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Burgers @ Darabif, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Keeping in the pink of health

Since I managed to rack up a few places to eat during my long break, I thought I'll mix and match them - the good and the bad. Although sometimes, my policy is not to blog about places that serve bad food, I reckon rules should be broken.

green green guacamole

Ever since, Darabif sounded out the intention to open a burger shop at Desa Sri Hartamas, we were both excited since we love burgers. Last week, when we were nearby at Devi's Corner, we checked this place out and vowed to return to try the food. On Sunday night, we finally had a chance to fulfil our promise.

Moooooooo! Yes, there's a cow in here.

I liked the look of the place - white, with bright green and black furniture. There's booths and also tables with plastic chairs in the same green and black. Lighting is excellent here - all white lights with loads of them around. The menu is based on the Darabif burgers, which can also be found at frozen products section at your neighbourhood supermarket. A choice of beef, lamb, chicken and salmon burgers are available here. There's even a mini size, if you fancy a quick snack.

Attack of the Glam burger

Depending on what you fancy, you can also choose the sets, which has a soft drink and french fries. We were eyeing the corn chips(RM3+), which you can pair with various dips - mexican mayo salsa, plum barbeque, curry mayonnaise, tomato salsa and etc. We went for the guacamole (RM1.50+) since that is our all-time favourite. A generous portion, we both found the guacamole a bit sourish. Could be the imbalance of lemon juice within the mashed mix of avocado.

I picked the Mooo burger (RM5.90+) - just a beef burger, which came slathered with lots of sauce, cabbage and raw onion rings. Although the burger was tasty, I didn't quite like the texture of the burger as it felt very processed and slightly rubbery. Splashie Boy ordered the Glam (RM6.90+) burger, made from minced lamb. I liked the touch of mint sauce with the burger but again, we didn't like the slightly rubbery texture of the patty.

Although the food didn't impress much, I did enjoy the fresh juices they serve here. With no added sugar and water, they are as pure as you can get with a range from RM6 to RM7. Since I was fighting a slight flu, I had their hot Cold Killer - a mix of ginger juice and honey. Splashie Boy had the Dragonfruit Passion (RM6.90+ for a mix of Pink pitaya juice with lemon juice). A bit tasteless I felt, but it was a nice hot pink colour.

Despite its nice appearance and unusual varieties, I still prefer Ramly or Otai burgers, which remain unbeatable in my score book for cheap, juicy and yummy burgers. Oh, and the service isn't great either as they tend to take their time to prepare the burgers (definitely not fast food here) and even forgot to deliver our burgers when it was all ready on the counter.

4, Ground Floor
Jalan 23/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2693 9833

(Halal. Right next to Devi's Corner.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Ciki said...

for rm5+ the burgers look small.. are they?

J2Kfm said...

from the pics, i'll admit the corn chips in guacamole looked more tempting than the tiny, messy burgers. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmmm upmarket ramli burgers now?? what else can they think of??

ling239 said...

Dragonfruit Passion...
i like that pink, very pretty tone ~ luckily it is not some kind of sirap drink.... :p

HairyBerry said...

guacamole and dragonfruit (and is that air bandung?)...all under one roof...doesnt get any more interesting than that!

too bad about the burgers, though.

LianneK said...

Now that I know how the burger taste like, I'd probably skip them in the supermarket aisle. I've always been curious about it, but guess, its not worth buying a pack now. Thanks.

Have you tried Jaya Jusco's gourmet range food? I've tried their sausages and it was lovely, but have not tried their burgers yet.

wmw said...

Can buy and cook it myself??? If I ever clear my kitchen first lah...Hehehe...

choi yen said...

The presentation of the burger look so similar to Ramly Burger to me..hehe ;P

daphne said...

hmm.. gucamole with burgers huh..

Bernsy said...

I think i will go try their corn chips with salsa and guacamole...

Fajita chips and its original dips... really remind me of my uni days.. thats what we munch on for 4 hours in a baseball game

Jun said...

hahaha funny how the first pic din strike me as "healthy". i mean, the colouring?? but then i read ur description of wat it was, so... :>

somehow, the burgers remind me of ramly burgers, but judging by the pics and wat u wrote, i think i'd go for my ramly any time!

Riz Ainuddin said...

great. another burger joint to makan. i was trying to find a new burger place to makan. craving like mad. going to try this asap.


boo_licious said...

cumi & ciki - kinda like ramly burger sizes.

j2kfm - yeah, corn chips were definitely better but unfortunately the sour taste in guacamole ruined it for us.

joe - well, I guess everything has to go up the value chain?

ling239 - yeah, kinda looks like air bandung but it was all fruit juice.

nic - it is a nice concept, just that the quality of burgers and service failed them.

imbi & itchy - oooh, sounds interesting the gourmet range. Will give that a try next time round.

wmw - yeah, am sure it will taste better too?

mimi - not really as Ramly has loads of mayo and chilli sauce.

daphne - pity the guacamole was sour as it would have became a cheap Carl's Jr.

bernsy - well, be warned as I didn't think much abt the dips though.

Jun - I get more satisfaction out of my Ramly burger...something abt that patty and the way they cook it.

ra - quite near yr workplace too. Hope you have a better experience vs mine that nite.

Unknown said...

aww that is a shame because the pink shake on top certainly caught my eye. at least you'd look good sitting around sipping your drinks!

boo_licious said...

foodhoe - maybe one needs to give them more time to get their act together?

Julian Si said...

Met up with the owner today, he wants to let us Floggers have another go at Darabif ... new chocolate dessert, new coffees, and best of all ... improved cooking due to the 'a little dry' feedback all of us gave!

Drop me a note on juliansi.blogspot.com if anyone's interested to return! :-)

Unknown said...

The Darabif burgers are underrated. I personally think it's better than McD and probably on par with Burger King. Definitely worth a try and even many visits in the future.

My record, 3 days Darabif for lunch in a row. It was awesome.

Kikilala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kikilala said...

I've never been to this restaurant but definitely will give it a try. i usually purchase the Darabif lamb patties from Tesco and i personally think that it's simply better than Ramly because the product really lives up to its claim that made from lean meat and less fat, unlike Ramly's hamburger patty it's just way too much fat for my liking. apart from that, Darabif's products are healthier because there is neither MSG nor preservatives in it. definitely a good choice for weight watchers.

i have to agree with Justin, Darabif products are underrated and i really hope that the company will find its way to reach the attention of Malaysian consumers especially Muslims because Darabif is Malay-owned if memory serves me right. as a person who anti-capitalism, i'm proud to say NO to McD and KFC.

support only Malaysian products (quality ones, of course)!

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