Friday, July 18, 2008

Chocolate Desserts & Drinks @ Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Petaling Jaya

Thanks to Splashie Boy for this great pix - sadly, the waffle didn't impress (RM14.90)

Remember how I blogged about this
up and coming place in 1 Utama, Theobroma. Well, it has finally opened its doors to public, hence we did a detour there recently. Incidentally, does anyone know what happened to Bakerzin???? The outlet in 1 Utama has been renamed Oriels. It looks like they serve the similar food. Did they have a dispute with the owner in Singapore hence the Msian franchise holder parted ways? Heard the Bangsar Village outlet has also been renamed. Do have a look at the detailed analysis Cyberdurian offers on why the franchise deal went pear-shaped.

Snow White Frappe - yummy way to enjoy a cool drink when you're hot and bothered (RM12.90)

Anyway, back to chocolate, a great way to perk up your week especially when you have been faced with the computer screen the whole week. Maybe, I put a bit too high expectations on this place as it didn't "wow" me as much.

My Ms. Coco served in a mug and warmer (RM12.90)

While the tagline is, "you can taste the difference", I reckon this is true in terms of their chocolate drinks. Not too sure about the desserts, as I felt they were kinda mediocre. Maybe I should try more items on their menu.

Nice crepe stuffed with salmon (RM14.90)

Let's start with the savoury stuff - not an extensive selection BUT then, it is a chocolate lounge and not a restaurant. There's savoury crepes, quiches, pies and salads on offer. Splashie Boy had the shepherd's pie, which was made with minced lamb (a surprise as most places offer minced beef versus the lamb and genuine version). While the filling was very tasty, I felt they weren't generous with the meat as it had too much onions instead. Maybe that is the reason why the filling was so darn tasty. It was a bit too salty for my liking too.

Shepherd's pie (RM9.90)

My Scandinavian Salmon crepe was pretty good, filled with chunks of salmon, canned button mushroooms in a creamy sauce. Both items were served with a nice crunchy and fresh side salad. One big gripe about this place though are the super small platters they serve their food on. My longish crepe, was creeping out of its plate....not a very pleasant sight, hence I cut it all off before I snapped the picture.

Loads of drinks available - iced blended, iced chocolate and warm chocolate drinks. There's also coffee and specialty teas served here. We went for one iced blended chocolate drink - the Snow White Frappe. Made with white chocolate and topped with a generous chocolate shavings, we both enjoyed it. Another gripe about it, while the decor on the glass was pretty, it wasn't edible as the chocolate had hardened on the glass, making it next to impossible to eat it.

I had a hot drink - the Ms Coco, a dark chocolate concoction. You get a choice to have it in a mug or in a mug with a warmer for an extra RM3 (it's for the tealight, I guess?). Very yummy stuff, and I liked how my drink was kept nice and warm so the chocolate could melt and not stick to the bottom like other chocolate drinks.

It took us a while to decide on desserts as the choices were limited to the chocolate fondue for 2 persons (about RM25, which is the second most expensive item on the menu), chocolate strudel, chocolate croissant, chocolate dipped strawberries and etc. We finally settled on the Belgian waffle, which was served with strawberries and drizzled with milk chocolate. Guess too much hype about this, as it didn't taste extraordinary. While it may have beaten A&W in the waffle taste stakes, this one failed miserably for both of us, as it lacked the extra oomph. Must be the okay tasting milk chocolate and slightly sour strawberries (I suspect they used tiny Cameron Highlands strawberries. A tip for them, sprinkle some sugar to draw out the sweetness as those local berries are more tangy vs sweet) that didn't impress us at all.

I reckon I'll return for the drinks but maybe not the dessert unless I have a few people to share the chocolate fondue with. They also sell chocolates - a variety of them in different shapes, flavours and colours. Oh, and for those who love the chili and chocolate flavour combination, they also have that in a drink. There are also plain chocolate bars, and some with nuts in them. Prices are nett, and you have to place your orders and pay first, at the counters. A privilege card is also available for RM10, where you get to accumulate points for special privileges like free gifts, special offers and etc.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Lot FK3, First Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03 - 7725 0623

(Pork free. Another outlet will be opening end of this month at Level 4 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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adrian said...

