Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Duck Noodles @ Pun Chun, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam


Now there's no need to drive up to Bidor for duck noodles - Pun Chun has opened an outlet at Kota Kemuning. Still a little far but definitely better than all the way to Bidor.

Opened in May 2008, the place is a nice airy corner shop. Sadly you don't get the ever famous Wu Kok (Yam Puffs) but there's the signature dish - steamed duck soup with noodles, a concoction of roast duck leg steamed with ginger, Chinese herbs and longan. You have an option to have it dry or wet, as the steamed duck soup is cooked seperate. Also popular are the wantan noodles - I didn't get to try any as getting here especially early in the morning is quite difficult for me. However, quite a lot of patrons were eating it and it looked really good. If the texture is the same as the noodles which were served with my duck noodles, they have to be nice and chewy.

They also have toast bread with kaya, half boiled eggs, nasi lemak. Those who love their chicken biscuits and sat kei mah, will be happy to find out they have it at this shop.

By the way, nothing related to Pun Chun but I just found out that Fukuya One Bangsar closed in mid-June and my favourite, Spicy Padang shop at Damansara Perdana also closed down. So sad, as those places served great food - lunch kaiseki sets at super duper prices and spicy padang dishes. Sigh! Don't worry though as Fukuya at Jalan Damai is still open, seems they had some dispute with the Bangsar owner, hence that outlet closed.

Pun Chun Noodle House
10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla AC 31/AC,
Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam

Tel: 016-3807812 / 019-3206773

(Non Halal. Open from 6am to 4pm, daily. More information from their
blog. To get here, take the highway to Kota Kemuning, turn in and at the roundabout, take a 3 o clock turn. Go straight, you will pass by shophouses on your right hand side. Only turn right when you see the Gamuda Land office. Take the first left and Pun Chun will be on your right hand side. )

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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worldwindows said...

Thank you for the discovery. This is what I really miss when thinking about the traveling using the trunk road and the NSE. I may just be heading there this afternoon to sample it.

minchow said...

Oh that's one juicy looking thigh! This blog rocks!

Ciki said...

Pun Chun Bidor is part of the adventure, part of the fun! We always stop by there after the white water rafting.. the Wu Koks for me, are a must! the opening act to the duck soup/noodle. but great find tho! we will definately swing by if we get that duck hankering... lol

Precious Pea said...

Hmm...wonder why in Kota Kemuning hor? But good discovery nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

I do try on their noodle duck, I think is too oily and is about 1cm thick.But overall the taste is quite good.

choi yen said...

So good , no need to wait travel northern only can taste that yummy duck noodle

J2Kfm said...

Pun Chun's duck noodles is a legacy in its own rights.
But even the outlet in Bidor is suffering from inflated prices, at around RM6.50 per bowl, and lesser ingredients.
Attracts the outsiders though.
The yam puffs are getting smaller as well, and at around RM1.50-RM1.70 I think.

eiling lim said...

OMG, I stayed in Kota Kemuning and I didn't even realise its existence (knock head). I'll go try it out. You'e got me ogling at the food already.

daphne said...

look at the size of the duck leg!! The herb soup looks dark and tasty.

Jason said...

Haiye, why not somewhere nearer to KL? :( said...

location is no worry if the food's great. now most of us only need to travel a fraction of the distance for the legendary duck noodles. Too bad the wu koks are still far

thanks for the discovery!


Julian Si said...

Pun Chun here in Selangor .. YAY! Growing up, I used to travel to Ipoh on a monthly basis with the family on many a eating adventure (sort of a pre-cursor to my life of food-blogging these days!) , so this'll definitely bring back memories :-)

Thanks for the tip!!

Jackson said...

i heard from other blogger about their shop here too!!

PureGlutton said...

Hey, thanks for linking my post on this place :)

Sharon said...

Hey Boo_licious! Thanks for linking my post on Pun Chun. I've since visited again and posted a second review :

stephen_ksf said...

Hello. I am Stephen.
My family managed the Pun Chun in Kota Kemuning.

Thanks to everyone that interested in our food.

I have started a blog. yet it is still new and in the midst of further upgrade. please check out the blog below for further information on contacts and map.


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