Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick & easy to make - Avocado Tuna Sandwiches

mise en place for Sunday brekkie

I'm a sucker when it comes to good deals. Recently, Village Grocer had a large batch of very ripe avocados that they were trying to get rid off. Usually avocados are such a luxe item since one can cost about RM4 to RM6, depending on where you get them. Since they were threatening to expire, Village Grocer bagged 4 of them in packs of RM6.99. Damn good deal, hence I took a risk and bought some.

delish and simple to whip up meal using very ripe avocados

Since I was dying to try out an idea for tuna salad, I decided to make a quick Sunday breakfast. We had gotten rolls from Haikara Style Cafe, which I heated up in the toaster oven. For my sandwich spread, it was just mashed avocado (a creamy mass), yellowfin tuna in olive oil for taste and chopped red shallots for a crunchy texture. It is definitely a healthier alternative to using mayonnaise.

Do give it a try as it's absolutely delish stuff and a real no-brainer to whip up. Just make sure you put your favourite ingredients and you will get something perfect to enjoy during the weekend.


Unknown said...

Hey, I love avocado and will definitely give this a try. I usually have thinly sliced avocado with sandwiches and lay it on like cheese. But will try your mashed recipe.


minchow said...

Srumptious!! I can have avocado any time of the day, and it's a perfect substitute for butter or any kind of sandwich spread. I like mine with sundried tomato, or just plain with cracked black pepper. What kind of yellowfin tuna do you use?

Ciki said...

for the longest time i could not understand why avocado anything (Chicken, tuna, prawn etc etc)was so darn delicious. It's like a magic ingredient that turns an otherwise boring salad, sandwic , whatever into something spectacular. Then I found out. Avocado - one of the highest in fats and lipids la! no wonder the nickname butter pear. It's the FAT that binds the salad together.. hehe .. love it :D

(I will make this sandwic for cumi.. since it looks easy even for me to make! thanks for showing the way)

thule a.k.a leo said...

never thought of that... normally I would just buy Tuna in Olive Oil (light!) or Tuna in Water... sapu on the toasted roti and wallop the whole stuff without anything..

But then.. you give me a good idea.. Jenn loves avocado!

worldwindows said...

Good use of the ripened avocado. Take the sting out of the onions, moistened the usually dry and flaky tuna. I will recommend it to my son. He makes it for snacks. BTW where is the lime/lemon juice?

Firdauz takes five said...

i need to get those

i bought mine for 5 ringgit each at cold storage

i hope they still have them at Village Grocer

Julian Si said...

Absolutely scrumptious :-)

boo_licious said...

Hope you like it Ben, it replaces mayo in the spread.

550ml - yeah, I don't spread butter, mayo or margarine also on my bread, hence this gives it a moist filling. I bought this bottle from delicious ingredients, really nice and chunky with a good tasting olive oil.

ciki - yup, not for the diet concious but it is still healthier to eat this vs bottled mayo which is so sickly sweet I can't stand it. At least this one has anti-oxidants.

Leo - I find just tuna a bit boring, so adding avocado jazzes it up a bit.

worldwindows - I didn't have any in the hse! You can add some if you like for a tangy taste but it was fine for me with the olive oil.

Firdauz - they may have sold them out as that batch was expiring soon.

Julian - very yum but not very diet concious though...

fatboybakes said...

AIYA, why you didnt tell me! i LURVE avocado.

boo_licious said...

fbb - ditto on avocado. Go try it?

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