Bakerzin story is since last year. Since then SG already not supplying the cake to here and most of the time the all time favourite like Amer is no longer display in Bakerzin. Now officially no longer Bakerzin. Even the SG website is taken off.

Quite sad as the best ever cake i taste is from Bakerzin. That my personal preference.

Unknown said...

a very informative review that come just in time..we are dropping by tonight..tgif :)

fatboybakes said...

ya, accdg to my sg friend, the bakerzin ppl sold off the franchise in sg. no falling out locally...

Lingzie said...

oh the bakerzin outlet in queensbay mall pg has also been closed for a few months...

but this chocolate lounge sounds like my kinda place! cant wait to go try their chili chocolate drink! incidentally im baking chili chocolate cupcakes tonite! :)

WeeN said...

I tried the Fair Lady Mocha and it's ssoooooooooo chocolatey! Will stop by again for their cold choccie drinks! =D

Ciki said...

nice one! i wanna try that salmon pancake!

Izad said...

I too was wondering about Bakerzin the other day, when I passed the newly named Oriels.

Boo.. did you notice any chilli-influenced chocolate concoctions while you were there?

Banshee Creative said...

we tried the place after you first drew our attention to it.

It's kinda expensive, as you say, savouries are limited. We tried the "fondue" for two platter, but there just wasn't enough choc.. or maybe it's cos my mate and I like choc too much hehe.

the drinks we tried, was watered down or so it tasted.

but the chocs were heavenly! but wei, mahalnya!

I have never tried the chilli-choc thing, hmm.. might be worth exploring hehe

Camemberu said...

The Snow White frappe looks innocently delicious!

IronEaters said...

oooo,i love ur ms coco's pic =)

Julian Si said...

A mug and a warmer!? Sweeeet :-)

J2Kfm said...

OK got it. go for the drinks only then?
I never tried Bakerzin, for everytime I passed by that area in 1U, I'd stepped into Delicious instead. somehow the mini-sized sweeties did not look attractive enough.

boo_licious said...

adrian - sigh! good things never last I guess. Time to grab the Bakerzin cookbook and bake my own, I guess.

kampungboycitygal - wonder what you will think. I'll come back for the drinks, not so sure abt the desserts.

fbb - okie. thxs for the info.

lingzie - wow, chili choc cupcakes sounds wickedly delish...must hop over to yr blog to see those babies in full glory.

high five ween - that was super yummy stuff. We both loved it too!

cumi& ciki - hee hee, make yr way down there and get some shopping done also?

izad - they had the hot drink and also the chocolate, so you can satisfy all your cravings for that combo here!

cuddly family - sigh, sad as I had such good hopes for it. Guess, I will take yr advice and blow my monies on the chocs instead. Hmmm, but the coloured ones look a bit scary though.

camemberu - very nice stuff. Wonder if I can recreate that at home, since I have some white choc in my fridge.

ironeaters - go try some?

julian si - hiya busy person. Very good of you to visit the kids, they looked super happy. Not too happy with this place though, even though one had good hopes abt it.

j2kfm - the place is not bad, the discount card was very worth it as the sandwiches and hot food was yummy. Kinda sad, now it is all gone.

choi yen said...

I like white chocolate so the white chocolate drinks will suit my taste...hope don't too sweet ~.~

ling239 said...

extra RM3 for the tealight?
that is too much d right ?
can get one basket of dim sum d leh...>.<"

boo_licious said...

mimi - not too sweet, but nice and creamy.

ling239 - yeah, way too expensive....

pluto said...

Yeah. I have a friend working there. Apparently there was a huge falling out. dun know how true this is but my friend was saying that the owners here got so upset when a customer returned a slice of cake which had a staple in it..not just any staple, the industrial size type. It appeared early in the year which was when I couldnt get some of the cakes that I liked. Seems like we, malaysians, are more interested in QC and customer safety those our neighbours across the bridge. Feeling like a proud malaysian, I decided to give Oriels a go...all I can say is, those who havent tried...GO AND TRY IT...good stuff

owen said...

tried the new chocolate place. Thought it was ok too. Was disappointed when I first heard about Bakerzin, but when the manager told me that it was the same management, I heard to try the new place. I was a little scared that I would waste my money but it turned out quite well. The chocolate amer is now called Original sin...taste as good as I remembered..and at least its now made fresh

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