Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chilling out @ Vintry, Medan Damansara, KL

When it comes to places to relax and rewind after a hard day, Vintry is the ideal choice. Although I don't drink much nowadays, I love the teeny weeny snacks here which when ordered in abundance can qualify for a full dinner. It's nice and cozy here: downstairs you get to dine amongst shelves and shelves of wine bottles while upstairs, you get a comfy red sofa or high beer kegs to sit at with tall stools.

Another great concept they came up with is, you can order anything from the other restaurants along Jalan Kasah such as The Rib Shop, Red the Japanese place, Ka Soh, La Risata and Gill's. They'll deliver the food to you and you pay the bill. It makes great sense as sometimes you feel like having the famous Ka Soh's Fish Head Meehoon with say the ribs from the Rib Shop.

Vintry's menu selections is pretty good to keep us quite satisfied and the favourites are these teeny snacks such as the evil caramelised roast pork (RM14++ for 100g). Slices of roast pork is fried in a black sauce till caramelised and yummy. The good thing about this is it's not as fat laden versus the one you get at Mama's Kitchen in Taman Tun Dr Ismail or Seng Kee in down town Kuala Lumpur. However, it can be quite tough but the crunchy and sweet combo makes up for it. Another must have which I love, is their Deeo Fried Pork Strips (RM8++). These are marinated in fermented bean curd and dipped in batter, then fried till super crispy. Decadent stuff since it's pork belly slices but it's so yummy.

If you don't like pork, then try their Seafood Potpourri (RM18++). We reckon it's home made as everything tastes really fresh. Don't forget to dip the fried seafood in the sauce which complements it perfectly.

I'm a great fan of cheese hence when I saw this, I had to order it - Deep Fried Cheese with Honey (RM12++). I thought it would have been melting cheese inside the deep fried cheese but it was hard Spanish cheese hence I was dissapointed. It's a nice combination with the honey though but would have tasted better with a melting cheese center.

Last but not least was dessert to be shared from the Rib Shop - sinful flourless chocolate cake. Deliciously moist and rich, this was a great way to end dinner. Although we had a lot of snacks that night, you can also order main meals from the menu or from the other restaurant's menus to satisfy your hunger pangs.

No. 130, Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2094 8262

(Closed on Sundays. Opened from 11am till 12am)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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moochie said...

Hi boo! You shud try Gion bread. It's danish pastry bread. They were giving out samples last week at MidValley (outside La Boheme). It's quite steep at rm18 a loaf (around 1.5 feet), but so yummy. Go get a taste!

Anonymous said...

wow boo, hmmm can actually order anything from other restaurants? that's great!!!!! tried one before @ The Rib Shop, kinda small portion though...

Anonymous said...

I like most of the snacks here. I LOVE the deep fried pork strips here! It's my fave! Can't get enough of them! Aaaargh.....must restrain...must! Ha ha ha...

fatboybakes said...

i love hanging out there. how come never bumped into yall before ah?

boo_licious said...

moochie - Thxs for the tip. Gion bread sounds interesting.

meiyen - yeah u can order anything as they send it to u with the bill.

wmw and fatboybakes - wow! both of you are regulars there. Must organise meeting there one day.

Anonymous said...

Not a regularla, only twice and twice I was enjoying the deep fried pork strips and all the other snacks!!!!

boo_licious said...

wmw - yeah, the snacks are addictive. Can just eat them to fill you up already.

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