Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Your Jelly On! Day 24 - Smurfette (Blue Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda Jelly)


One of my wackiest ideas for this jelly competition is this particular entry, named after one famous blue tinged gal aka Smurfette. 

Just like the ambiguous cartoon character she is named after (is she good or bad?), this particular sweetie is a little hard to decipher.


She may look a little weird with her blue colour (attributed by these interesting berry tinged cherries by Roland) but she actually tastes rather good. 

I had paired her off with Thomas Kemper's vanilla cream soda which gives it a light pleasant vanilla taste that blends well with the sweet and slightly crunchy cherries.

. IMG_6018

My particular jelly was rather wobbly since I was actually short of time and only chilled it for two hours. Maybe next time it should be a bit longer to give it a crunchier texture. Nevertheless, it has a rather soft texture that can be quite pleasant to slurp down.

Blue Cherry and Vanilla Cream Soda Jelly (Makes two)

1 bottle of Roland blue cherries, drained and stalks removed except for two cherries
1 bottle of Thomas Kemper vanilla cream soda
2 tablespoons gelatine powder

Soften gelatine powder in water. Leave to bloom. Add a little hot water to melt. Once melted, add vanilla cream soda and whisk together. Place cherry with the stalk at bottom of the mould. Pour a little jelly mixture in the bottom. Divide the cherries among the two moulds. Top with remaining jelly mixture. Leave to chill for 2 hours or more. Unmould and serve immediately.

Reminder: Support the cause by buying a Royal Selangor Nick Munro pewter mould as all proceeds go to breast cancer welfare association. Also, do remember to submit your suggestions to or leave a comment for the mould to win the Olympus camera VG-110. For more pictures, see the Flickr set for all the whole Royal Selangor Jellyriffic challenge. To view, all the jellies, see this link to the Royal Selangor website


Nate @ House of Annie said...


Sara said...

So cool! Great color in this jelly! :)

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Definitely a psychedelic head turner!

Michelle Chin said...

i googled up on the cherries... but could not really find much info on it apart from where to buy it... i am curious about the process of making these blue things. :)

Kenny Mah said...

Hurry! We got to hide your sweet Smurfette before Gargamel gets his grimy hands on her! :P

ninazsyafinaz said...

Blue is my fav color!! beautiful2...look refreshing too..u always impress me with your creation..Im amazed!

Ellen Whyte said...

Have you tried it with blue curacao and vodka???

boo_licious said...

Nate - definitely very funky with the blue.

Sara - yes, blue is an eye popping colour that gets the attention straightaway.

chopinandsaucepan - I can imagine Katy Perry singing to Friday Night when all hell breaks loose.

Michelle - I suspect it's not very healthy but I'll close my eyes to that. They taste good though, nice and crunchy.

Life for Beginners - LOL, I am sure Gargamel won't be able to resist her sweet charms.

Thanks ninazsyafinaz. I love blue too hence I reached for this colour when I saw the colourful cherries.

Au&Target - good idea! I can imagine how it will be, an alcoholic packed jelly shot.

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