Monday, November 20, 2006

Curry Chee Cheong Fun @ Jalan Sayur, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Lots of pictures today as everything at this particular stall is so good. If you don't mind ramshackle sheds, dirty looking alley ways and wandering at night, do try this tiny lane in Pudu, just before Jalan Pasar for superb food. I've been featuring other stalls from this lane also known as Wai Sik Kai (Gluttons' Lane in Chinese) such as the
tong sui stall and the chee chap tong couple.

I absolutely love this stall which offers a large variety of food: chee cheong fun, pak koh (white rice flour cake in Chinese), Wu Tau Koh (yam cake in chinese), yau char kuai (Chinese crullers), Nyonya kueh and tong sui at this particular place. Not all the items are made by the stall owner and some are either sourced from others and sold here. They only make the curry sauce themselves which is superb.

First is the Wu Tau Koh which is made from a mixture of yam and rice flour. The yam is usually steamed ahead and either shredded or cut into cubes. Some people prefer adding cubes of yam in their Wu Tau Koh as it's chunky while others prefer it totally smooth. As flavouring, dried prawns and chopped spring onions are sprinkled on top.

This particular Wu Tau Koh does not have much topping and is eaten with the sweetish sauce known as Thim Cheong in Chinese. The sauce is made from soy bean paste and also eaten with chee cheong fun. Excellent stuff especially with tiny chunks of steamed yam to add additional flavour.

Besides the usual thim cheong and chilli sauce for you to add into the items you order at this stall, you can also request for these soy sauce chicken feet. Cooked in a metal pot, the chicken feet is braised till tender in soy sauce and lots of black peppercorns.

I love these and you must have lots of patience to sit down and slowly eat them to get the tender skin and meat out from the bones. The flavours are not too overpowering in this dish and very subtle.

They were also serving Pak Koh (White Cake in Chinese), something you don't usually see all the time. Similar to
Woon Chai Koh, which is also made from ground rice flour, this was served in a large metal tray versus the tiny cups or bowls that Woon Chai Koh is served in. Texturewise, it's softer than the Woon Chai Koh and eaten with different condiments here.

The must have is their curried pork rinds as the curry sauce is made by them. Unlike the curry sauce you get in most stalls, this curry has a dash of coconut milk only. However it's aromatic with the rempah they use to make the curry.

Eat it with Pak Koh and you will definitely be asking for second helpings. You can also eat it with the chee cheong fun.

Although they don't make their own chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls), they have paired it off with these excellent deep fried baby shrimp. It's a far cry from the usual sesame seeds we get in most stalls but the crunchy and aromatic baby shrimp is addictive.

Puspha mentioned their Nyonya Kueh they serve here is famous hence I have included a picture of it. I didn't try any of the sweet items since we had earlier eaten the steamed egg custard.

Prices are extremely reasonable here, it's RM1.20 for a small portion and RM2.40 for a large portion. The curried pork rinds and soy sauce chicken feet is RM1.20 for a small plate.

Chee Cheong Fun Stall
Jalan Sayur
Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur

(Small lane just before Jalan Pasar if you are coming from Pudu Jail. It's just off Jalan Pudu. Stall opens from 6.30pm to 11.30pm)

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cookies_cream said...

One of the item that me and my family must order everytime we visit Pudu's "wai sik kai". The auntie's stall chee cheung fun with curry and pig's skin a.k.a rind was absolutely fabulous~ Other items that we order everytime we get there are the "Char loh bak kou" which was just a few stalls from the chee cheung fun, and fried spring roll from the "dai chow" stall at the end of the road.

Anonymous said...


I'm craving for chee cheung fun now...


Anonymous said...

da curried chee cheung fan absolutely my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum yum! wow boo, looks like you've almost covered da yummy food here @ jln sayur yeah... oh by da way, have u try da grilled stuff?

boo_licious said...

Cookies_cream - Thks for the tips!

pinkity - very yummy esp with the delicious crispy small prawns.

meiyen - yet to try the grilled stuff. Is it nice?

jackson - u have to pack nearby and walk to the alley. Drop by one day.

flymeng - lots of cholestrol! Think this is a simpler way to prepare it.

Anonymous said...

boo, err.. i did review bout it was supa dupa expensive! maybe you can try them out and let me know if da grilled stuff really worth that price?

Anonymous said...

I ran out to tapau chee chueng fun right after I read this post... But it's the Penang version... Very delicious as well :p

boo_licious said...

meiyen - got to swing by one day then.

pinkity - Penang version also very nice. My fav is the O&S one with har kow and lots of sesame seeds.

Anonymous said...

friend said the fried chicken is even better than KFC... maybe you can try it next time. btw, u took all the photos at night?

boo_licious said...

tekko - took the pixs in the evening before it became dark. Yeah, I heard good things abt the fried chicken! My friend was going wow! abt it.

Alternative Helper said...

Boo...kokonutsoldier reporting in...

Go to SS3 behind the Shell station, the coffee shop's Curry Chee Cheong Fun is worth a try. She also has Chee Cheong Fun in pork and mushroom sauce. Better yet mix both together...ah...heaven!! me if you want to go!

Julian Si said...

That's HECK a lootttttaaa GOOD FOOD :-)

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