Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sayang Recipe @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar, KL

I have this this thing for Nyonya food hence I tend to try a lot of these restaurants whenever I find one. This one was a newish place that opened in Lucky Garden, Bangsar at one of the quieter shoplot areas i.e. just near the Indian stalls where you can get appam and etc. This restaurant is very much a family owned venture and you can see the father taking orders while the mother and son work in the kitchen. It's not entirely a Nyonya restaurant as they also serve Chinese dishes.

We started off with the Pie Tee (RM8) which came assembled for both of us and topped with a delicious chilli garlic sauce. You have to eat this fast or else it'll get soggy on you and we had no trouble finishing it as they are our favourites.

They make this drink called ginseng with red dates (RM3) that is excellent as it helps cool you down especially during these heaty times. It's their own concoction and it's nice and refreshing as you can get it chilled.

We ordered a portion of chicken lorbak (RM8) and this was a dissapointment. I thought it lacked flavour and it was not crispy enough as some bits were chewy rather than crunchy.

Remember I mentioned they also serve Chinese dishes, well they also serve a unique dish called Butter Chicken (RM12). Although very simple, it's unique as you don't see many restaurants serving this dish. Boneless chicken pieces are deep fried till crispy and they are coated in the buttery egg floss with curry leaves. Splashie Boy loves this dish as he has a "thing" for Butter Prawns minus the shells. Not many restaurants prepare that prawn version without shells except the chinese restaurant in KLGCC and Chynna in KL Hilton so finding this version which uses boneless chicken was fantastic for him.

Another must have when we eat at any Nyonya place, the kangkung belacan. Their version was pretty okay and very healthy as sometimes we have been served this dish where the vegetables are drowned in a pool of oil.

Overall the food here is pretty decent and great whenever you feel like having a home cooked meal and I know this is definitely a favourite for Splashie Boy since it serves his favourite butter chicken. You can also get Nyonya kuih and desserts but since we were both too full from lunch, we skipped them.

Sayang Recipe
4 Lorong Ara Kiri 3
Lucky Garden

Tel No: 03 - 2094 0662

(Open for lunch and dinner and closed on Mondays. This restaurant is pork free.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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flymeng said...

The kang-kong looks delicious. Have you tried asparagus & shrimp stir-fried with belacan? It is very good. My aunt used to make Pie Tee during CNY and Christmas. We called it "Top Hat". The filling was jicama(Sah Kot), french beans ans shrimp. She is good cook and baker.

FooDcrazEE said...

omg - the top hat / pie tee is indeed marvellous looking

cookies_cream said...

Wow, the chili sauce looked nice~ I've never tasted any pie tee that topped with chili sauce... :)

If I go there, I sure will order the ginseng drink. ;)

jesscet said...

yummy! looks so delicious and again the photos are great! hmmm.. when u going to blog on the meal at Precious?

J said...

EEEEeee. Ginseng! - is it bitter?
(The butter chicken looks good tho!)

Unknown said...

Is it fry shallots in the pie tee?? What's the green colour thingy? I'm hungry by just lookin at the pic n U took great pictures!

boo_licious said...

flymeng - we also call them tophats but this version does not have the frill though. Asparagus and shrimp with belacan sounds yummy.

foodcrazee - maybe your wife will start craving for that and you will have to make some? Love the petai you made for her.

cookies cream - usually they serve it with chilli sauce. The sauce is like the kind you get in chicken rice stalls - gingerly with chilli.

jess - u blog first, will be sometime before I put them up.

J - not too bitter and very refreshing. Butter chicken is very nice.

kampungboycitygal - can't remember if there is fried shallots but usually it's the shredded sengkuang and cuttlefish. The green bits are cabbage.

jesscet said...

my photos were no good.. dont think will blog about it.. next time perhaps!

Unknown said...

Pie Tee are so pretty! how do you make them? Looks so delicious! Do you think I could make them at home?

sher said...

Oh my!!! You have been eating such good meals. I'm hungry just looking at them. Wonderful pictures.

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