Monday, January 21, 2008

Pun Choy @ Restoran LYJ, Sg Buloh New Village

Overview of Pun Choy

Let the feasting begin.......! Chinese New Year is definitely round the corner as the feasts have started. We kicked off the crazy season of indulging our stomachs with the Big Bowl Feast aka Pun Choy during the weekend. More common in Hong Kong, this dish recently gained popularity on our local shores.


Be warned though, this item is not for all. For those who hate their food messed up or touched by others - this is definitely a no no. Actually it ain't nothing much - just layers of various types of food plunked in one bowl. In this particular restaurant, instead of a deeper gold basin, they use a flatter stainless steel basin.


Finding this out of the way restaurant is also a big challenge especially late at night. Street signs are not that clear, hence you may experience a few wrong turns. Once you reach the place, you'll be confused further as they operate from 2 restaurants near each other. Seems one side just serves Pun Choy while the other is for other types of cooked food.

So what's in the huge pot, you ask? Food to serve more than 12 people! You get scallops fried with eggs and fake sharks fin and placed in a fried meehoon basket, two abalones, 12 tiger prawns, half a roast duck, half poached chicken, part of a suckling pig, ma yau fish (the bones are done away so you don't get bones stuck down your throat), broccoli, cauliflower, braised chicken feet, braised pork and bean curd sheets, konnyaku jelly threads (any other noodles would have absorbed the sauce and expanded), chinese mushrooms and clams. The huge platter is placed on a portable gas stove and heated up.

As instructions weren't too clear from the waiters, we were at a lost on how to eat this. We tried eating it layer by layer but after we discovered the tempting flavours of the braised meats under the first layer, everyone started digging downwards. I liked the braised meats the best as the sauce was yummy. Ate half a bowl of rice quickly as the sauce was delicious.

Aside from serving this at the restaurant, you can also buy back the big bowl feast and heat it up at home.

Restoran LYJ
PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan
Sungai Buloh New Village
Sungai Buloh

Tel No: 03 - 6140 2678

(Non Halal. Price for the luxury version is around RM450 to RM500 while the ordinary version minus scallops, suckling pig and abalone is RM231. Booking of at least one day in advance is needed so call ahead.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought we also paid for the "real" shark fins..fake 1 ar?..

yeah those who dont like messy food, should avoid..

daphne said...

*drool* scallops! abalone! tiger prawns! chinese mushrooms! clams! arghhhh

yammylicious said...

scallops! abalone! and the suckling pig!!! slurp! nv in my nv hv pun choy be4!

HairyBerry said...

are there any instructions on how to eat poon choy? :) usually, we'll just start from the top layer all the way to the middle section and then....all hell (and patience) breaks loose! haha... talk about table manners, huh? haha...

john_gan said...

Hi, can i suggest... perhaps you can post a picture of the shop/restaurant though. Easier for us to find. :)

ling239 said...

heard of this place...
but still have no idea where it actually is =.="

irresistible said...

If you're there for the normal dinner then you should try their kangkung fried with salted fish in a pot. I went there once for dinner but it took me about an hour to wait for a seat so we scared to wait for the other time.. I recommend you to go another shop also in new village sg buloh. The shop is restaurant Yin hoo. Can also go to my site to take the shop add. Yin hoo have cheap and nice seafood all the time.


Unknown said...

whoa the serving was huge..its quite reasonable, considering that the bill is split by 10-12 ppl

Hazza said...

I have never heard of this dish before.. is it..
pun .. as in pun ook (move house)
choy .. as in choy sum (the veg)

I must try it next time I am in town. Is this dish enough for 12 or do you have side dishes (apart from rice)? That suckling pig portion looks like a head.. I hope you got other edible parts as well :-).

Rarebeet said...

It was definitely interesting! I enjoyed it but the ride there was traumatic! Road signs people!! Where are the darn road signs???

J.C. said...

