Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Italian Food @ Nerofico, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

nice interior with wine bottles as decoration

Sorry about the glitch on Monday, but the notebook I usually work on decided to expire, hence I couldn't work on Sunday night. Luckily after it checked into the PC Hospital and got some TLC from Splashie Boy, it is working well despite it experiencing a fatal system error!

the unimpressive Caprese Salad (RM32+)

Hope everyone's Valentine's Day was eventful; we celebrated with friends over a simple homecooked dinner. My friend even brought her kids who had great fun playing with the chocolate fondue, we decided to make for them. Back to food, I managed to give Nerofico a try but sadly I felt, it was a little too much hype and nothing much to shout about.

Tortelli Mushroom with dissapointing butter thyme sauce (RM30+)

For those who have very long memories, you will remember the infamous Modestos in Damansara Heights. It used to be our regular hangout place since it was near work - drinks, pizza and pasta outside on the balcony. Not only did that place on Lorong Dungun house Modestos, there was also a pretty good Thai restaurant and the first Vintages bar upstairs. When that place burned down (amid rumours flitting it was just an insurance scam), everyone was devastated. Eventually a tall skyscraper took over that spot and coincidentally that is where Nerofico is located.

tiramisu that passed the test (RM22+)

Deadly quiet like a ghost town on Sunday, it is usually vibrant during weekdays with the offices surrounding it. I guess Nerofico will fit well here, a hangout place for those working late nights or looking for a nightcap after a hard day's of work.

The place looks inviting from outside with bottles of wine & grappas, Dececco pasta and etc placed on shelves around. There is a deli at one end with cheeses and meats for you to choose from. When I started lunch here, we were the only souls around but later people started to trickle in. A quick glance of the menu revealed no pork (shucks!) and nothing that grabs your eye. I went for familiar stuff on the menu like a tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad to start with. Utterly simple stuff (just slice it and sandwich them together), I felt the olive oil drizzled over and the balsamic vinegar served on the side wasn't too great a quality and I have had better.

Wanting to be a little different, we went for very different items; fresh stuffed pasta, a favourite of both of ours. Splashie Boy had the crab ravioli with clams while I sampled the mushroom tortelli with butter thyme sauce and foie gras. I thought the sweet taste of crab meat seemed to be masked by the heavy white sauce drizzled over it. My pasta I thought was ruined by the butter sauce, which didn't have any thyme flavour at all and too much cream in it! Dreading dessert, I decided we better go for the familiar Italian items - the cannot fail famous pick-me-up aka Tiramisu and creamy pannacotta. Luckily we were saved at the last round as desserts were good. Splashie Boy liked his drenched tiramisu while I enjoyed my smooth pannacotta with pink dragonfruits.

Overall, I have my mind to write off this place completely but I suspect I may have ordered the wrong stuff. Maybe I will re-review it again once I try more stuff like their mains, typical pasta dishes and the pizza. Incidentally, dining here is not for you if you are feeling the pinch, so be prepared. I felt the pasta portions were miniscule for what we were paying for. By the way, I wonder where one will park during the weekdays. I spied that Wisma Perintis's charges are RM6.10 per hour! Even though next door at the Wisma UN is more reasonable at RM3 per hour, I vaguely remember it being hellish to score a space there. Another thing that irked me about this place, service was a little unfriendly. They were efficient and etc, but when it came to recommendations and a little courtesy, I felt the first waiter who served us had a bit of "I don't care shit about you" attitude. The guy who served us during desserts was better, asking if everything was fine after we finished.
More pixs in Flickr.

Ground Floor

Wisma Perintis
47, Jalan Dungun
Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22089 5312

(Pork free. For more details on its opening times, see its website link. Just opened on 17 January, 2009)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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Sean said...

geez, i had been looking forward to this place! i hope to check it out next week, but i'll keep my expectations low, thanks to your review! i'll definitely order the tortelli though, since i'm a foie gras addict (that looks like a really thin sliver of liver, but i suppose it's OK for that price). btw i have a gripe about their staff too! i called them up last week to find out what time their kitchen closes (their website says they're open till midnight, so i figured their last orders would be at 11.30pm). the guy on the phone paused, then barked in a harsh tone, "ten thirty!"

daphne said...

gosh, that doesn't sound promising at all. The mushroom tortelli certainly sounds luxurious wiht the foie gras.

Precious Pea said...

The tortellini looks good wor...but serving seems small. Is that main?

Ciki said...

pricey, rude, small portions + average taste... erm! you saved C&C a lot of #$@%*!$ eating there!

