Friday, May 16, 2008

Malay Food @ Restoran A. Hassan, Section 13, Shah Alam

cooling pegaga salad

Working in Shah Alam can be a real pain sometimes as good food is not easy to come by. One day, when I was exploring Section 13's shophouses, I discovered they had my favourite Malay stall - Restoran A. Hassan. Ever since then, it has been my regular lunch time place.

local vegetables pucuk paku

Restoran A. Hassan made its name with the famous ayam kampung goreng. You can find a stall or a restaurant open at quite a few places - USJ Taipan, Puchong, Cheras, Taman Desa, Kampung Baru and etc. I've blogged about the Kampung Baru outlet before, which still remains my favourite outlet as the dendeng with the percik sauce is to die for!

sinful but oh so good! tempoyak with rice

If you plan to eat here, do come early as this place gets super packed with people after 12.30pm. Since the shop is quite small (just a single lot), tables and chairs are laid out at the walkways. You will find students from the nearby university, office workers and even high ranking police officers dining here for lunch.

yummy ayam kampung goreng

Just select what you wish to have for lunch from a spread, which consists of ayam kampung goreng, clams, ayam percik, fried fish, various ulam and etc. I often go for the clams, which is my favourite.

kelantan style ayam percik

They also have all types of sauces including the smelly but oh so yummy tempoyak. Made from durian, the smell can be pungent but when mixed with chillies, it is a spicy treat great with white rice.

my fav dish - the clams

The place mainly caters for the lunch crowd but for breakfast, they do sell nasi lemak. If you crave for good Malay food, this is definitely the place to be during lunchtime.

Restoran A. Hassan
Jalan Lawan Pedang 13/27
Section 13
Shah Alam

(Halal. Closed on Friday. Open for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is at the same row as Rafi Mamak and faces the new TTDI development, Laman Seri.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.


Julian Si said...

Slurrrrrrrrpilicious, all these years in Shah Alam and I thought there wasn't any good food (Besides Max's Charsiew off the Kesas highway, yum). So there is!

Can't wait to try ...

Ciki said...

Gr8 shots! Me digggs tempoyak!

hongdoe said...

Oooh..I'm a student who've been studying in Shah Alam for the past 2 years and a half. Passed by this place a lot but never thought of eating here as I haven't gotten over the initial impression that Shah Alam seriously lack good food (besides the TTDI area with tonnes of bus/car workshops and whatnots)

Will give this place a try when I'm back in SA for the next semester!

FooDcrazEE said...

no wonder u gets to eat everywhere . . . . .

Jason said...

Tempoyak! No wonder you love this place so much. :)

Any idea where is their Cheras branch is?

boo_licious said...

LOL Julian, I kinda agree with u on there is not much great food there. I love Max!'s food and his outlook in life. Some a rare fella.

cumi & ciki - hee hee...must go try the Haslam one you recommend also.

boobsy - some of those carworkshops have food also! Yeah, this one is good...there is also another great place, I must blog abt, which serves yummy nasi ayam and soto.

foodcrazee - I'm stuck in the land of no nice food lah! At least you get some fine dining up in the hill?

jason - that one is at the Velodrome. Think SC blogged abt it.

A Yasir said...

Hhhmmm..the tempoyak looks good. Ayam kampung, fried? Oh yummy! Jeez, sometimes I hangout around these areas but never knew there was a restaurant like this. Sad to read that they don't open at night though.

J2Kfm said...

hehe, funny so many people love tempoyak! :)
most of my frens (even Malays) find them yucky,but I love them! pungent, spicy and sour, great with ulam/grilled fish ...

Bernsy said...

i really got to make a trip down there... Jalan Lawan pedang sounds like the area around the stadium isn't it ?

Anyway will find my way down there...

boo_licious said...

a yasir - they may open at nite, but I reckon same food? This place only opened in 2007, hence you probably didn't notice it.

j2kfm - yeah, Tempoyak is an acquired taste. I like it though, spicy and creamy.

bernsy - yes, near the stadium and after Giant. Do u live nearby? If not, may be better to go to the Kg Baru one which is super awesome esp the dendeng.

azanov said...

the food quite nice, different, but a little lack of choices. other than the ones mentioned, maybe available are boiled cockles and some fish. so you should narrow your menu expectations. also the price is so-so. just had my lunch today there, for 2 people with normal nice meal i paid RM25.

Anonymous said...

Cleanliness is poor.

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