Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ipoh Hor Fun @ TK Chong, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Back to the grindstone with the holidays over! Am sure everyone had a great break and some of you are still on holiday until end of the week. Yesterday, it was all about places which have opened for business during this festive season. I notice some places have started business back again, mainly the roast duck stalls in Kepong Baru and even at the back of Jalan Pasar. I guess this is the busiest time for them as most families will buy a whole duck or goose for the festive celebrations.

Last week, when I read Pasankia's write up about this place, I decided to drop by here on the way to Ikano Power Centre. Although it's not a new place, it's been at Damansara Perdana for the longest time ever (they recently shifted from the same row as Mum's Place to the front shophouses near 7 Eleven and Public Mutual). I keep reading about this place: a write up in Star Weekend long ago and then FriedChillies went recently hence it's been on my to do list.

First impressions of the place was good as it was packed with a decent size crowd for a late breakfast. Lots of poached chickens strung outside and occasionally people will come over and pack food to take away. The noodles is served in a huge shallow bowl and topped generously with spring onions, prawns and shredded chicken meat (RM3.50). The clear soup is tinged with prawn oil for flavour. Thumbs up to the sweet soup which was exactly like how Pasankia described it and paired with smooth kuey teow noodles. While I was slurping down my soup, I wondered if there was MSG in it since it was so sweet. Now, if you follow my blog faithfully, you should know that I'm ultra sensitive to MSG. By the time I left the place, after eating a leisurely brunch, parked my car in Ikano, I started feeling the effects of the MSG. So dissapointing as it was such a satisfying meal.

Since it was brunch, I decided to go all out to try their poached chicken and prawn wantans. I thought the prawn wantans (RM0.50 each) weren't the type to blow me away with as it lacked the crunchiness I like in my prawns. The poached chicken (RM3.00) was tender but I felt the chicken lacked the bite I like in say an organic chicken or farm bred chicken. Instead the poached chicken tasted like those chemically injected chickens we get in the supermarket as the flesh is too soft.

Although prices here are much cheaper and portions are better than say Soo Kee in Petaling Jaya, somehow I doubt I'll be making a return trip here since I'm MSG intolerant.

Restoran TK Chong,
No. 5-1, Jalan PJU8/51,
Perdana Business Centre

Tel No : 012 - 262 8460

(Non Halal. This place is open for business from the fourth day of Chinese New Year. Note they will be closing for one day during CNY for the Hokkien CNY celebrations. The GPS location is N 03 10.056', E101 36.439')

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You know, it's so hard to find good ipoh hor fun here in the Klang Valley. Once, someone actually ta-pau'd the hor fun from Ipoh and brought it all the way back to KL for me. lol. Thx for the write-up!

boo_licious said...

So sad rite since only good ones are in Ipoh when we have so many stalls in KL. I think this one is more ideal for those who are not so sensitive to MSG as I heard it's packed with people. I can understd why as the soup is super tasty.

flymeng said...

I don't recall when was the last time I had Ipoh Hor Fun. Your pictures looked super yummy. I can see that the Hor Fun is smooth and prawn wantans are bouncy.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

boo_licious: I guess it's worth one visit judging from the crowds that go there. :-)

Precious Pea said...

Although laden with MSG, that bowl of Hor Fun look very appetising. But i think hardly can find a place without msg nowadays.

boo_licious said...

flymeng - yeah, sometimes I wish I was not too sensitive to MSG, then I'll just eat it and not suffer from the aftereffects.

lyrical lemongrass - I reckon it is becoz everyone's tastebuds are different but mine is ultra sensitive towards MSG. I did want to say if you don't mind MSG, do visit the place but that's not so good for the health since MSG means their soup is actually not originally sweet but artifically enhanced.

precious pea - yeah, nowadays most of the places have MSG but if too much is put inside the food, my body starts to react to it. Strange I know - yet to taste how much will affect me.

Precious Pea said...

How will your body reacts? As for me, i will get cracked lips if overdose of MSG.

Xiu Long Bao said...

the hor fun n poached chicken look nice n r/bly priced but i hate MSG! I'll get Xtremely thirsty after taking food loaded wiv MSG.

boo_licious said...

precious pea - I get really thirsty then headaches.

xiu long bao - yeah, same here abt the thirst with MSG.

sc said...

boo, i wanted to try this too after reading bout it some time back :). i was told that the one in TTDI (near the market) is the branch.. any chance you'd know if that's true?

Unknown said...

Hi Boo

Absolutely spot on. I can't take MSG too. When they were further in, the quality was better than the TTDI branch. I guess its cost cutting. the new place's rental is higher. According to the Star interview/write up, the hor fun was made from top quality rice and the chicken sourced from Bukit Matajam. But now, I prefer the TTDI branch.

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