Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get Your Jelly On! Day 22 - The Old Timer (Cold Chicken Jelly)


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Aargh! This is so frustrating.

Okay, rant over...I better get on to today's post.


A fellow blogger aka alilfatmonkey had asked me to consider doing an old time favourite, the cold chicken jelly from Pudu's Sek Yuen.

The Chinese restaurant is famous for serving retro food from the 1960s including this appetizer.

Usually made in a rice bowl, it has shredded chicken set in jelly that is served on a bed of lettuce.


I've made my own version, with a few short cuts since I had to maximise my time during this weekend. The ingredients are cobbled together from the chicken rice shop. Clear chicken soup for the jelly base while the poached chicken is shredded. 

My version contains a little surprise nestled within that you get to by digging through....a poached egg with a soft egg yolk centre.


Set on a bed of Japanese cucumbers and served with a pinkish sauce that reminds me a little of prawn cocktails, it's finger licking good that I wished I had made more. Do give the simple recipe a try as it'll definitely surprise your friends and family at home. 

Cold Chicken Jelly (Makes for one mould) 

170ml chicken soup 
1 tablespoon gelatine powder 
shredded chicken 
1 egg, poached 
Japanese cucumber, sliced thinly 

1/2 tablespoon tomato ketchup 
1/2 tablespoon chilli sauce 
1 tablespoon Kewpie mayonnaise 
1 tablespoon condensed milk 

Soften gelatine powder by sprinkling over a little water. Bring soup up to boil. Add to gelatine powder to melt and combine. Place shredded chicken in mould and pour over jelly mixture. Set the poached egg in the middle. Surround with chicken and jelly mixture. Chill for 2 hours or more for a firmer jelly. Mix the sauce ingredients and taste to your liking. 

 To serve: Arrange cucumber slices in a circle. Unmould jelly by dipping mould in hot water. Place jelly on top of cucumbers. Drizzle sauce on the side. Eat and have fun looking for the egg that oozes out.

Reminder: Support the cause by buying a Royal Selangor Nick Munro pewter mould as all proceeds go to breast cancer welfare association. Also, do remember to submit your suggestions to or leave a comment for the mould to win the Olympus camera VG-110. For more pictures, see the Flickr set for all the whole Royal Selangor Jellyriffic challenge. To view, all the jellies, see this link to the Royal Selangor website


qwazymonkey said...

So honoured you took my suggestion, added a poached egg in it and gave it a kewpie twist. Everything a nostalgic monkey could ever ask me! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.

Let's go Sek Yuen for some comfort food.

Michelle Chin said...

Maybe kewpie sesame dressing would work well too. :)

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

This is definitely one of my all time favourite cold chicken dishes and you have even given a decadent twist with that runny egg yolk!! Beautiful!

boo_licious said...

qwazymonkey - it was very yum indeed! Thanks for the suggestion and prodding to get me moving on it. Ah yes, lunch at Sek Yuen sounds wonderful.

michelle - no kewpie sesame dressing or else I am sure it will work too.

Chopinandmysaucepan - Thanks. Very old school and that runny egg yolk tastes wonderful with the sweet chilli sauce.

missyblurkit said...

brilliant idea. reckon i could do this for my next pot luck:D

and its giving me ideas of what to do with my mold from Selangor Pewter. THANX!!!

buggeroff said...

yucks, woman, that must be the most unappetizing thing i hv ever seen. blurgggggggghhhhh

ninazsyafinaz said...

look simple but elegant.Like it

fatboybakes said...

omigoodness boo, you've really outdone yourself with this jelly series. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! and how do you put the poached egg in without breaking everthing ah?

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