Friday, December 01, 2006

Nasi Lemak Tanglin @ Jalan Cendarasari, Kuala Lumpur

Join the crowd at Tanglin Food Court just next to the Kuala Lumpur Community Clinic for some fantastic Nasi Lemak. No matter what time I go, there's always a queue of people in front of the stall. Don't worry as the queue moves quite fast once everyone gets their food. The Tanglin Food Court is bustling with people from the clinic and the nearby police departments. Even car companies place their cars and salemen in front of the food court hoping to hook some sales from the crowd.

The times when I indulge in a plate of Nasi Lemak here, my must order is their Sambal Sotong. Totally unlike any of the other stalls, their sotong is not rubbery. It also tears easily when you seperate it using a fork and spoon. Another great thing to have is their Sambal Limpa (Beef Liver) which is also tender but has a slight bite to it.

If you wish for a more substantial meal, go for the Chicken Rendang which is tender and full of flavours. For me, I'm happy as long as you give me lots of their sambal which is unique here with a slight nutty taste accompanied with their fragrant steamed coconut rice. Unlike other stalls, it's not so spicy that you can actually taste the sambal.

If you do drop by here, do come early to get the full spread of food. Parking is also quite easy as they provide parking at the side of the food court. For something more substantial, visit Pak Din's Ikan Bakar stall next door for grilled fish over charcoals.

Nasi Lemak Tanglin
Gerai No. 6
Kompleks Makan Tanglin
Jalan Cendarasari

(Opens daily from 7 am until the food runs out about 11 am. To get here, turn into the Lake Gardens from Jalan Parliment, take the first left at Jalan Tangling, go straight and pass by Bukit Aman, take another left at junction. You will pass by the Butterfly Park on your right hand side, go straight. At the fork, turn right and drive straight, take another right up to the car park. At the junction, you will see rows of buildings which is the KL Community Clinic.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Flower said...

Wah this place near my school, MGSKL. Except when I went there, there is no foodcourt yet. It was long long long time ago. Miss nasi lemak.

boo_licious said...

flower - I think the stall was around when u were at school but now it's one big foodcourt. Lots of people, even got temporary car showroom there. This place seems to be hang out area for so many people.

Babe_KL said...

i remember queuing by the road side. hahaha hvnt been there since they turned into foodcourt cos my colik usually will take order the day before and pack for us the next day hahaha he's such a sweetie! this nasi lemak is my utmost fave!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, looking at Backstreet Glutton's and your site...I think I will have to cook Nasi Lemak this weekend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why you torture me with the sambal sotong photo? I love sambal sotong but cannot find in Singapore...The sambal here is too can taste the chilly and the sugar only..Not like in Malaysia where the taste is well blended with spices, onion and chilly....
OK..going to Tampines Mall now and buy nasi lemak...That is the only stall that sell nasi lemak with sambal that taste better than the rest.."No fish, prawn also can"..

Rarebeet said...

Hello Boo! My mouth is watering and my stomach is growling. The nasi lemak looks faaabulous. I'm checking out Prime in the next couple of weeks. Its a lot cheaper than London at rm85! It would cost you almost double! I'm so glad to be home. I can eat like a king again, yay!

Anonymous said...

V soon v can have our very own KL Nasi Lemak Club ! So many fans out there !

boo_licious said...

babe - wow! so long the queue but luckily it moves fast.

rasa msia - yum! I must learn from you as bf only eats home made nasi lemak.

tehsee - sorry! Hope u found yr sambal sotong fix.

paprika - Glad to see u're back, saw all those gorgeous pixs. Do chk out Prime, I think they're still running their 15% discount if u pay by Visa till end of this mth.

tonixe - Msians love Nasi Lemak, just see the queues and u will know everyone eats it.

Julian Si said...

Fannnnnnnnnnnntastic! Worthy of my Saturday Morning Breakfast session!!

Slurp :-)

kftang said...

How's the pricing of the nasi lemak like, let's say a plate of simple nasi lemak with the usual ikan bilis and hard-boiled egg?

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Anonymous said...

overated and salty. village park beats it hands down.

noor said...

hehe make me lapar

Anonymous said...

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