Saturday, August 13, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 10

It's weekend cat blogging again! If you want to join us, send me the link to your cats in the comments section and add the Weekend Cat Blogging tag on your post.

This weekend, I thought I'll share some pictures of Meow Meow, Boo's mother. I know her name is kinda lame but we started calling her that and she responds to that name all the time so we have never changed it. Her story is quite unique as we are not very sure about her origins since she turned up one day asking for food at my dad's house. My dad fed us scraps and everytime he was at home, Meow Meow will also be there. He suspected all the while, she was the neighbour's cat who came over for extra food. Then when my dad passed away, I took over looking after her and I even asked the neighbour if it was her cat but she denied it.

She stays at my parents' old house in Petaling Jaya and we go over there daily to feed her. I doubt Mr. Iron Paw aka Kits will like it if I bring another cat home. However when we shift into a bigger house, we plan to reunite Boo and her mother. The funny thing about this cat is she will wander around the whole neighbourhood and stay at other people's houses. Everyone knows she's our cat as whenever we want to feed her, we will call and call her.

Image hosted by

I had to show you this extremely cute picture of her. She was sleeping so soundly on Friday that she did this pose in her sleep! Not sure if she was dreaming of doing some dance since she slept for a while with her paws up in the air. She loves newspapers hence she is sleeping on some. Her perpetual hobby is whenever I read my papers, she will jump on top of them and block me.

Image hosted by
Clare is back from her holiday (which we're all dying to hear about) and she has put up a cute picture of Kiri sleeping away. Dagmar's lovely cats, Yoshi and Tanuki has new furniture that lets them climb up all the way to the top of the cupboards so they can perch and watch the world go by. Head over to Nic's where she teaches us the hazards of plating when you have a pet. (I can totally relate to that!)

Audrey from Belly Timber has graciously posed for us this weekend while Skor i Skralden joins us for the first time with a cute picture of her kitty cat. Then, we zip to Melbourne where Bella from A Few of My Favourite Things is in a party mood. Anne from Sweden shows us cute Edith who shares with us a bit of her tongue! A final stop in the USA reveals that Susan from Farmgirl Fare has a new cat in her cabin.

More new additions to the fold; Callie from Sweetnicks (with her stash of yummy magazines) and the adorable Ingrid from Tigers and Strawberries. Kitchen Mage joins us with her two sleepy kitties who look like they got to the wine bottle.


Nic said...

I just love the photo of your cat on the newspaper. So adorable!

boo_licious said...

Thanks Nic, I've put up your plating hazards too.

MizD said...

Whoa. I love the forced perspective of that first shot!

Suraya said...

she's so adorable!!

boo_licious said...

Thanks tita.

Mrs D - I love Audrey's picture and she posed this weekend!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi boo,
I think Meow Meow is an adorable name--almost as adorable as those pictures! : )

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