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Curry Mee, Lam Mee, Loh Mee & Har Mee @ Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

the unassuming shack, which serves all kinds of Penang goodies

I am often amazed at how resourceful people are. Take for instance, this abandoned condominium site at Desa Sri Hartamas (which I almost bought!). For years, it has been left empty, with a few pile caps to indicate its existence but now, the old sales office houses this stall, which serves all kinds of Penang goodies. Right next to it is an open carpark that caters to the parking woes of people who work around here, since Desa Sri Hartamas does not have sufficient parking spaces.

curry mee, just like the Penangites love with mint leaves

To sample each of the goodies, you need to memorise their schedule by heart. Just remember, Mondays when life is at the bluest, they serve their very popular Penang curry mee. Then for Tuesday and Thursday, it is thickish Loh Mee, while Wednesdays when things are beginning to look up for the week, you get the clear and very healthy tasting Lam Mee. At the end of the week, on Friday, you celebrate it with Har Mee/Hokkien Mee/Prawn Mee.

light but delicious tasting prawn mee aka Hokkien mee

Unfortunately for those who don't work or live within the vicinity, the stall takes a break during the weekends and public holidays. You can however see the stall or the old sales office, open as it acts as a place for the open car park attendant to stay. There is even an air-conditioned section within the sales office.

rare find - the birthday noodles known as Lam Mee

I totally enjoyed trying each type of noodles and my conclusion at the end of the day was this was great tasting stuff minus any MSG. The taste of the soups feel very home made and not overly sweet indicating the prescence of artificial items like MSG.

the kick ass chilli sauce for Lam Mee and Loh Mee

The curry mee is authentic, per my Penang colleague as they serve it with the mint leaves. I love the clear tasting soup full of coconut milk. You can ask for cubes of pig's blood, if you fancy. If not, the noodles are served with brown cuttlefish, cockles, prawns and tofu puffs. Extra sambal can be scooped from the bottle on each table. The sambal adds the much needed spiciness to the noodles.

loh mee with minced garlic

Loh mee is also served the traditional way with finely minced garlic and a hardboiled egg and pork slices, which have been cooked in a soy sauce broth. The broth served with the noodles is not overly starchy and fried shallots are added for flavour. The chilli sauce served with it is also good. This is the same sauce served with the healthy tasting Lam Mee. A clear soup is used that is a great favourite of the fitness buffs who frequent this place after working out at True Fitness next door.

Most of the noodles use similar type of toppings with certain exceptions. Last but least, it is the prawn mee. Not too thick, the broth is aromatic and delicious. It was so good, I slurped all the broth down, until it was almost empty. Definitely an indication on how delish the whole bowl was. On Friday, Loh Mee is also available as some Penangites love to mix the prawn mee with Loh Mee for unique pairing. Yet to try it but it sounds great.

Lot No. 48632
Jalan Sri Hartamas 22
Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur

(Non halal. Open from 8 am until 2pm or when noodles run out. Closed during weekends and public holidays. Prices range from RM4.50 to RM4.80 for a small sized bowl of noodles. To get here, from Petaling Jaya, drive down Jalan Kiara pass KLGCC and go straight towards Hartamas. Keep left and end up at the traffic light. Go straight and keep left. You will pass by True Fitness on your left hand side and make a turn at the end. You will see the shack on the right hand side of the road, after the turn.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Christine said...

indeed looking need to drive all the way to penang for some goodies..

ling239 said...

i like curry mee with pork blood... :p
too bad, i dun work near there =.="
is lunch time super pack over there ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmm dad told me it was alright..i usually park there to go to gym..aiyoh now how to resist that thought when they serve such goodies when i go get my car?

Jun said...

omg thank u so much for highlighting this place!! a penangite would recognise the authenticity of the noodles at one glance. u're my savior boo!

fatboybakes said...

is it the turn immediately after true fitness? the road that leads to the burger king and modestos?

nipples, go for it man....that's what gym is for...gym to eat.

choi yen said...

I always go there at night so didnt know have such stall ler...

email2me said...

Is rare to find authentic Penang style Lam Mee in Klang Valley. Most of the lam mee we had here are "loh" type.

Must go there try liao ...

Tummythoz said...

The curry sure looks authentic.

OooOooooh my favourite is the Hokkien Lor noodles mix. Try it!

Pity too far for me & not open on weekends.

boo_licious said...

christine - am sure there are lots of Penang goodies in KL too.

ling239 - I heard packed during lunch but no idea,as I usually have this for breakfast.

Joe - yr dad is from Penang? I see quite a few people here from the gym but weird...only for Lam Mee! I guess that is healthy enuf for them?

Jun - yeah, exactly what my Penangite friends say...

fbb - yup, b4 the modestos place. My popular vote is curry mee on Monday!

mimi - yeah, most people don't frequent this place during the day unless you go to the gym here.

email2me - some people will find it bland tasting. I heard a comment from another blogger who said her colleagues didn't like it.

tummythoz - I wonder how it matches up to the Puchong one you blogged abt. Will try the mix version one day!

email2me said...

In Kelana Jaya, there are a stall which sell the authentic Penang Lam Mee. His business is not good when started. I've tried it and is really good. But later on he modified it to make the soup a bit "loh" type because non Penang people don't like it. Now his business sells like nobody business.

LianneK said...

i see, a penangite friend told me about this place sometime back but i was clueless of the location. still clueless though lol

Ms One Boobie said...

It's awesome that you find this little unique places to eat.. :)

Unknown said...

do u all know where is this stall move to? Thanks!! i really miss their prawn mee, loh mee!!!!

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me where have they moved to? please

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