Friday, October 17, 2008

Kelantanese fare @ Restoran Hatinie, Section 10, Shah Alam

nasi kerabu with pale blue coloured rice

Ever since I read about this place's existence from A Whiff of Lemongrass and recently, on Fried Chillies, I have been slowly exploring it. Sadly I seem to have a chunk of missing photos I took of a previous visit, just before Ramadan started hence the pictures only cover a recent visit.

nasi dagang, my other must-have when dining at any Kelantanese place

Popular in Shah Alam for its spread of Kelantan dishes, everything is laid out buffet style (or hidang style in Malay), so help yourself to what you wish to tuck in. Breakfast is the best time to drop by, with all their famous dishes: nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, nasi impit and unusual sweets like pulut pagi and apong.

presenting the divine Ms. Pulut Pagi, all dressed up in snow white grated fresh coconut

I'm not much of a fan for their version of nasi dagang as it has a softer texture, kinda akin to normal rice. For my palate, I kinda prefer the chewy type. The nasi kerabu is not bad - I like the natural pale blue colour of my rice, which I can add as much ulam as I like with grinded fish flakes and a sweetish sambal like sauce. While the ulam, was not super fresh, the tasty fish flakes made up for the dish.

I've also tried the laksam, which is pretty good with a satisfying coconut milk creamy sauce. However, one of my absolute favourites here is the little seen dessert known as pulut pagi. Usually glutinous rice is cooked with coconut milk and kept white, this version uses gula melaka syrup to cook the rice. Each grain is enriched with the taste of gula melaka, making every morsel, a delight to savour. You top it with loads of freshly grated coconut to get a satisfying kick start to the morning.

Another unusual dish here is apong that resembles American pancakes, but studded with slightly coarse black pepper granules. You either eat it with grated coconut or curry. No pictures of this, but it is light and delicious.

While the impression I had it is better to eat here early to catch the best, there does not seem to be that many customers here. Weird, as it seems business is quite slow compared to the Johor Briyani restaurant at the back of it. For me at least, this is the nearest place to get my Kelantanese fix especially that wonderful pulut pagi.

Restoran Hatinie
No. 18 & 20
Jalan Selendang 10/10
40000 Shah Alam.

Tel: 017-256 2825

(Halal. Open 7.30am to 11pm.)


Ciki said...

another good place to try in shah alam.. thanks!

Penang Tua Pui said...

v Ms. Pulut Pagi looks so tempting to me... can't wait to give them a bite....

worldwindows said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

fatboybakes said...

pulut pagi looks divine!!!! salivating.

jasmine said...

ooh, thanks for the tip. love kelantanese fare.

Andrew Abraham said...

This looks AMAZING... Just ate something very similiar yesterday... but this look alot better..

Can you please pass along other great recipes to the members of

There have been some requests... actually all your recipes LOOK AMAZING


Jackson said...

wohooo....shah alam.... must try out one day!

Jun said...

lol u make pulut pagi sound like royalty ;p wat issit btw?

Sharon Y. said...

Having this kind of breakfast can make me happy all day :)

Flower said...

Used to go there and buy nasi ayam, malay style when I used to live in Shah Alam.

You should try Azira too. They are just at the back of Hartinie, I think they are trying to outdo each other. Once a upon a time, I used to buy my breakie there. I used to get my soto, mee kari and some other kuih muih too. Love their soto. (Not sure whether they still existed, the last time I've been there was 3.5years ago. If tak de, sorry lah)

Christina Kim said...

Interesting, I didn't know much about Kelantanese food *shy*

CRIZ LAI said...

Aww.. you should have posted this earlier. I was down at Shah Alam area not long ago. The Kerabu Nasi looked so tempting. It looked like our Nasi Ulam here. Hmm... I think I shall make some soon. Tedious preparation but great in taste. :)

boo_licious said...

no problemo, ciki.

penang tua pui - my fav here, always a must whenever I visit.

worldwindows - hope u like.

fbb - ah ha! it is divine, I just love the sweet taste of gula melaka mixed with fresh coconut.

jasmine - no problems. Subang also has some good Kelanatanese food.

andrew - thxs but no recipes on this, just places for all of you to visit.

jackson - near your hse?

jun - hahaha, glutinous rice cooked in gula melaka syrup!

durianberry - I do agree. I always feel happier after a great meal.

flower - thxs for the tip. Will give Azira a try too.

christy - no need to know much, just as long as you are willing to try it!

criz - awww, sorry abt that. Never mind, am sure home made one will be much better.

bizkutraya said...

The way u took your photos also make the food look delicious!

lan said...

So so food, customer service was not pleasant at all. Pricey. Wont go again

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