Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pool Party

We were invited to a pool party on Saturday night to celebrate one of Splashie Boy's 4WD friends i.e. Mr. Kokonut Soldier. Not sure how he got that call sign, anyone care to elaborate? I am sure there is an interesting story about it. The party was also to celebrate his daughter's birthday so it was in two parts; an afternoon tea party for the kids that started around 4 p.m. followed by the adults party from 7 p.m onwards. It was great to catch up with people as we have not seen them for quite some time. Splashie Boy has been busy with work during the weekends so he has not been doing much 4WD trips.

It would not be a party without great food and we had lots to choose from; Kokonut Soldier's mother's famous Lam Mee with home made sambal belacan, roti jala with chicken curry, lettuce cups with sengkuang, mini pizzas, futomaki, french fries and etc. Fireman Ho was in charge of the barbeque and he was grilling all these yummy and succulent lamb steaks, chicken and sausages the whole night.

I managed to get the low down on Fireman Ho's origins of his call sign when he confessed that he is a bit of a pyro-maniac since he loves starting bonfires and barbeques especially during those jungle trips. He has definitely perfected his barbeque technique as his grilled chicken (no bone and butterflied) was yummy while his lamb steaks were just cooked to succulent perfection.

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It was a fun night with Splashie Boy checking out Fireman Ho's latest gadget, the red-hot
HP iPaq hw6515 with a built in Global Positioning System (GPS). Needless to say, he spent quite a bit of time playing with that gadget. Now, Fireman Ho cannot give the excuse that he is lost in the jungle since he has GPS! We also heard about their latest trip to Jerangkang where they went to look for a new camp site and almost met some elephants in the jungle. Of course there was car and tyre talk as usual including Fireman Ho's tyre puncture story on the way back from Jerangkang. We also had some Bollywood style Sri Lankan maid stories that had us cracking up.

All in all, it was a great night! Thanks so much to Kokonut Soldier for inviting us.


kokonutsoldier said...

Splashie Boy,

The name kokonut soldier( exotic as it may sound) originated from a very dry topic. Let's just leave it sounding exotic for now.

As for the lamb chops and butterflied chicken chops, credit for these things have to go Lamb Chop Lai. For those interested in getting his "Meat"...please mail me -


Farmgirl Susan said...

Sounds like a really fun (and yummy) party! : )

boo_licious said...

kokonut soldier - you have a blog! Time to add in those hot stories like the hustler.

farmgirl - it was fun and don't you love the pix of the lamb chops grilling under that flickering fire.

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