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Vegetarian Food @ Gandhi's, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

the best thing at Gandhi's - the cannot-stop-eating cauliflower with curry leaves

I must admit, I never tire of dropping by Brickfields especially on lazy Sundays. It's fascinating to walk down the streets, to spot a kind bystander help the blind man cross the street or people flurrying around in colourful saris with laddus wrapped in colourful glass paper emerging from a happy wedding.

1. fake assam fish, so not happening 2. "chicken" tikka with the yummy spinach. 3. Someone sports his prized BrawnGP t-shirt that I bought for his birthday, which went all around London and KL

I was curious to try out Gandhi's, that pristine looking place I spotted the last time I did my walkabout. Sadly food failed to impress (one does not like pretend chicken that was dry and tasteless) and I had to compare it with Gopala's that seemed much better. The set up here, is quite similar to Gopala's - a vegetarian dishes "chap fan" or economy rice style, where you pick the food you wish to eat from an array of dishes, yong tau foo on the side and supposedly vegetarian satay at night.

1. Pick something please. 2. Pictures of Gandhi is everywhere. 3. Love the t-shirts the servers wear with the picture of Gandhi

I had better luck hitting the streets. It was chaotic that Sunday, as the cops had decided to issue tickets to double parkers along the busy roads. As usual, the fried snack stall was heaving with the demand of customers, waiting patiently for their fried goodies.

1. Temple down the road and next to the river. 2. You get scenes like these, helpful passerbys showing the way for the blind

I was actually on a mission, as one of my readers,
Eveneverland (all the way from Whitton, Twickenham) had asked about the nonya kuih lady in Brickfields.

I'm guessing this person is a Liverpool football fan????

It was a great tip, as I found her peddling her wares just off the busy fried snacks fella. People will keep coming, buying her goodies - yam cake, white cake, kuih talam, lor mai chi, popiah, curry puffs and etc.

the aunty that has been selling her wares for 20 years

I settled on kuih talam that was given a very natural green tinge and the white cake or pak koh with preserved radish. I had it my car the whole time and believe me, the preserved radish was very fragrant that I could smell it throughout the car journey. I only managed to eat it much later and both were fantastic - soft and very natural vs those artificial Nonya kuihs you often find nowadays.

Crispy deep fried popiah and various nonya kuih

One more observation of the day - Peter's Pork Noodles also has another stall at the corner coffee shop where these stalls are located in front of. Looks like it is run by his wife or a female relative. If you do have a little time, drop by Brickfields and be fascinated with the going ons there (and pick up the fried goodies and nonya kuih). For more on Brickfields, see my
previous crawl here.

Scott Sentral Serviced Apartments
Jalan Scott


Tel: 012-61 8267

(Pork free. Open from 8am-2am daily)

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minchow said...

Brickfields is crammed full of things to eat and see - surely one of the neighbourhoods in KL! On Sunday I was driving around before heading to Vishal and wonder if maybe I should buy actually buy there! Decisions, decisions..

Unknown said...

Hey, was there Sunday after buying that fried yam and banana fritters near Lido Hotel and remembered you covering that before! FYI Gandhi used to be good while it was operating as a stall under a tree, at the corner of Jln Vivekananda opposite the Pos Office. Used to be jampacked everynight with Chinese and Indians alike, with the owner himself churning out the dishes, sometimes it is a long wait for the order to arrive but worth it. Maybe the upgrade to a restaurant brought about a downgrade on the food.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im really getting the cravings for banana leaf rice..soo tempting..

Sean said...

gandhi's is sometimes really bustling at night, surprisingly. never eaten there, but have often passed by while sending a friend back to the lrt station nearby.
always wondered if it was exploitative for them to use gandhi's name and image though! or maybe there's a good reason for it...

J2Kfm said...

i remembered clearly you blogged about the fritters before, and fat monkey wrote about it as well. but i had no idea where the exact spot is.
ended up we made few rounds around Brickfield and ended up having lunch somewhere else.
so Gopala's the better choice amongst the two?

thule a.k.a leo said...

mention Brickfields and my fond memory about this place is when I sent my cousin back to his hostel at the back of the church nearby. Used to loath the traffic here coz it was very jammed... past, present and most likely future!

Ciki said...

ur shots are getting really amazing boo! eh, so he was sporting the BrawnGP t-shirt all over england.. lucky guy ! (going to engld and also getting the tshirt fm u!) hehe

Paranoid Android said...

Hmmm... Maybe should don a home spun dhotti like the restaurant's name sake. Unfortunately, I probably wiegh 3 times more than Bapu Ji. Love how you manage to take candid shots of the people on the streets, be they children or hawkers.

Never could do that without either of us feeling self conscious.

boo_licious said...

550ml-it's quite happening, u shld consider it plus also quite central.

Thankammah - yeah, I was reading abt how famous it was. Maybe I need to try the dinnertime food instead of their "chap fan"?

Joe - stick to yr chook breasts, healthier.

Sean - from the Star article on it, the owner seems to be called Gandhi also, so maybe they hve a reason to use his name?

j2kfm - opposite the YMCA, one stall in front of a corner coffeesjop which faces an Oldtown White Coffee shop that will open soon.

Leo - still super jammed esp the main road! Things nvr change.

c&c - his shirt went all over England, as it went from Tim's uncle to my sister, b4 it made it back to KL. Reckon that shirt clocked up some miles itself.

Android - LOL on imagining u to be Babu Ji! I'm immune to taking pixs of people already, as I just snap away and pretend to be a tourist.

Rebecca Saw said...

love that stall! Reminds me so much of tea-time back in Pg..all that little tit-bits (to me) to munch on before the nx main meal!
too bad no tong shui ;)

Ellen Whyte said...

Great post! I like Brickfields but haven't been in ages.

Thanks for dropping by and your purrs. Target is better now. We're all flaked out from stress but getting back to work. And now I've read your post, I'm STARVING! :-)

fatboybakes said...

boo, your first para immediately triggered the song "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" by louis armstrong...kind ppl helping the blind to cross the street and all.
i still cant find peter's pork noodles. i must call you when i am there next.
GORGEOUSSSSS pics by the way, as usual.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I had arse luck with the food at Ghandi's too.

I LOVE that aunty in Brickfields. During CNY, I buy her cookies. Also very nice.

eiling lim said...

ooh I used to love the kuih sago with desicated coconut. Always had it at school. Now it's so difficult to find them.

boo_licious said...

nomadgourmand - Cool, u know this place. I love it too, so many varieties to choose from.

katztales - am glad Target is ok. Gingers seem to get into trouble quite a bit. Mine got his leg broken, had to put an iron rod in it that cost us a big bomb but luckily he's ok, runs like mad all over the place, so it's well worth it.

fbb - yeah, great helping atmosphere here, as I could see people helping the blind cross the road.

LL - Aunty is great, must look out for her cookies.

eiling - can find them at most nonya kuih places.

沈伊 said...

hello !!! i'm so sorry i have been procrastinating to say thank you for your kindness letting me know you have post about my aunty. I told my cousin and they all are excited. hehe .... Thank you. By the way, I didn't leave much comments doesn't mean I have not visit your blog, ya? heee ... I'm just 'diving' in here and drooling while looking at all your pictures. Keep up the good work, really!! :) again, thank you for posting such nice food porn sharing your experience. :)

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