Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spaghettini Aglio Olio with Grilled Prawns

I hate eating alone hence once in a while, I get into a frenzy to cook something I really like to perk up my solitary dinners at home. Since it was catch up time with the girls on Wisteria Lane last night, I thought pasta to be eaten in front of the box would be just the thing.

Inspired by a great meal we had recently at Alexis Bistro's latest outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre, I decided to make my version of their Angelhair Aglio Olio with Grilled Yabbies. My version is very different from theirs as I didn't have the same ingredients they served but I made do with what I had and I must admit it was very nice! It's also not too expensive to make this since the major expenditure are only the fresh water prawns which I got for RM4.

Since it was a very much splash and dash dish I made up in my head, here's the rough instructions if you wish to recreate this at home:
  • Buy really fresh prawns. You need to trim the heads and legs. Cut them into half - I used a kitchen scissors which is easier. Just place them on a tray, sprinkle sea salt and crushed black pepper on top and grill them. I just estimated the time by checking in on the prawns till they turn white from the opaque colour.
  • Chop garlic cloves and fresh chillies finely. Heat up olive oil in a pan over a slow fire and add the chopped garlic and chillies. Infuse the oil by leaving it in for about 5 minutes. Make sure the heat is not too high as you do not want the garlic to brown.
  • Boil water and add salt into the pot. Add spaghettini or desired pasta shape you want to the pot and cook till al dente. I usually eat a strand to check. Drain and leave a bit of pasta water in the pot.
  • Chop parsley finely and toss the spaghettini in the pan with the oil, garlic and chillies. If it's too dry, add a bit of pasta water. Don't add too much as you don't want it to go soggy. Season with salt and black pepper. I like lots of black pepper hence I add quite a few crushed peppercorns. Toss the chopped parsley and serve the pasta with the grilled prawns.
Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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Mummie Joan said...

envy laa!! u're such a good cook!!!

i love pasta!! Yummy!! Huge prawn somemore!!! *drool*

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

I still prefer Malaysian dish,Miss.
Just because I am in Foreign Country lor.
But this dish sure look petty good.
leave you note in Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tau Foo Post!

Unknown said...

Something simple for me to try out~! Usually I wont order pasta when I dine out because its one of the dish that u can easily duplicate at home..:p

rokh said...

yummy. aglio olio is one of my favourite too. i love to have crushed red peppers on it. gives it a kick

Collecting Moments said...

ohhhh yummy!!! it looks so good!
n big fresh prawns! slurp.

whistler said...

wow.. a simple dish and yet look so delicious, well done.

mh said...

Any plan to open a restaurant? :p

boo_licious said...

joan - small prawn only as zoom in to pix. Pasta is easy to make, me no pro.

blogie talkie - one must eat variety as cannot eat local food all the time.

kampungboycitygal - dunno but I still end up eating pasta outside esp when I spy something I like. Do try Alexis Bistro at BSC, it's very nice! Be warned, it's not cheap though.

rokh - yeah, the traditional way is with crushed red peppers. If you want extra kick, add chilli padi?

honey star - it was slurplily good!

whistler - sometimes simple is nice.

tulan - no plans. Still trying to sort out my home kitchen first.

fatboybakes said...

eh, madam ah, where can you buy chilli flakes? also, which sea salt do you use ah? maldon ah, like nigella? aiyo, i saw a pack of it in hock lee's...nearly fainted when i saw the price. RM18!!! can buy enough local salt to preserve my dead body leh.

Unknown said...

For some extra oomph, I would suggest throwing in a teaspoon of capers together with the parsley.

I'm not a big fan of black pepper, but paprika makes a nice substitute.

I presume some lucky feller feels like he's in gastronomic heaven with an angel like yourself around. LOL


boo_licious said...

fatboybakes - I don't have chilli flakes in pantry but I would think you can get them from the spice racks i.e. McCormicks and etc. Once in a while indulge in special salt - big one can keep long time mah.

tigerjoe - Sniff! I ate that alone though. I'm not a fan of capers but adding paprika sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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