Monday, August 11, 2008

Tiny Indonesian treats @ Bangsawan, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Wortel pineapple cake (RM1.90) - similar to a carrot cake but deliciously soft with bits of pineapple

Not much time for food exploring, as I was working on Saturday, but we did manage to squeeze in a quick trip down to Pavilion. I had wanted to check out a place but unfortunately, it was not opened yet. Sigh!

talam pandan (RM1.23) - similar to kuih talam, the pandan taste is much more pronounced

As usual the food court was packed to the brim with people, getting lunch. So packed it was, we totally avoided fighting with the crowds for food and space.

getuk (RM1.23) - nicknamed Indonesian sushi, this is like kuih bingka and made from tapioca

Some changes to the food court, we noticed a new area selling dumplings (pork free ones) wrapped in bamboo leaf i.e. bak chang, Little Taiwan with bubble tea drinks, a Turkish kebab and this Indonesian kuih-muih stall called Bangsawan.

Ketan Unti (RM1.23) - a favourite of mine, rice topped with sweet coconut

Everything here is a micro-mini version of kuih muih, we often see out in the streets. Although they have Indonesian names, most of the tastes are familiar as they bear a striking resemblance to our Malay kuih.

Jogja Lapis (RM1.90) - another favourite of mine, unlike the usual lapis cake but very tender

Select from the counter, as they have boxes of 9, 16 and I think 24 compartments for you to place all the teeny weeny kuih in. The Singaporeans who were visiting KL, were lapping it all up and buying boxes of it. I guess with their strong exchange rate, these small kuih were all very reasonably priced.

Talam emas (RM1.23) - made with gula melaka with a rich coconut topping

We settled for the smallest box to give it a try. After a photo session with these dainty babies, we sat down and sampled it all.

Delight of the day (RM1.23) - a sticky layer cake

Verdict was they were all very good, made from top class ingredients BUT still damn pricey.

bugis (RM1.23) - similar to kuih koci except the filling has a hint of ginger to cut through the richness

However, I reckon they will make excellent corporate gifts for people celebrating Hari Raya. Makes a change from receiving dodol, dates or Patchi chocolates from Lebanon.

Bingka Pandan (RM1.23) - a very tiny version of kuih bakar.

Seems these tiny treats are all made at home. There's also free delivery services within the KL vicinity if you buy more than RM100.

You can call or fax 03-21645982, to place your orders. They also make cookies for sale and I also saw other stuff like Talam Rose, Talam Pandan, savoury snacks like Kroket and Lemet. Note there is a 5% tax of the small cakes also.

Level 1
Food Republic at Pavilion
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


worldwindows said...

Yes you said it all. Fighting for food and space. Your efforts were not in vain though. I have a great reluctance going to crowded places unless for good reasons. This may be it.

wmw said...

How tiny is tiny? Like that can wallop a lot and that would mean it won't be a cheap affair :o)

myCoffee said...

They look absolutely gorgeous and delicious! But pricing is a little weird. RM1.23 per piece?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah u shudnt have closed up all the shots..cant really do the size vs price analysis..bcoz everything looks huge and yummy!..

Ciki said...

wow.. another great find ! the getuk looks like something i would love to try.. cheers

daphne said...

I miss kuehs. So hard to find a good one here.. or even make your own.

That place sounds so much like bengawan solo in sg...

Jun said...

speaking of indo food, do u know whr to get good kek lapis?

Jackson said...

how come the carrot cake looks similar with the one i bought in Nyonya colours few days ago??

m3rni3 said...

will definitely try to hit this place on my next visit to kl!


choi yen said...

Can finish in 1 bite :)

boo_licious said...

worldwindows - it's weird, the 1st floor is always crowded but the 6th floor is empty! I guess becoz prices escalate as you go upstairs.

wmw - bite sized, like mimi said, can eat one in one bite.

mycoffee - I know! Maybe becoz of the 5% service tax???

Joe - I was experimenting with another lens hence the pix got a bit too closed up.

cumi & ciki - I had trouble choosing the kuih, so cute and nice looking that we spent quite some time here.

daphne - yes, I also thot they were related to Bengawan Solo. I love the cookies from that place.

Jun - sorry, I did try the one at Lake Club before which was not bad. Had some horrible ones from Bali before but besides that no idea.

Jackson - maybe same supplier??? or std deco?

m3 - it's near Shihlin Taiwan Snacks, behind Little Taiwan.

mimi - yup, very quick and easy to finish them up, hence I say very PRICEY!

PureGlutton said...

Hey, i passed by this place while i was there couple of weeks ago. Yes, i do love Bengawan Solo - never failed to buy their kuih whenever I'm in S'pore.. and I also thought this Bangsawan is associated with them! The mini kuihs look yummy but really kinda pricey!
Good Indon Kek Lapis can be found in "Holland Bakery", if you are ever in Jakarta - they are one of the best! You can find this bakery in many places in Jakarta - it's a chain of bakeries there.

Dapurnya Mama said...

Hi Hi, anyone wants to order Indonesian Kek Lapis or other Indonesian delights, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

The mini Kuih at Bangsawan is quiet pricey, I agreed with you all. But I think all the KUIH are similar with NYONYA COLORS.

Not very Indonesian I guess. I'm from Indonesia and of course knows well about these kind of snacks.

Unknown said...

super nice! cute lil kuehs!

Hong 阿豐 said...

This Ketan Unti looks beautiful, It is my favoutite also. I like it so much ^^

dialicious said...

I've tried Bangsawan so many times and i love all the kuehs there.They are not sweet..the size is jez right to give a lil taste to ur tummy so that u can try all types it offers.hehe.The boxes cantik suitable to give to ur bosses or corporate cliets!

Nur Ayuni said...

i love bangsawan!! great taste.. pricey a bit but worth it, the size is superb as u can taste many2 more without holding on.. FYI, im planning to order bangsawan for my wedding reception.. nice!!

try em urself..

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