Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Roast beef sandwich with Guinness sauce

Here's wishing all of you lots of luck for the day. This year round,
St Patrick celebrations were earlier i.e. on Saturday, at the Guinness party at Plaza Mont Kiara. We decided to join the people - not too many I noticed, probably because Sunburst Festival was on, just up the highway. It must have been good as the highway was jam packed with cars.

Smoked chicken wings

Very much a carnival like atmosphere, where you get to play games and see the show - African acrobats doing death defying skills, a fella who ate fire and played the violin, dancers with hats of cities that celebrate St Patrick's Day also, and the infamous Chef in Black, doing a demonstration - Guinness sorbet anyone? The kids were miffed as they couldn't try any.

Guinness marinated chicken wings

Tried the new Guinness draught - very much lighter I felt and less bitter tasting. You get one drink voucher when you register, so you definitely get to sample the drink.

Uncle Bill's Shepherd Pie

The restaurants around the area, had booths with their food. We ended getting most items from Delaneys and Clear Lounge. Thumbs up to Delaneys food - the smoked chicken wings were divine and so juicy. The shepherd pie was also good, although a bit oily. Clear Lounge's food wasn't too fantastic but I liked the roast beef sandwich, drizzled with Guinness sauce and topped with a tomato salsa.

It was great fun. Pixs of the party, I snapped with my Nokia N82, so do check out
Soul of the Night for the pictures.

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Henry Yeo said...

beer! beer! beer! beer! beer! beer!
(spam! spam! spam! spam! spam! spam!)

Hazza said...

St Patricks day in M'sia too?? Oh well, I suppose any excuse is good enough to have a guiness!

boo_licious said...

henry yeo - LOL! Green beer ok?

hazza - yeah, loads of "I'm Irish tday" statements.

Ciki said...

wow.. didn't know thr ws a carnival.. shld hv gone! nice blog :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The person on your right musta been quite a drinker! (noticing the level of guinness on your plastic cup)

JOjo said...

Didn't know M'sia celebrate St Patrick's day too~
I always thought it an ang moh celebration,haha!

Sugar Bean said...

Roast beef sandwich with Guinness sauce? Wow, looks like something that we must try.

ling239 said...

both types of chicken wings also look very delicious ~ ^_^

daphne said...

nice! The pie and beer! hehehe.. I didn't know Shepard's pie is irish though?

mY sEcReT gArDeN said...

may i know where is this restaurant at?

Andrik McVean said...

hello there could you please add my blog on your blog???

boo_licious said...

cumi and ciki - ah, too bad. Never, next time u can look out for it.

LL - yeah, I think that person even had 2 cups!

Jojo - any reason to celebrate, I guess since we always love a party.

wenching and esiong - could be a special just for that day but a few places like Jarrod and Rawlins, Bossa Nova, Sevenatnine, Bentleys are having Guinness inspired food promos for this month.

ling239 - the smoked one was nicer, less dry.

daphne - I guess they decided to just say what the heck?

my secret garden - this is just a one day special item. Not available all the time but u can get Guinness inspired food at Jarrod and Rawlins, Sevenatnine, Bossa Nova, Bentleys for the whole month of march.

andrik mcvean - sorry, mainly food blog links.

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