Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to Basics Cooking @ Yogitree, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

One of my favourite places to dine at the moment, at the Gardens, is this little place next to Isetan, serving good food and yummy desserts. I love the clean look of this place - especially the green sofas (currently my fav colour) and the repainting of kopitiam chairs and tables to a soothing green and pastel blue.

Mushroom and 3 Cheese Melt on Toasted Multigrain (RM18)

Food served here is fresh with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients. I especially love their desserts as, they use real butter and unbleached organic flour. Makes a difference in taste.

Crispy Duck Salad with Pear and Toasted Black Sesame (RM20)

So far, we have dined here twice - lunch and dinner and have been blown away by the food. Lunch was just a simple sandwich and salad, that we shared together. We had it with, fresh juices mixed and concocted by the restaurant. Not cheap at RM12 per glass but pretty good. One word of warning, don't try their home made lemonade as it does not taste much of lemons. Not sure if my glass was too diluted since I had it for dinnertime.

Mediterranean Zarzuela (RM38)

The sandwich, we ordered was yummy but I felt a bit dry. I loved the bread - granary with bits and pieces to chew, giving you lots of fibre. Topped with mushrooms and cheese, it was good but just a bit on the dry side, since no butter was spread on the toasted bread. We also shared a salad - topped with crispy duck that reminded me of the Peking duck you get in London. Very nice especially with the julienned pear and crunchy toasted sesame seeds. They don't add too much salad dressing to the salad also, hence the leaves are not soggy, leaving it nice and crunchy.

Tagliatelle Carbonara with Smoked Salmon (RM24)

For dinner, we tried their home made pasta (made from Italian flour and organic eggs). Splashie Boy had the Tagliatelle Carbonara - with mushrooms and smoked salmon. Thumbs up to this! Here, they don't drown it with cream, like other carbonara versions as it is made with egg only. You can request for cream, if you want but believe me it tastes just as good without. I had a hard time, resisting eating his plate of pasta. Next time, I'll order this instead. I had the Mediterranean Zarzuela, a kind of seafood soup, since I wanted something light. The soup is quite thin, but full of flavour from the fresh seafood (mussels, lalas, salmon, sotong, white fish) and herbs (rosemary and thyme).

Flourless Chocolate Cake (RM10)

Desserts are a must here - loads of sweets to tempt you from the counter and their daily specials. We had the flourless chocolate cake - very moist and full of almonds, used as a substitute for flour. However, my favourite has to be their apple pie. Since they use real butter, the pastry is so soft and flaky. Soooooo good, especially when warmed up and eaten with vanilla ice cream. I reckon, I need to return to try their pies and quiche, since they probably use the same pastry.

Apple Pie (RM12)

Aside from the menu items, they also have daily specials. They have also introduced a set dinner menu with 3 courses, for RM49++ per pax. Do give this place a try. That night when I was dining there, I saw a girl snapping a pix of her food too. Wonder which blogger is that?

Lot F-237B,
1st Floor, (Isetan Side)
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03- 2282 6163

(Pork free. They also sell yoga clothes and equipment on the side.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Ciki said...

seen the place often, but never entered my mind to try.. will do so next time im thr .. cheers :)

Bernsy said...

its really nice to hear that nowadays, a lot of restaurants emphasize on Fresh food... thats really comforting to know now that you have reviewed it... heh....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

abit on the expensive side..but thats the price we pay for sinful healthy food..will go there to snap snap b4 everyone rushes here..

daphne said...

i was abt th comment that the mushroom on toast looks healthy when i saw those desserts. LOL.

ling239 said...

Mediterranean Zarzuela = seafood soup ?
so delicious looking... ^_^

JOjo said...

MY Oh MY...Everything looks so good! Healthy and delish~

wmw said...

My sis will dig this place, she's into all healthy stuff!

FooDcrazEE said...

sure looks good though a lil pricey. . . . . . . . .

how r ya boo ?

HairyBerry said...

i chose chinoz instead of this when i was there a few months back...the sets were quite attractive, i must say...ok, next round then...

Tummythoz said...

Slap the word organic & the price will fly. *sigh*

Rarebeet said...

Food sounds good. Must give it a go when there next. Gardens is your new hangout is it? No more Pavilion??

Jason said...

The chocolate cake look so tempting.

That night when I was dining at Le Bouchon, a girl was also snapping pictures of her food and she was eating alone.

Sugar Bean said...

We've been hesitating outside this restaurant, wondering if we should try it, but did not try it out in the end. Maybe we should after all! The desserts look so tempting.

Jackson said...

hooo...fresh food? is it delicious??

Sharon Y. said...

Delicious~ But quite a hefty price cuz of the organic products

teckiee said...

hmmm yoga and food? I think it's food all the way for me.

boo_licious said...

cumi & ciki - hope u like it.

bernsy - yeah, nowadays everyone into healthy stuff.

Joe - doubt everyone will rush there becoz of the price lah.

daphne - must balance out the healthy with sinful.

ling239 - yup, soup served with bread.

jojo - hope u'll try one day.

wmw - is this the one from the USA? somewhere to take her when she is back.

foodcrazee - am fine, kinda busy though.

nic - hee hee, cannot compare with yr Spore food though.

tummythoz - not really, there are some organic places that serve reasonably priced food.

paprika - LOL, think I explored too much of Pavilion.

jason - wow! so many hidden food bloggers, we have no idea abt.

wenching and esiong - if the food does not look like yr cup of tea, don't force yrself. You'll end up not liking the food. Go with yr instinct.

jackson - food delish of course.

durian berry - yeah, true. Not a place to eat all the time.

teckiee - go for the desserts?

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

hey good prices

Bebi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bebi said...

Overpriced, and the people there are rude. asked me to leave even after making a week ahead reservation. never going back

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