Thanks Boo ;)

(yea i suspected it was your hard-drive that splashie boy posting his comment about , on FB..lol) glad it's HEALED!

Ry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fatboybakes said...

gosh, rm22 for tiramisu, it BETTER pass the test!!!

thule a.k.a leo said...

well, it's located in such an upscale neighborhood... the price should be around that level :)

Just don't let the waiter affect your mood... you're there to enjoy meal..

jasmine said...

aiks. and i was really looking forward to check to this place out. now i am not so sure...but yes, parking around this area is pricey...

Jackson said...

ok. I won't try this place. Kinda expensive

minchow said...

Snotty service is not going to win over any new patrons, so why do certain outlets still think it works in harnessing its snob appeal? Will give this a miss, thanks for getting in first!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like i b safer and pop back to neroteca for the regular waitress who serves us and the tested and tried food..

Vincent Cho said...

this place like a bit pricy.. even the tiramisu costs u RM22++ something..

馋鬼 said...

wow! the car park charges more expensive than klcc! @_@

Tony said...

Before place comment... make sure are constructive and fair...not just type word while you in front of your laptop without know how the food taste, cause none of you have eat in NEROFICO
Learn how to eat and what is italian food and not compare restaurant cause each one have their own identity.
If is too expensive go eat in mama store or go to the mall where price are chip and food is really shit.
Said so if Miss Boo have to say something about my comment can contact and i will happy to talk in private about food...
Stop to spoil italian food and restaurant with your comment THIS useless BLOG!!!


sc said...

food dont sound too promising..and woah, this tony dude sounds pretty angry..

wanderlust said...

Pork free Italian food? It is a automatic complete write off for me. I know restaurant owners need to cater to bigger clientele, but c'on, what's Italian without pancetta?? (Don't give me that beef bacon crap!) Pork fat is irreplaceable! RM22+ for Tiramisu? I expect freshly baked sponge fingers, pure mascarpone cheese, and Valrhona chocolate dusting! Anything short of that is a day-light robber.

I do enjoy Neroteca (NOT NeroVivo and you know why) but they let anyone smoke anywhere in that tiny little space. So, Nero empire is off my book.

Tony said...

pork is irreplaceable...is all about pancetta!!!! that all your knowledge. you make me laught....go and find good pork in malaysia... Halal non Halal and pork free...wow read at the expert wanderlust:"Expect fresh sponge finger pure mascarpone and valrhona choccolate dustin..."No eggs???Might add some eggs pastry chef wanderlust!!without eggs is too poor like your comment and learn learn learn before post comment..

Sc go and try before write about food like i did...


wanderlust said...

I can sense Tony's anger just from the amount of spelling mistakes. Are you always this angry? Or you are only at this level when you read about criticism to Nero XXX and/or Italian food?

Tony said...

wrong spelling!!!ok lah!
Italian food most spoild in world lead by wanderlust w tiramisu no eggs,followed by people eating and thinking that carbonara is made of cream and mushroom sauce(sometime bacon)...ok lah :)bravoo

Unknown said...

I ate at Nerofico over the weekend. Yes, its a bit different from Teca, but that is great thing, it gives us variety. We had a great meal there - I ate the tortelli with fois gras and was really surprised to read masak-masak didnt like it. Usually your blog is quite interesting, but I totally disagree with your thoughts of Fico. Give it a go lah - try something new and fresh. The parking is easy and free in the evenings and to Wanderlust - Nerofico is no-smoking! Come on guys, get your facts straight. Its great to have a Nero (and with pizza!) in my part of town.

fatboybakes said...

i think people who get upset with views of a blog writer should just be gracious enough not to comment in the writers blog, especially if they cant say it nicely or politely.

boo, i think its very gracious of you NOT to have deleted some of these uncalled for rantings.

wanderlust said...

Taste, food preference are very individual. It is what taste good to you that matters. We all entitle to our opinion. I did not discourage others to stay but state my reason for missing it. I believe readers are smart enough to take away what they need. Isn't expressing our opinion and view the motive of most blogs?

My comments about Pork fat and Italian food is very similar to why I stay away from "Char Siew" chicken or Halal Dim Sum. They maybe good, but not for me.

Tony keep banging his head on the eggs as an ingredient; of course I know there are eggs in the recipe and have made several dozens of Tiramisu over the years myself. The context of my comment was referring the the usually high price for a dessert and in order to justify it, I expect high quality products and lots of effort. Eggs and, sugar too, will never be the reason to charge such price for a Tiramisu.

