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Chinese Muslim Food @ Dong Yi Shun, Kota Damansara

beef xiao loong baos
beef filled xiao loong baos (RM9.80)

Kota Damansara is another hive for food (every corner there seems to be something new or untried there) with selections at Sunway Damansara, The Strand and etc. One of my readers mentioned this particular place, hence we decided to give it a try one night when we were searching for dinner. Honestly, if you didn't know it existed it would be darn hard to locate it as it is at a far corner away from the other shops. This place is a branch of the Summit outlet (which has been open for 3 years) and the owners also have about 20 other places all over China. Having tried quite a few Chinese Muslim outlets in town, I was gearing myself with lower expectations and was surprised at how tasty the food and relatively oil-free. Usually food from that region tends to be layered with oil as a friend of mine claims that is how they keep the food warm.

dong yi shun collage1
1. it felt weird eating dumplings with fork & spoon, 2. broccoli with chicken and century egg, 3. zi ran lamb, dry fried and yummy

Our first visit here, we wanted to try their handmade noodles but unfortunately the noodle maker had injured his hand hence we settled for dishes instead. We both loved their signature dish - the Zi Ran Lamb (RM16). Fried dry with very little oil, each small piece of lamb was aromatic with spices (I think cumin) and delicious especially with the chopped Chinese parsley. It went well with the plainer but still very tasty broccoli (RM12) fried with diced chicken and weirdly enough, diced century egg. While the vegetable dish was a little plain tasting, I still enjoyed it as it felt oil-free and light tasting ("ching" in Chinese).

dong yi shun collage2
1. Shanghai fried dumplings, 2. My Shanxi sliced noodles, 3. Beef La Mee

One of the items we were eager to try were their dumplings as they serve xiao loong bao (RM9.80 for beef buns) here. Usually made with pork, their version uses beef. Even though the taste is not the same (I found the filling too little and a bit insipid), it was still pretty darn good and definitely one of the better non-pork filled ones I have tried. While their soupy dumplings didn't knock my socks off, their Shanghai fried dumplings filled with chicken, mushroom and prawns (RM8.80) did. Reminscent of gyoza, these were pan fried lightly (but still crispy) till they developed a nice crust with filligree edges. Be careful when you bite into one, as they're not dry but the skin encases a juicy meat filling. I almost hit someone with the juices within, when I bit into one of the delish dumplings.

pan fried dumplings1
juicy and delish

Last but not least, we tried their hand made noodles (in a second visit we made) - the la mee and the Shanxi sliced noodles, using a beef soup. As and when you order, they start making the noodles, hence your food can take a little time (for dinnertime). Splashie Boy enjoyed his Shanghai Beef La Mee (RM9) while I had the Shanxi Beef Mee (RM9). While I preferred my cut version - thicker strands with more chewy texture, his la mee was pretty good too with a not-too-soft bite to it. However, the texture of the handmade noodles seem to outshine the beef pieces and soup more, which tasted pretty ordinary and borderline bland if you didn't have loads of Chinese parsley in the soup.

Get adventurous and give this a place a try. Even though it lacks pork, the food here is pretty tasty and light tasting without much oil. This place definitely qualifies for one of the outlets we don't mind returning again and again for a meal as we both enjoyed the food here. For more pictures, see my Flickr set.

Dong Yi Shun
No.28-30G, Jalan PJU 5/20B
The Strand
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 016-3600399

(Halal. Place is further down the Wok Cafe at the Strand.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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sc said...

it got my interest too when i read your reader's recommendation in your other post. looks good, and i love lamb..so those dry fried lamb is definitely a must order!

KY said...

interesting, one more place to bring muslim friends to.

qwazymonkey said...

McCutie's family would be glad to hear about this place considering how mummy doesn't like pork very much. Kota Damansara's still uncharted territory on my books though.

boo_licious said...

sc - hee hee, near yr place also! I like the lamb but one must like the Chinese parsley a lot as they sprinkle it in every dish to give it flavour here.

kyspeaks - yes, not many places for Chinese food for them.

monkey - ah, this shld be good for them esp the dumplings. Easy to find, just follow directions to the Strand from the wok cafe place. Can also see it from the toll plaza of Kota Dsara.

boo_licious said...
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Sean said...

i hope the summit's branch offers the same menu, since that location is more accessible for me (i've only been to kota damansara once!). the lamb sure looks good. think the only chinese muslim food i've ever tried was at qing zhen, but it must have been underwhelming, cos i can't remember much about it now.

thule a.k.a leo said...

hmm... Chinese Muslim... must be from Xinjiang's Autonomous Region in China...
I can try everything here except for beef... while the lamb will be left to my wife :)

Unknown said...

Hi, you did go there at last and glad that you did enjoy the foods. Haven't yet tried their signature lamb dish ( for fear tht it going to be very oily, but now that you mentioned it didn't, definitely gonna give it a try).The one I tried was the lamb cubes which I forgot its name. I also found that their foods weren't oily ( but then I always ask for less oil and salt when I ordered so I thought it could be due to my request..:))..
The pictures helped to give me ideas on what to order next.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Saw said...

interesting! wonder if the lamb is somethin like the ones in Inner Mongolia? dry but tasty.. sorry cant see ur pics tht's why..
But homemade noodles alws gets my vote ;)

worldwindows said...

Lost your photos. Message: Photobucket bandwidth exceeded. One good thing lamb and beef will be staple here.

Unknown said...

Good! Finally another place to take Muslim friends. I always end up at Muhibbah at Taman Tun. I like it there... but having options is always good. Thanks Boo!

Sugar Bean said...

Nice if the dishes are "ching". Sometimes it's quite hard to look for Chinese restaurants which serve "ching" food.

Haha, no wonder something doesn't look right. It's the fork on the dumplings instead of chopsticks.

Unknown said...

ah i was wondering what's chinese muslim food, then i realise you meant halal chinese food. lol! wow beef xlb, never try it before

Ciki said...

so i'll come here when i have a hankering for cow la, hor? i wish they use kobe beef.. mwuahahaha:P

§pinzer said...


hey i didn't know you could use "filligree edges" to describe the crust but it was pretty darn tasty as well :P

didn't get to try the la mien (maybe due to the same reasons?) but will definitely plan my next meetings there since i have a number of malay friends in my team. definitely one of the best halal places for real chinese cuisine!

Huai Bin said...

Interesting...they keep the food warm by adding more oil? How does that work?

email2me said...

You miss out the lamb satay! Taste almost like the ziran lamb. But much tastier.

Trsna said...

I've recently started investigating the foodie options for KL and your blog is so far the best I have come across. It makes me want to HURRY UP and get there so I can go crazy at all the fantastic restaurants that you visit! Alas, I have to wait one more week and will continue to look through your archives for hot tips. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Just had the la mien as dinner last nite, it was good. They have moved to

C-G-06, Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac,
Jln SS6/5B, 47301 Kelana Jaya.
Tel 0378034012

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