Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cake & Coffee @ Bakerzin, Bangsar Village

I was flicking through my pictures folder and came across these old pictures I have. It's from one of my indulge myself sessions I had at
Bakerzin in Bangsar Village long long ago - so long that I have lost the receipt! My original plan with these photos was to feature their different cakes but then I never got round to sampling anymore or taking their pictures every time I ate a take out cake. Bakerzin seems to be the all time favourite of the family - my niece is a fan of their Mango Mousse cake. She's somehow converted her love for the Mango Tart at Strudels to the Mango Mousse cake nowadays. Try that as it's really yummy - layers of light mango mousse with mango cubes and sponge cake.

The Sumatra above was pure chocolate i.e layers of dark chocolate, white chocolate and coffee mousse encased in a chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache is a bit strange as it's kinda jelly like hence I suspect they must use some industrial technique to ensure it's smooth all the time. The cafe uses Valrhona chocolate as they display the chocolate brand all around their outlet. Sorry, no picture of the inside of the cake as I was too busy digging into it while struggling with a conversation with a friend who was asking me where to get a Spanish translator.

There's also a teatime promotion they run - a coffee plus cake for I think approximately RM16. I had a teeny weeny cup of macchiato that came with their signature swirly heart on top except the heart was not too perfect.

Give this place a try if you want to indulge as the cakes are quite pricey (about RM8 onwards) versus your normal cake shop places but then it's an entirely different ball park of ingredients they use. Usually commercial cake shops scrimp on the natural ingredients of their cakes substituting them with chemicals - i.e. non dairy whipping cream is actually full of chemicals, ovalette is used to make featherlight sponges, they substitute butter as the real stuff is too expensive and etc. I've seen some of the products they add on to make the always perfect cake and it's scary!

The only problem about Bakerzin is somehow they always seem to be open next to a Delicious cafe i.e their outlets in Bangsar Village and 1 Utama. If given a choice between the two, I'll always end up at Delicious which offers me better value for money since their portions are bigger for the same price (this is the finance part of me talking). However note that their desserts are both in different categories - Bakerzin's offerings are very Parisian boutique with their tiny individual servings (Daniel Tay was inspired by Pierre Herme from Paris) while Delicious is more wholesome Australian cafe style desserts.

G5 Floor Level
Bangsar Village
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala LumpurMalaysia

Tel: 03 - 2284 7514
(Their second outlet is located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre - new wing at the Concourse Level)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review

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Mummie Joan said...

i heard pretty good reviews about bakerzin!! expensive rite??

i want to try the delicious cafe too! good ar?

Dana said...


thanks for the link.

Was great to find that there are others like you, that enjoy Bakerzin as much too!

FooDcrazEE said...

that is super RICH....... said...

The choc! I want to stuff my face with it. LOL.

boo - I put up some info on the camera here :
If you haven't got the mag, do grab one. RM8 only.

J said...

Yeah... I get what you mean - I will usually choose Delicious Cafe over Bakerzin for the same reason...

RM16 for a teeny cake and coffee, no matter how yummy, is just a little too pricey for my purse.

Fulltime Mom said...

I like both. Bakerzin is good for the wonderful desserts and Delicious, for their mains. I was miffed with Delicious recently, though. We celebrated a friend's brithday, brought a cake to cut, but were not allowed because it was considered "outside food". I have so far never been to a restaurant which did not allow a birthday cake.

whistler said...

that Sumatra really tempted me. I love cakes. Heard of Bakerzin, just haven't have chance to try yet..

jesscet said...

Hey, funny you should blog on Bakerzin as I was just there today! I only visited it the first time on Monday (as mentioned in my blog) and loved it.

And guess what i had today - The Sumatra! my parents tried out the Otah Bruscetta and the Walnut (or was Hazelnut) Cheesecake. they loved it.
btw, the tea special (for one pastry/cake plus a beverage) is only RM13.

The food and drinks are of fab. quality. Can't believe it took me so long to try this place as i always go to Bangsar Village!

p.s. will see whether the rest are free to meet up, if not u wanna have tea somewhere near bangsar next week? Bakerzin perhaps? ;)

Babe_KL said...

*hand up*

we too always veer off to delicious :p

boo_licious said...

Joan - yeah it's pricier than the normal cafes but food is good there. Do try it.

Dana - looks like there are lots of fans too based on my search.

Foodcrazee - sorry, I know you are on a diet.

Lilian - thxs for the info, will grab a mag and hopefully the camera this weekend.

J - looks like I am not the only one counting pennies but I do like their cakes.

fulltime mom - really no outside cake in Delicious? I think they want to encourage you to eat their cake since they have a selection already.

whistler - go try them out!

Jess - u organise lar. Try and do it one of Mei Yin's off days. Not sure abt Ms. C as she's always busy but she shld be fine during the weekends. Wah! MM no need to kerja already - I read how you lepak at Bakerzin.

Babe - one time 4 acctants said which one to go to, of course their calculating minds said delicious lar as the choc cake is bigger size!! I seriously think Bakerzin shld try and move out of Delicious' shadow even though they are targeting different kind of market segment. Msians still quite price sensitive.

Babe_KL said...

yeahhh but sometimes we do indulge at bakerzin. probability of going to delicious is higher though kakaka

boo_licious said...

babe - I also indulge in it once in a while as I like their cakes.

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