Friday, November 17, 2006

Malay Food @ Nasi Lemak Tanjung Puteri, Hartamas, KL

I have a passion for good Malay food and discovering tiny "warongs" at obscure places is a small past time of mine. This particular place definitely beats the typical genre of a warong though - you get 1950's and 1960's Malay music playing at the background, black and white pictures of Malay iconic singers like P Ramlee and Salomah, twinkling lights all over the place and a beautifully set table of treats laid out buffet style.

We often visit here hence these pictures were taken at different times. This place is famous for their Nasi Lemak which you serve yourself from the table. Pick whatever you want to eat whether it's their rendang ayam (chicken rendang in Malay), sambal sotong (calamari sambal) or just plain with a hard boiled egg and lots of peanuts and deep fried ikan bilis (anchovies). Here the sambal is slightly spicier and has hints of ginger in it.

Besides Nasi Lemak, you can also select food from the buffet style table. As the owners are from Johor, you get most of the Johor specialities here like the Murtabak Johor (RM4) which is cooked on a hot plate right in front of the stall. Unlike the usual murtabaks, the Johor variety has lots of layers filled with minced meat.

I reckon their Laksa Johor (RM5) is not too bad. It's not the best I have tasted but versus what I have eaten around the city, it's pretty good. The gravy is nice and thick with shredded fish and the add the sambal with a touch of calamansi lime juice for extra kick!

We usually order fry ups like this Mee Goreng P Ramlee (RM5) named after the great singer. There's also fried rice named after Saloma, mee hailam, kuey teow soup and etc. All these are fried in the small kitchen at the back.

They also serve a Johor specialty you don't usually see in town - Botok Botok(RM5). The ikan tenggiri cutlet is usually pan fried on the outside to give it a slight flavour and smeared with sambal made from shallots, ginger and ground spices. It's then placed in a banana leaf parcel and covered with various herbs that is usually eaten as salads (ulam). For this version, they used young sweet potato shoots (pucuk ubi kayu), salam leaf (daun salam) and wild pepper leaf (daun kaduk). It's up to you to add as many different varieties of herbs you like. The banana leaf parcel is then steamed until the fish is cooked. Open the parcel and dig into the fish which is to be eaten together with the leaves. It's very healthy and delicious.

If you're around this area, do drop by for some nostalgia and great food. They also serve traditional Malay kueh like ubi kayu and steamed tapioca for desserts.

Nasi Lemak Tanjung Puteri
173A, Jalan Sri Hartamas 2,
Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur

(Open from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm and closed on Sundays)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Babe_KL said...

we love to makan here too... loved the food and music haha

Anonymous said...

The sambal looks so tempting! I wished there was a place in Klang which sells good nasi lemak. You know of any ?? Btw, I absolutely love your blog plus all the fantastic food! Keep up the good work!!

dDonkey said...

Hmmm, nasi lemak tanjung puteri... *drool.

Hey, you should put a search option in your blog so I can find specific postings easier! ;)

boo_licious said...

babe - yeah, it's one of my fav hangout places.

susila devi - sorry, not sure abt nasi lemak in Klang as everyone eats BKT and seafood only.

ddonkey - hiya! just search in google, type "masak-masak and the specific food or name you want". That should get you the hit you want.

Collecting Moments said...

There was a time i was totally addicted to nasi lemak. I had it for breakfast and dinner few days straight. MADNESS!!! :D

The nasi lemak looks really good, lots of kacang n ikan bilis, I LIKE!

boo_licious said...

honey star - you tambah sendiri so me being greedy, added quite a bit as I love kacang and ikan bilis.

Anonymous said...

Great to know your small past time includes rummaging through obscure corners 4 Malay food. Just in case, have you tried Jaring ( not so obscure) in Sunway Mentari ? They serve Xcellent Kelantanese fare + some rare items. The lunch crowd is truly amazing, so be warned !

Game 4 more backLane wonders ?

Jackson of Bangkok/Taipeh fame can lead the way ! hehehe .....

Anonymous said...

*gets a basin big enough to catch her droolz* I agree with you on the laksa johor - they make the best commercial one in KL!!! I really lurve it. Unfortunately though I have a kick ass agak-agak recipe for it I cannto make it here - bahan tak cukup!
OOOOHHHH Nasi Lemak I can eat for morning, lunch and dinner and supper!!! And thank god I can make here. But that shot you did of the nasi lemak - enough to drive me to rush to the kitchen and make some pronto!!!

Audrey Cooks said...

aiyo! the mee goreng looks like a killer! how i wish i can dig into a plate of those right now.

bayibhyap said...

Some of my friends who ate there said the sambal is very hot. I have always wanted to try but have yet to do it. Maybe soon...

Jackson said...

wow.....craving for the nasi lemak....the sambal look so good with lots of peanut and anchioves....yum yum

boo_licious said...

tonixe - yeah, jaring is really good but not back lane food though. I love their ikan keli there. Always game for backlane food.

valisa - wow! am sure yr nasi lemak must be excellent.

audrey - a bit wet but nice. That was dinner last week.

bayibhyap - yup, sambal is spicier here but nice. Not the chilli boh type which I hate.

jackson - go buy from yr regular nasi lemak stall?

Effy said...

wah!! thank god i found this blog. I have been trying to look for this stall for a long long time. My friend brought me over once and that was the best malay food i've tasted so far in malaysia. thank u for posting this!

boo_licious said...

effy - glad u like the food here. I like it too plus the atmosphere, hope you will revisit it soon!

Tham said...

The fat woman bitch at this stall damn rude ....
dared say she is the boss, overcharged me $6.20
for one small chicken drumstick, a small piece
of potato and some cucumber slices. She is a
new worker, never seen her before. Shouted
something about "prices going up, everything

This happened at 7 pm tonight, 22 July 2008.

She didn't realize I knew the bosses there for many
years, an Indonesian/Malay couple. They were not
there tonight.

The last time I ate here a few weeks ago, his wife
charged me just $4.50. I have been working here
in Sri Hartamas 8 for the past 16 years.

Their son was at the cashier counter.
I paid just $5 and walked off. Will be complaining
to the couple later about this stupid arrogant lump
of fat.

ana125z said...

You can go to taman sentos 7e, klang. Just front of it, there is 1 nasi lemak stall. Very nice sambal, you can choose any side dishes...

ana125z said...

You can go to taman sentos 7e, klang. Just front of it, there is 1 nasi lemak stall. Very nice sambal, you can choose any side dishes...

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