We all contribute to the web, like making comments on this blog. I agree with fatboybakes, though we are free to make comments, but we ought to be respectful and polite, not only to blog owners but to other readers. There is always more than one way to get your points across. Some made themselves understood and convince others along the way, some just wants to prove their point, even if it is offensive.

Tony said...

i bang something else....a part of your eggs...
Sorry to disturb you but i try to write on this blog and once again i have to say that is all b.......t and people try to change inpression of restaurant and hotel.
My compliment!!! bravo
That's why this is for very little and limited blog with cheap people,like complain about the price of parking lot...
Sorry again

sisterevil said...

Tony you are an ASSHOLE. Go eat shit and die... Oh and by the way, learn how to SPELL before you make a complete jackass of yourself in PUBLIC!

OH you are so stupid it's FUNNY!

Tony said...

Here the people that write on this blog.....insulting other like me TONY.That's is an example of useless BLOG..
My compliment....Bravo Sista
I'm wow about you ....
i succeed again...cheers
and keep try insult is very cool and dont let me continue...i gave you many advise already... :)

boo_licious said...

Sean - Do go try it and let me know, if it is good or not. Always great to hear other's opinions. Yup, foie gras is definitely on a thinner side here.

daphne - tortellini was the most exciting for me, but then I love stuffed pasta and of course, foie gras.

Precious Pea - yup, portions aren't huge here and it was a main also.

ciki - Awww, maybe you may have a different opinion. Thxs for the nice words abt the hard disc. It's up and running with little trouble.

fbb - LOL, ya lor...other places charge only abt RM15 for their tiramisu.

leo - yeah, didn't let him bother but was a bit turned off, after talking to him. I guess rental or overheads are high here, hence prices are also reflective.

jasmine - I remember in those good old days when parking at the side of the road used to result in towed cars. I guess some nearby office block may offer better parking rates as the one they are located at seems to have very limited spaces also.

Jackson - thot you need to try and suss out the competition?

550ml - it was more of that particular waiter's attitude as the other people there were nice.

Joe - true, esp since you know her well.

Vincent Cho - yup, definitely higher than the other places.

I think it is because it looks very limited.

boo_licious said...

Tony - thxs for your numerous comments on this subject, which you seem to be very passionate abt. While you seem very excited about all this, getting a little nasty or insulting others on a personal note, just won't get your point across. Everyone's entitled to your own opinion, whether it is good or bad.

sc - yet to try their pizza and pasta so maybe there is hope?

Rachel - good to hear you had a good time there and you enjoyed the tortellini. I did like the pasta on its own and foie gras. Just didn't think much of the rich butter sauce. Is parking free because it is at the side of the road? Haven't been there at night hence, I can't remember if Wisma UN opens its barriers at night?

fbb - yup, it is only fair to hear both sides of the story.

wanderlust - totally agree with you all this matter.

sisterevil - while you're entitled to your opinions, do watch your language or else it can get offensive.

Tony said...

licious, people is affect by your blog...if you were writing good rewview people was follow in that direction...People are affect by mass media!!!That's all and is true..unfortunately you can see no-one reply exempt you on rachel comment.
I remind you that in Malaysia 7 year ago people didnt know different between nasi lemak and risotto...Now you all expert

Mrs W said...

Hi there, just wanted to point out that Vintry was never located in Lorong Dungun. Their first outlet in the one along Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

first time since i saw a VERY VERY busy comment box for boo..

Unknown said...



boo_licious said...

Tony - everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Mrs. Wong - thxs, I got mixed up with Vintry and Vintages, as it used to be at the old Modestos.

Joe - yeah, very hot topic.

jazzy - thxs for the tip, will drop that person an email. Terrible how people can not only copy posts but even comments including the negative ones???!

Unknown said...

no worries, glad to help

Unknown said...

Well. The good news is that it is authentic. No fusion crap or any malaysian sensibilities here. The bad news because it is halal there will be some compromise.
My wife said her pasta was satisfying. My kid drank some of her minestrone soup and ate some of my pasta, although it was a little too salty. I know how too easy to screw up the salt part cause i do cook. price wise i would say all the nero chain are reasonably priced cause i do cook italian and the cost is soo expensive if you use real imported italian stuff. It is behind a little compared to neroteca. Something is missing but dont know that. Give it time. Would i go back? Certainly.

Unknown said...

Went to Nerofico for my birthday and LOVED it! The fish special was amazing... and the desserts are fab. Thanks Nerofico. Highly recommended.

Unknown said...

Great food, great atmosphere and great service. What delight!!!!!

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