kandar and is a popular haunt of people who work around here. Although you can have it with steamed white rice, I tried their yellow Nasi Pulao which was pretty good too and fragrant with spices (RM5.50). On Fridays, they serve their version of Nasi Briyani known as Nasi Berani Guskah.

Raihan Nasi Kandar Asli Pulau Pinang
No. 5, Jalan Penggawa U1/75
Batu 3, Light Industrial Park
Shah Alam

Tel No: 019 - 207 8886 / 016- 263 7886

(Halal. This is at the light industrial area further down from the Glenmarie shophouses if you are coming from the Shell Station towards Shah Alam stadium. Open from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, they close at 3pm)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Tummythoz said...

Oh no. I forgot. Shd not have stepped into here while having breakfast. Aiks, now my jam & cheese sandwich taste so bland & dry. Even my fav teh tarik has lost its appeal. Arrgghh.. so many hours to lunch!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Thankfully, I'm looking at this after having my breakfast, so I won't have tummythoz's symptoms. ;-) Another restaurant close to home. Thanks!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

testing my ability to stop drooling..even after brekkie i also can feel my tummy grumbling

Mike said...

THe local call this joint.."Nasi Kandar Exhaust" seing that it isd located amongst the many Car Repair shop. The Ayam Goreng is a MUST TRY.

Pink Elle said...

Budget nasi kandar is almost an oxymoron! But the price you mentioned seemed pretty okay. I like the amount of gravy they drown your rice in :) I'm a gravy person!

Precious Pea said...

Your SUPER CLEAR nasi kandar is making me SUPER HUNGRY!!

awang678 said...

After reading your blog for the past few weeks, I have decided to go on a Food Odyssey of all the places you have reviewed.

It will be a Semi-Odyssey, because I can only eat halal food, but a journey of (g)astronomical proportions nonetheless.

Unknown said...

it is amazing how you manage to find this restaurant :)
I found it because I used to have my car serviced next door. been there to eat a couple of times. at first, when they dont have nasi kandar yet, the place was quiet. heck, i cant even get a decent roti telur for my brekkie.
now, with their nasi kandar, people r queuing during lunch hour ^^ good find, girl :)

Jackson said...

wowo....i love to hv white rice bath with various curry gravy and big portion of fried chicken...yum yum

boo_licious said...

tummythoz - poor dear! Sorry abt that but I'm sure you made it up with a great lunch.

lemongrass - yeah, this is perfect for you. Amazing how much good food around this place while the section 13 area is so dismal.

LOL, that's why yr name is someone who is constantly craving!

mike - now that's an appropriate name but I didn't see any exhaust fumes. So amazing to find it there.

pinkelle - there is cheap nasi kandar places. you just have to look a bit further and at the stalls. Think it will be cheaper if you eat it with normal rice.

precious pea - ooops, sorry.

awang678 - good luck with the food odyssey. If you need a list, let me know. Actually there's a lot of yummy halal places, just have to be patient and explore.

ronald - LOL, I actually found it on someone's blog but the person has since reorganised their blog till the post dissapeared! So sad as I couldn't link them at all.

jackson - this place you can go, near yr glenmarie office.

elb said...

"It's essential deep fried "bits" flavoured with spices."

Sorry, just had to ask. Bits? As in offal/ giblets?

Mike said...

It's essential deep fried "bits>>>>

It is actually fried dried chilly which have been chrushed

Unknown said...

Hi, I stumbled on your site and am really enjoying reading about malaysian food, it looks so good and your pix are great!


boo_licious said...

elb - bits as in batter bits sprinkled with spices for flavour.

mike - no taste of chillies though. Strange as not spicy at all. Wonder if similar to the Balinese style chicken items with spices.

Sandy from Foodhoe - thxs for dropping by.

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