Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 47

Sorry WCB is late this weekend as I have been pretty busy with the Labour Day holidays. I thought I'll share with you these adorable kitties I found yesterday when we were around the Asian Heritage Row at Jalan Doraisamy. Our original plan was to have a bit of tea at Vanilla Box Bakery but they closed early for an anniversary dinner.

However we found a family of cats living on top of their lot at a concrete ledge. What attracted us to these felines was the mother cat looked exactly like the one we have at home and she had ginger and black kittens. A quick zoom on them and we managed to capture the mummy cat and her ginger kitten. Simply adorable and they looked so at home among the hip sandstone statues from the next door outlet.

P/s visit eat stuff for more kitty pictures and a story about Kiri's adventures.

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eat stuff said...

I definately think that book is a good idea... the little guy looks like he is saying "Who us? Where famous?" LOL

Mummie Joan said...

lol!! u even blogged about the nite market! terror!! haha

i ahvent been to the bangsar pasar malam b4.. wonder is that any diff with other pasar malams such as the one @ ss2?

Ramona said...

Look at those HUGE eyes!!!
I will now go to see what you wrote about the night market...

Papilles et Pupilles said...

They are so cute, so lovely

boo_licious said...

clare - yeah I like the book idea too! I love that ginger one - it's coat is extremely spotty.

Joan - the mkt is slightly different as they sell flowers there unlike say SS2. Stalls are different too as they have the apam which you don't get in PJ mkts.

boo_licious said...

kross eyed kitty - they were so cute and well fed I think by the restaurant people.

papilles et pupilles - yes, so cute! Now I miss them.

patty king said...

Dear Boo,

We share the same interests, cats and food.

Just wanna tell you, the mama's cat looks like mine exactly. Her name was Eyya. But I called her Yah. Very closed to me, even when she wanted to give birth in 2005, she sat on my lap.

She has gone forever, after 2 weeks giving birth to 3 beautiful babies. She was poisoned by neighbors -> according to my parents-in-law. Unfortunately the babies can't survive, they left this world too.

I know now somewhere up there in Heaven, Yah is jumping and playing with her 3 baby Shmueys.

Rest in peace.


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