Monday, November 13, 2006

Fuzhou Food @ Hup Yick, Jalan Yew, Pudu

It feels really good to be home after another bout of house sitting - I missed my bed, the cats and doing my blog entries whenever I liked. Last nght, I caught an episode of the food programme on 8TV ( a local television network), Ho Chak! which featured this same place hence I decided it was time to dig these pictures out from my archives.

Although the show only featured the Red Wine Mee Sua, this particular twenty year old shop sells all kinds of Fuchow (Foochow) specialties as the proprietor, Huang De Fun originates from that particular part of China. Besides the Mee Sua, try their famous and unique Fuzhou Fishballs (RM0.60 each) with a minced meat filling. The restaurant owner has a small factory with eighty workers making these fishballs which are supplied to Esquire Kitchen and Star Cruises. Besides ordering them from the restaurant, you can even buy them frozen to try at home.

Another Fuzhou specialty, their Hock Chew Piah (RM1 each) which is displayed in trays at the front of the stall.

Made from green pea flour, these deep fried snacks are filled with chopped chives (Kau Choy), mushrooms and prawns.

The shop also makes their own Siu Kau - dumplings filled with crunchy waterchesnuts, prawns and minced meat filling. The skin is specially imported from China and these dumplings can also be bought frozen for home use.

The Red Wine Mee Sua is usually taken on special occasions such as the first day of Chinese New Year. Traditionally, duck eggs are also cooked in the red wine broth and known as "Tai Ping" by the Foochow clan. Eating the egg during the festive occasion means you will be safe throughout the year from harm.

The dish is made from the red wine paste which has glutinous red rice grains from China and rice wine. This paste is also sold at the shop and some restaurants use it in their bak kut teh soup or even Japanese food.

To cook the noodles, young ginger strips are fried till fragrant and then the paste is added. Once it's fried for a short while, chicken pieces are added and mixed together. Water or stock is added and everything is allowed to simmer until the chicken pieces are cooked. Chopped black fungus is added into the mixture and a dash of sesame oil. Cook the mee sua (thin soft noodles) and add the soup to it. The soft noodles will absorb the flavours. Just before serving add a dash of rice wine to the bowl. If you like the taste of the alcohol, add more for extra oomph! The soup is good to get rid of stomach wind as it has lots of ginger, sesame oil and rice wine.

Incidentally, this shop is just further down from
May King and Heun Kee Claypot Rice. There are plans to open another shop at Jalan Gereja which is just across the road and nearer to the claypot chicken rice.

Hup Yick
30, Jalan Yew, Pudu

Tel No: 03 - 9221 5564

(Closed on alternate Tuesdays. Opened from 8.30 am till lunch time.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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PabloPabla said...

This guy's mee sua was featured in Hochak last night on 8tv!

boo_licious said...

pablopabla - how was Kota Bahru? Yeah, I saw that episode last nite hence I decided to scrummage through the archives and post this today.

Anonymous said...

my Bagan Dato friend just ta pau 3 bottles of their red wine for RM15 each, to compare with the Kg Koh Sitiawan version ! He is a Fuzhou food freakee al righte' !

boo_licious said...

tonixe - ok! Sadly even though if it's not up to std, this is so far the only place besides Klang which I know that serves this mee sua.

teckiee said...

hm.. their hock chiu peah different from the one in setiawan n kg kok

Chris said...

foo chow food is the best! I'm foo chow, hehe

Anonymous said...

Mmm...interesting. especially the Hock Chew Piah! Know where else one can find that?

Jackson said...

yoo...i watch the Ho Chiak show as well. Really feel to try put the "HOng Zhao Mee Sua"

boo_licious said...

teckiee - yeah, that's what my friend also said.

chris - wow! where else to introduce to us then?

wmw - dunno, I think Klang shld have rite?

jackson - yeah, think lots of people watch that show. The Hakka Lui cha looked so yummy wish I could go try.

PabloPabla said...

The Kota Bahru trip was quite fruitful. Managed to take some snaps!

boo_licious said...

sounds good, Kota Bahru is always such a colourful place.

Belle Yeo said...

Anyone can help me on how to get to HupYick in Pudu? Wud appreciate a map if possible - saw the HoChak @8TV, went today, cud not find it!! Help!! Tks...

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