Thursday, August 11, 2005

Valrhona Chocolate

Ever since I read about Valrhona chocolate, I have been hankering for my own little supply as I suspect it will add extra extra extra ooomph! to my chocolate desserts, cakes and cookies. I finally found the supplier in Malaysia i.e. Classic Fine Foods and called them up this week. It seems they only supply the chocolate to hotels, bakeries and restaurants. No retail outlets for the chocolate.

Once I got over my elation of finding the supplier, they told me some bad news, that is they only sell the stuff in large quantities. The minimum order for the chocolate is three kilograms! Gee, even if I eat chocolate every day, make tons of chocolate desserts for my friends and families daily, I seriously doubt I can finish three kilograms of the stuff. One suggestion the supplier did make was I could share the purchase with others. Great idea, so this post is to ask if anyone else is keen to share three kilograms with me as I can take one kilogram of the stuff. The price is quite hefty but worth it if you really love chocolate. Email me at, if you want to discuss this further.

Incidentally, if I don't get my supply from these people, I was thinking of sourcing this in Singapore. Do any of the Singapore bloggers know where I can get the chocolate so I can send someone to check it out for me.


joone! said...

hey! i have seen them in some of our supermarkets here, but i'm not sure if they are cooking chocolate, or are they just the ones for immediate consumption. Anyhow, those that i have seen are in about 200g tins/boxes or maybe it was paper and foil wrapping (can't remember) :). I'll be sure to check on them the next time i see them.

boo_licious said...

Joone, if you could just double check the prices for me. It may be cheaper in Singapore and if it is, I'll get my friend to buy it for me.

CasynSow said...

Hi there,

You can get it from KL Hilton, Cafe Chino. I've attended their workshop and apparently they sell smaller bars for baking. Try check them out but it will be much expensive since it was sold in hotel

Yinn Tan said...

you can get it from "bake it yourself(BIY), a shop at bukit timah road! Happy baking!

rayn said...

Sun Lik shop, the road behind Raffles Hotel, stocks this chocolate brand. They sell them at smaller amount of 300grm for $12.

choccolover said...

Well, theres a shop in Singapore @ the newly opened mall, ION Orchard. You can get the chocs frm there:)

Unknown said...

Hi All,

Could someone advise me as to where can I get the Valrhona chocolate in Malaysia (either in Melaka or Kuala Lumpur). Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer Lu said...

Hi all,im in KL and selling Varlhona Chocolate.
and Varlhona Cocoa Powder
whatsapp me for more info.
012 320 5628 Jennifer.

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