Monday, April 10, 2006

William's @ Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya

I took a long blog holiday this weekend since no updates plus I decided not to participate in Weekend Cat Blogging after what happened to the kittens. On the kitten's progress - she's doing fine in terms of spirits as she acts like normal but her swelling of her face is still quite bad hence we are worried about it catching infection. Didn't manage to get to see her yesterday since the clinic was being run by another vet on Sunday but will visit her with Fluff Puff today to check her progress.

On to food! We tried this place last Friday evening and since it was still early when we got there, I managed to get decent pictures until the end. I read about this place on Klue magazine and William, the stall owner is also famous for being related to owner of the ever popular Murni's in SS2. It was a bit difficult to locate the place since there is no signboards but I looked through all the wooden shacks along Jalan SS26/9 and managed to find it after spying a whiteboard which states their pasta, western meals, naan and drinks menu.

I spied a neighbouring table having this tall drink and ordered it - the Ribena Longan(RM6). It comes in a huge jug (see reference to Splashie Boy's hand span) which we both shared and has Ribena concentrate (the purple comes from the black currants) and probably half a can of longans in it. It's pretty sweet but leave it for a while and the ice melts hence it dilutes the drink a bit. At the end of your meal, you can scoop up the longans which get tinged purple for dessert. We both liked the drink as we are great fans of Ribena having grown up drinking the black currant goodness. Besides this, they also have fruit juices served in these huge glass jugs.

I tried their signature pandan leaf chicken (RM5) which was different from the usual varieties you get in Thai restaurants. Usually the pandan leaf chicken are pieces of marinated boneless and skinless chicken thigh meat wrapped in pandan leaf which is then deep fried. William's version uses a Chicken Maryland with a pandan leaf wrapped in it's middle that is coated with a sticky honey topping and I think roasted in a turbo boiler. The skin gets sticky while the chicken meat is succulent. This is definitely the best seller at the stall as everyone around us ordered at least one plate of the chicken.

Besides their menu items, they also serve dishes to accompany rice which you choose from the counter. I tried their Nasi Lemak (RM2.50) which came laden with coconut rice, sambal, fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and peanuts, a hard boiled egg and cucumber slices. Not that fantastic as I didn't like the rice which came in clumps plus the sambal was too spicy for me. However, if you are a student, this will be a great deal since it's such a large portion at very reasonable price.

Splashie Boy decided to try out their Chicken Kiev (RM10) which took quite some time to arrive at our table until it got dark. Very strange Chicken Kiev as it was the wing part rather than the usual chicken breast. You don't get much cheese filling inside it. It's served with mash potatoes which was nice and a creamy sauce that was pretty gloopy and sticky.

They also serve different varieties of pasta which come in huge portions at RM10 from what we saw at the neighbouring tables. Although both of us did not have fantastic experiences with our food, we reckon that this is a place that we don't mind coming back to if we are around the area since the prices are reasonable.

Along Jalan SS26/9
Taman Mayang Jaya
Petaling Jaya

(Near the Limkokwing Institute. A roadside stall which is directly opposite a mini market with no signboard. They start business from 6pm till early morning.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review

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FooDcrazEE said...

looks like a good deal for student...and that usually meant higher food cost and lower in quality due to price factor...reckon food cost from 50 - 65%. Think so ?

Unknown said...

Another great hang out place for us other than Murni n Steven's Corner!! Thanks Boo!

Mummie Joan said...

my frens & i used to hang out at the william mamak!

but i kinda dislike their service! always packed and stuffed with ppl during nite-time! it takes the food ages and ages to come!!!

try their fry loh-shu-fun! famous there too!

boo_licious said...

foodcrazee - no idea but it's cheap since nothing is above RM15 but then it's a shack so don't expect aircond or great service!

kampungboycitygal - isn't it far for you two since you stay in KL?

joan - yeah, we went early and it took a while for food to come. I thought they had yet to get ready but looks like it's permanent. Yes, I heard one girl ordering the fried loh shee fun and was thinking of going back to eat that.

wyejon said...

the first time i went to william's i asked him for claypot lou shi fun and he was a little annoyed. i guess he didn't like to be compared to his brother. but i'm thankful he introduced me to the butterfly butter prawn instead.

Unknown said...

Haha..Actually we stay in Cyberjaya..Thats even furthur! :p

boo_licious said...

wyejon - yeah I read abt the butterfly butter prawn. It sounds good, will give that a try next time.

kampungboycitygal - I thought you stayed around sri kembangan or puchong! Wow, cyberjaya is super far.

Lin said...

Next time order the manggo juice. Its their specialty. Its ice blended manggo juice, they use real manggo, with water melon chunks and longan. Best!! But depending on the manggo, the sweetness varies. If the manggo is rich and sweet, then the drink will be too.

.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

The food is delicious. If you don’t mind, I shared your review @ food review community. Keep the good work. The more food , the better.

Julian Si said...

Two years after your visit, I finally visited William's :-)


miss blogger girl said...

Hey all,

Anyone know the GPS co-ordinate for William's @ Taman Mayang Jaya? Thanks a bunch!

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