Monday, July 28, 2008

A wedding, a hospital and the easiest ever pizza

together forever

Thus an eventful weekend - the title kinda sums it all up. Saturday was one of friends from college's wedding (well, kinda since technically it is her cousin, who studied with me for school, college and university). A beautiful wedding, the ceremony was held at sunset next to the lake at Saujana. It was good catching up with old friends and the wedding had a little twist in it - the hustle which the bride, groom and entourage did down the red carpet. For more pictures of the wedding, taken mainly by Splashie Boy, see my flickr set.

gooooooeeey cheese

However, our dinner was a bit too exciting for both of us. Just before dinner, Splashie Boy made a remark about how the last time, he ate at that particular place, he got a really bad allergy attack. Just at the end of the dinner, the symptoms started - teary red eyes, red ears, trouble breathing and puffy eyes; all signifying the signs of a very bad allergy attack.

guacamole topped pizza, kinda like a quesadilla but better

Hence it was to the nearest hospital - SJMC's emergency ward under the advice of Splashie Boy's uncle, who works there. It was good we went in, as he got looked after quickly - a jab, tablets, eye drops and even a nebulizer since they were worried about his breathing. By morning, he looked like normal and not some beast from the underworld with his puffed up eyes. He still has to be on medication for at least 3 days to clear the whole attack.

pine nuts or any type of nuts add crunch

It was still an eventful weekend - we had to deal with house alarms going off in the middle of the afternoon and putting up the kittens for adoption (a traumatic experience, I hope they get good homes!). Hence dinner, was something we recently discovered - the easiest ever pizza, done in 5 minutes.

pesto can be garlicky, so adjust the garlic cloves according to your taste

No hassles with making your own pizza dough, letting it rest and etc. Just grab a packet of tortillas from Giant or Cold Storage, chuck your favourite ingredients on top and place in a preheated oven of 200C, wait till all the cheese melts and the sides of your tortilla browns and you have crisp thin pizza!

I've been experimenting with a few flavours - starting out with the basic tomato one, with tomato puree, mozzarella cheese (don't it remind you of rubber!?) and fresh button mushrooms. Not one of my favourites, hence I made a quick basil pesto and spread it on top and I fell in love with those flavours. That gave the extra edge the pizza needed. The first batch, I even topped it with egg, that cooked slowly in the oven, hence you got a soft yolk on top, that coated the pizza, when you broke the yolk. Yum!!

My latest invention - just mash avocados and mix with chopped onion (an impromtu guacamole without any lime or lemon juice, as I had none!) and top it with fresh button mushrooms, beef salami and mozzarella cheese with a bit of blue cheese for flavour. Sprinkle with pine nuts, and it tastes simply superb. Eat it quickly from the oven as it can get cold quickly.

Just grab a packet of tortillas and experiment at home with your favourite toppings. You won't regret it as it is definitely the best ever pizza. There are a few flavours of tortilla - plain, wholemeal, garlic and etc.


jesscet said...

Indeed, we're happy that those two finally got hitched! very nice photos of the wedding :) (some not really flattering pix of me tho haha)

glad to know splashie boy recovers from that `attack'.. oh, and the pizza looks fab too. when are you making for us? ;)

choi yen said...

Pizza made of tortilla = thin crust?

huixin said...

wow! the thin crust and the cheese are the best combo ever! a

Tummythoz said...

Grreat looking pizzas. Drools. Err what caused the allergy?

daphne said...

oh no! What triggered the episode?

This sounds abit weird but it tastes really good: slices of pear with pine nuts and generous topping of mozzarella cheese. I love that combination. LOL

Precious Pea said...

I hope Splashie Boy is fully recovered now. Any idea what is the cause of the allergy?

Your pizza looks fantastically yummy! Next time i wouldn't bother making my own dough.

fatboybakes said...

you mean the allergy was triggered by food at the wedding venue? gosh....

Ciki said...

pesto... best topping for pizza or pasta or anything else.. i agree! especially those little nutty bits in it.. yum!

Unknown said...

sound so easy! gona try it when im back to iph :D

boo_licious said...

jess - eh, I thought all pixs were flattering??? hee hee.

mimi - yup, the tortilla crisps in the oven to make it super yummy.

sloppy - yes, very delish and somehow, the best ever meal when you are lost in the kitchen.

tummythoz - no idea what triggered it off. Could be the food or just the air with pesticides since it is near a golfcourse.

daphne - that's a good combo. Must give it a try but first, I must buy pears!

precious pea - still no idea what it is, could be the stock or sauce they use or even the air.

fbb - yup! heard that someone else also got a mild attack much later on.

cumi & ciki - we had session 2 last nite, damn sedap with the pesto

kampungboycitygal - I guess if you slice it in half, can fit it in a toaster oven???

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