Hi, we intend to go there this Weds. Would it be possible for you to give me direction on how to reach it? Or any landmark to look out for?

We are going from Subang Airport road. I am not very familiar with Sg. Buloh. But your write-up really make me want to check out this place!

Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.

Big Boys Oven said...

a bit expensive lar......will try later, maybe after bonus this!

Jun said...

omg! i was thr like, 2 weekends ago! we were the only table not eating pun choy. dun tell me u were at one of the tables...???

Christina Kim said...

Pun Choy is really a BIG platter of everything thrown in...I heard that there is also one restaurant famous for it in Ipoh.
I have not tried it yet; but the amount of food is really...:O

Jason said...

Such mouth-watering pictures. I think it's reasonable to get such items for that price.

Unknown said...

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Sugar Bean said...

Wow, seems like the ingredients that they serve is quite generous! Sounded so delicious as you described it. We really wanted to try it out, haven't tried pun choy before.

cat_aunty said...

OMG, was that a pig head I saw in the basin???

Unknown said...

The abalone looks wonderful! I have not had abalone for about 15+ years. It is not available in most of the USA. I am looking at the abalone, and it is making me hungry. Happy New Year Boo!

teckiee said...

remind me know to bring non-local ang mo's there. they wont like our table manners.. lol!

JOjo said...

So much food in a PUN (Basin)???
How to finish all of it? (O_o)"
The scallop looks good though.

boo_licious said...

Joe - dunno, I thot fake since in egg??? Nowadays I can't tell.

daphne - all those goodies!

yammylicious - hope u try it one day.

nic - well, we were at a lost on if we had to start first as we noticed the heat does not get to the top. Hence we had slightly cold food on top with the braised meats piping hot.

John - er, it won't help believe me as it's in the middle of nowhere. I didn't include instructions how to get there as I think the other sites have detailed instructions.

ling239 - it's easy if you come from kepong but getting back can be a nightmare as you need to do a lot of u turns b4 you get back to the hway.

Thxs for the tips, irrestible.

Kampungboycitygal - yup, I think that is the attractive part, the reasonable price.

hazza - it's more like pun choy refers to the bowl and vegetables in it. this one dish definitely more than enough for 12 pax. We also had rice and a plate of vegetables.

paprika - yeah, it is bad out there esp if it's dark! I got lost doing the U turns going back too.

JC - aiks! Sorry for the late reply. Am not sure abt from Subang Airport but I usually use the Kepong way as it's the easiest from my hse. That way is very easy. Just turn off the hway after the turn off to Sierramas where there is a Continental Tyre signboard. You turn left and then see a military camp on the right. You take the next right just b4 a bak ku teh restaurant. There is a sign saying Kampung Sg Buloh. Drive straight and then it is a left turn. This is a dicey one as I usually look at the right hand side to see signs to a Post Office. You turn in - that is Jln Perkhidmatan, go straight and the restaurant is opposite a school. It is on a row of single storey shophouses on the left hand side.

boo_licious said...

BBO - ah, sounds like a good idea to spend yr bonus on.

Jun - it wouldn't been us as we went recently plus I thought they segregated the non pun choy diners from the pun choy diners in different locations?

Christy - yeah, one must go with lots of people or else havoc!

Jason - hee hee, so when r u going?

d_luaz - maybe u can send the details to Thxs.

wenching and esiong - I like the bottom part as the braised meats are delicious. But bear in mind, you may not like it as it is not for everyone.

cat aunty - yup! No one ate that as it went to the leftovers to be recycled as the assam vegetables.

lannae - yeah, abalones are a big thing here! Happy New Year to you too. Wishing you loads of luck for the Lunar New Year.

teckiee - I think they will freak out! Sharing one bowl of food - so unhygenic.

Jojo - bring lots of friends or family and finishing it will be a breeze.

Unknown said...

whoa nellie, the abalone looks amazing! we don't see things like that over here...

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