Monday, May 25, 2009

Green Patty Love - Ana Burger @ Kemensah Heights, Kuala Lumpur

ordering burgers can get a little sticky here, as they ask you "nak kawen tak???" (Malay for, "do you want to get married?")

Quirky, is the best word that describes this out-of-the-way place we were first introduced to by the Fried Chillies team. Utterly passionate about street burgers in all shapes and sizes, they're definitely the Indiana Jones of burger hunters, as I would not have ever discovered this small stall tucked inside a housing estate behind the zoo! Surprisingly, we remembered the turns taken in the middle of the pitch black night (we came once with them!) and managed to retrace our steps back to this place without any GPS coordinates. No guesses on who was navigating (it wasn't me!) since he usually has a sixth sense when it comes to tracking his way around.

watching the pro work behind the grill is always fascinating

Green seems to rule at this stall! You have a green fluorescent light brightening and casting an eerie hue all around it. Then, unlike the other Ramly places in town, this fella adds a slice of green apple and shredded cabbage on his burgers. Seems the grill master decided adding cucumber and tomatoes will be too watery hence he switched to green apple. The addition of the fruit adds a freshness to the burger but it would have been even better, if more slices were given though.

so satisfied! even though the wait is a little long

The fun does not stop there either, as the stall owner has a type of burger called Kawen (Malay for married) where you get to mix 2 types of burgers - the chicken and beef patties. While it is nothing special in terms of taste, the guy behind the grill obviously gets a kick of asking girls, "you nak kawen tak? berapa kali you nak kawen?" (Malay for "do you want to get married? how many times you want to marry?") Needless to say, I took the plunge and "got married" here!

While you're waiting for your burger, just observe how he makes the burgers - splits them in the middle to grill them thoroughly, spreads French's mustard over it, adds a dash of Lea & Perrins sauce and a generous sprinkle of black pepper before removing them to be sandwiched between grilled buns. One bite of it will definitely send you to patty heaven and who knows, maybe this is what marriage is all about - a little grilling on the hot stove by the potential in-laws, a dash of love & romance and a sprinkle of patience, faith & trust to seal everything together. For more pictures, see
the Flickr set.

Ana Burger
Jalan L8
Taman Melawati
Phase 6A
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 017-2670924

(Halal. Open daily from 5.30pm -11.30pm. Call ahead to order your burgers. GPS Coordinates: N3 13.000 E101 45.622. To get here from the zoo, take a left turn after the zoo and go straight on Jalan Taman Zooview until you see a signboard on the left hand side that lists out Kg Kemensah, Taman Bkt Kemensah, Taman Ukay Prima, Taman Kemensah, Taman Pesona Indah and etc. Take a left turn, this will be Jalan Satu and go straight. Take another left turn at Jalan Kemensah and a right turn to Jalan L5. You need to look for Jalan L8 on the left hand side and turn in. The stall is in front of this soon to be built bungalow hence it is a construction side with cladding around it. Google map to the place is at this link.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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Sugar Bean said...

Wow, the burger definitely looks tempting! Love to have it once in a while, since it can be rather unhealthy to have it all the time. So sinfully delicious!

ms karina said...

if ur into ramly burger, u should also try this particular stall in aman suria infront of 7eleveN...i would rate it as the nicest ramly burger i have had so far plus the fact that i could rate it as the cleanest ramly burger maker in fussy about these things and its not just coz its clean but it taste good...hooked to it!! :P hehe, just thought u might like to try one day :) good day!

boo_licious said...

sugar bean - LOL, yes definitely must only eat this once in a blue moon.

Thanks for the tip ms. Karina. Sounds like a yummy burger.

Allie said...

what a great one for supper! ;)
let me forget about calories for a short while ! hehe

Rebecca Saw said...

oh finally!! hehe..thks Boo!

Ciki said...

ru trying to KILL me ar? so hungry 2day.. hahaha ..

UnkaLeong said...

Bad idea to visit your site before lunch time =P Thanks 4 da directions, we should be able to find it now ;)

J said...

I don't know why but green lights (at night) always creep me out. I think those typical Chinese horror movies are to blame....
(The burgers look good tho!)

minchow said...

Green apple retains less water than cucumber? What a great discovery!! Or have I just always been common sense compromised?? I'll have to allocate an additional hour to get lost and find way back to the main road for this!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Damn hungry now...and your post just made it worst! *wails loudly* Btw...I love the first photo!!

Becky!! Bila mau pergi??? =D

foodbin said...

good looking kahwen burger.

sc said...

love your way of describing the burger making akin to marriage :)

Jason said...

What a tagline! :D

Jun said...

hehe love ur introspective analogy on burgers and marriages!

boo_licious said...

Allie - true, when things get down, eat this to cheer up.

thenomadgourmand - more for yr burger hunting but don't expect messy burger like OM though as this fella splits his burger.

ciki - go grab bakchangs from LL.

unkaleong - it's quite simple, as it is the only stall in the middle of nowhere!

J - I guess this guy loves "seram" movies too.

550ml - it's probably his own rationale to remain different.

bangsar-babe, taken while he was abt to wrap the burger. He gave me a funny and amused look when I told him, "tunggu, ambil gambar dulu!"

foodbin - marriage always looks good in the beginning?

sc - LOL. I love the grilling by the in laws part!

Jason - yeah, part of the patty love series, I'm starting.

Jun - yup, burgers are very deep stuff too according to this guy.

Shafiq Mustapa said...

turn out the stall is located at my lil bro house (pesona villa), we were navigating to my lil bro for the first time, and I open my gps, eh this is Jalan L8, and I remembered this post, then for the stall. confirm best!

Ridzzy said...

Ana has moved location due to the completed construction site behind the stall. It is now located at Jalan J taman melawati, you will see a row of stalls just opposite a big masjid. You wont miss it.
Easier to find now compared to last time

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