Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kampar - food heaven

fun cai or cheong fun - a simple yet fantastic dish the locals love in Kampar

Apologies again, as I have to shelf blogging this week. Sadly, a very good friend's mother passed away on Monday, hence we have been busy with the wake every night and the funeral yesterday.

For those, who miss the food, I have uploaded some pixs I took in a recent trip to Kampar. I was guided by ktx, a fellow blogger who gave me such detailed maps and explanations, that my trip was extremely fruitful. So fruitful, that I have still not uploaded all my fact these are just about half of what I took, but do have a look at my
flickr set. Write ups and details on where to get all this scrumptious food will be coming, maybe during the weekend.


J2Kfm said...

aiks, y never saw the Fun Cai b4?such small, wriggly , cute noodles?

must explore Kampar more.

the FMK ABC, the pulut with charsiew, and YTF noodles I tried b4. the rest remains as cravings.

tanalan2 said...

Wow Kampar food !!! I just love it !!!

Did you try the hamkok chai ?? Yummy !!

Also the claypot chicken rice ??? Curry chicken bread ?? Fishball ??? Hmm...the list goes on !!!

爱琬苡 said...

Yeah!!! I miss my kampar!!! Been busy wif works but still kampar foods are the best!!!

Of course not to forgot the kaya puff, char siew pau, chee cheong fan, curry mee, har mee, asam laksa, char kuey teow and all those noodles in the market!!

Ooo... miss those so much now...

k.t.x said...

wow, cool set of pics!! i can kinda guess which stall/outlet u patronized!! lol. but most of all, the laksa sanggul!!! nice or not? it's one of my childhood fav, i MUST return and say hello to that guy. the original stall was facing the padang and it's such an atmoshpere to eat laksa sanggul after a football match!!

good on yer!

Julian Si said...

I spent many a moment in Kampar growing up, back in the early 90s ... I love it!!!

anw said...

The food look delicious

boo_licious said...

j2kfm - that one, the locals seem to know more...very nice despite the simple appearance.

tanalan2 - yes, ham kok cai in there and I have yet to upload the claypot chicken rice and curry chicken bun pixs.

wow - a lot of food in Kampar! Definitely worth the drive up.

ktx - laksa sanggul was good. I love the texture of the noodles and boy was it spicy. Thanks very much for the suggestions and maps!

Julian - cool, I didn't know that. It's a great place, a bit sleepy but I like it.

anw4ever99 - they all are!

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