Saturday, August 27, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 12 - The Bollywood Edition

It's the weekend (ta da!) and cat blogging time. If you want to share pictures of your lovely kitties, just leave me a comment with your permalink! and add a "weekend cat blogging" tag to your post!

This weekend, I bring you the Bollywood edition of WCB! I am not a great fan of Indian movies but I always remember them for their courtship dances around the coconut tree. Nowadays, they don't do that anymore but perform these slick choreographed dances ala Britney Spears.

Let me introduce to your the stars of my show. Here's the male star of the drama, the ginger kitten who has invaded my home and wants to stay in it permanently. Like any male star, he is charmingly cute and always wheedling his way to your heart.

Image hosted by

Then we have the shy but beautiful female star, Meow Meow who lives a sheltered and pampered life at home. Always a romantic, here she is pining for the one cat who will sweep her to the sunset. If he does not come, a big bowl of cat food will be perfect too.

Image hosted by

Unfortunately Meow Meow hates the ginger kitten whom she sees as a threat to her family's happiness. They were doing a little chase around the tree (not captured as my camera will take blurry pixs if the object is in motion) but here they are, where Meow Meow is doing the classic "go away" look. The ginger kitten is thinking to himself that she must have the hots for me since I am so cute and throwing me so much attention.

Image hosted by

Meow Meow giving the cold shoulder to the ginger kitten since snarls will not do! Ginger kitty thinking to himself, female cats are so mah kwai fan (chinese for complicated!). There are more fish in the pond that are cuter and less complicated than this cat, let me go look for some.

Image hosted by

Not sure if they will fall in love with each other eventually. Guess time will tell but so far, Meow Meow is tolerant towards the ginger kitten although sometimes, she can be quite bitchy to it.

Lotsa kitties joining us this weekend:

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NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

He has a weird head. Or is the picture squashed?

Joycelyn said...

they are adorable!

Farmgirl Susan said...

What a fun WCB post! I love the series of pictures! : )

Unknown said...

What and adorable series of pics. That ginger cat is so cute (I have a soft spot for the ginger ones).

boo_licious said...

colonel - it's probably the resizing of the pix

J - thanks! They're naughty rascals.

farmgirl - when I saw them do this playacting, I could not resist a little pix taking.

linda - the ginger one is a cutie pie. He has wheedled his way to my heart but he is so naughty.

boo_licious said...

pseudo chef - what a great idea, forgot the loud music they also play.

The Oriental Express said...


On the contrary, I love Indian films since my parents brought me to see one called "Haathi Mere Saathi" Elephants, my friends. The movie showed for one whole year in Penang.

Now I have learnt to speak some Hindi and Tamil.


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