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Cakes @ Patisserie Rui Bakery, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

1. pretty hydrangeas, 2. light tasting strawberry shortcake, 3. Dammann Freres tea

I first heard about Patisserie Rui from my friend S after her colleague bought cupcakes for her office meeting. Then it caught my interest again, when I saw Panora magazine (those free Japanese papers you pick from the supermarkets) had listed their white chocolate cheesecake. While my curiosity was perked about this place, getting down to trying their cakes became quite a trial. First, spotting them along the white long stretch of shops along Mont Kiara Meridin was difficult - they seemed to be overwhelmed by signs of Hiestand, Dominos, Satay Station and etc. No signboard except a small sign on their glass window didn't help for people who'll drive past this place from Mont Kiara to Solaris on the busy Jalan Kiara road.

lemon cupcake from on top

The few times I was at Solaris, when I wanted to drop by, the place was closed (it closes on Sunday). Once I sussed that out, I was too late for cakes (I dropped by on a Saturday in the evening). Finally, we got our act together and managed to drop by after maybe our fourth attempt to visit this place.

1. cutesy stuff, 2. white flowers that dot Mt Kiara, 3. love the coffee layers of tiramisu

Bear in mind this place is tiny with just two tables and chairs to sit outside under a canopy. There's also very very limited seats within the place, as it seems to be more of a workplace for the cakes. Nevertheless it's quite pleasant sitting outside with the flowers in the boxes since it was a rainy day. However, if it is a sunny day, I doubt the dust from the passing by vehicles may make it so pleasant. Thus, my advice is buy back the cakes to enjoy in the comfort of your home. They serve Illy coffee and Dammann Freres tea (owned by Illy) hence you can enjoy good coffee and tea with your cakes.

red velvet cupcake unveiled

Back to the cakes, there was a selection of strawberry shortcake, tiramisu, a princess cake and the cupcakes. As the princess cake was sold whole, we decided to give that a miss. The lady also advised they have cookies. Didn't see the cheesecake at all, except two pieces within the chiller that looked like they were left over from Saturday, hence I avoided that.

green tea in front, chocolate and red velvet cupcake at the back

The cakes strike me as very Japanese ( we saw a bevy of Japanese housewives buying cake here too!) as the texture of the sponge layers in the tiramisu and the strawberry shortcake was very light. The crumb is not as fine compared to those made from a sponge cake mix and it feels a little more sweeter and crumbly. The strawberry shortcake (RM9 per slice) was a nice and light confection and to be honest you didn't even taste the strawberries nestled within. We fared better with the tiramisu (RM4.50 a slice, RM18 for a small whole cake) since the coffee layer was stronger.

These kind of cakes will definitely appeal to those who prefer light cakes (less guilty I guess for them!) for a dessert interlude that is not heavily flavoured. For those who prefer more stronger flavours, do avoid this place (my friend who had the cakes here a few times, didn't quite like them calling the cakes tasteless and bland!). For the cupcakes (RM3.50 each), they mound sweet whipped cream on top of the cake and sprinkle crumbled cake to cover the cream giving it an appearance like a fluffy snowball. We tried all four flavours and concluded: red velvet was just more the red colouring since tastewise it was bland and uninteresting, the green tea (had oxidized hence the unattractive brownish green colour) tasted a little weird like it didn't have enough green tea powder to give it a distinct flavour, the lemon was our favourite with a moist lemony but not sharp taste to it and chocolate that was rich and dark looking but didn't have a very distinct chocolate taste. The crumb of the cake is also quite fine and almost like a muffin. The sweetened whipped cream topping appealed to some (my mother hated it saying too sweet) while Splashie Boy loved it.

It will be interesting to try their other creations especially the much raved about cheesecake but the organisation of the place can be quite chaotic. The lady who served us the other day was very nice about it and even gave us a free cupcake since she knew we came a second time to get the cakes. Best you call ahead and enquire the availablity of the cakes, since they seem to bake them in batches. Some of their cakes like the tiramisu and princess cake are tiny (probably about 2 inch diameter round) that makes it good for a small celebration for two to four people. For more pictures, see my
Flickr set.

Patisserie Rui
G1B, Mt Kiara Meridin
19, Jln Duta Kiara
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-3177290/03-62079282 (call the mobile number if you can't get through to the land line, as they're having problems with the telephone)

(Pork free. Open from 10am-8pm. Best to call ahead to check availability of cakes. To get here, if coming from Solaris, drive towards Plaza Mont Kiara, it is on your right hand side just before the 90 degree turn into the main road of Mont Kiara. They also have an outlet in Gasing where you can collect cakes you order and they also place cakes to sell. However they're short of people, hence no one monitors the place except the florist who shares the place with them.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. This review is time sensitive; changes may occur to the place later on that can affect this opinion. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for writing the review.

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J said...

Well, it's really refreshing when you get good service from food outlets.. :)
(Some places are so unapologetic even when they know they made you wait a long time/ etc)

Ciki said...

wa.. ur photos look like it's a difft plc all together. i saw other blogs.. nothing like yours. damn good job boo.. and so informative! now i know where to go for light jap like cakes. Cumi really digs this type of cake;)

ai wei said...

i clicked into her blog and find that all the cakes are very very cute!!! thanks, this is such an informativ post! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

great to know you had found RUI! :)

Sean said...

yeah, u're right... i've seen the satay shop, bakery and dominos while driving down this road dozens of times, but never knew this outlet existed until u and becky blogged about it this week!
am not a fan of light cakes either though... the richer and denser the better! :D

Rebecca Saw said...

Agreew ya on the texture! Less guilt indeed!

iamthewitch said...

Wow those red velvet cupcakes caught my attention all right. :)

Taufulou said...

never got a chance to try their red velvet. . sold out twice when i went there~

CK Lam said...

Thanks for the link :)
I miss the velvet cakes from many lovely ones featured in your post.

Borneoboy said...

Looks scrumptious ! Too bad cakes make me pack on the pounds like no tomorrow ! Sadly I need to stay away from the carbs as much as possible.

qwazymonkey said...

Ahhh, I was there yesterday. Somehow I knew you'd have a field day photographing this place. Rui and her mum were friendly.

Gotta agree with you that the shortcake tasted sweet and light. Kinda like eating candy floss. They just disintegrate in our mouth and all that's left was the taste of sugar.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hehe monkey and i coudnt resist; we went on our cake hunt together.
Monkey and I were saying Boo would definitely love taking pics at this place! haha reallly good job hey!

The pretty rui and her mom recognized me from the outside >.< haha i did a friendly; hi i'm Delectable though. They were really nice. their fruitcakes in a claypot thing was really cute! i had to buy one; but it was kinda complicated collecting it after; and i was to come 2 weeks later; but they hadn't taken my details down or anything.
Many more are definitely going to be speaking bout this place.

Unknown said...

looks so pretty. but im one of those who prefer richer cakes. :)g

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I thought the cupcakes and tiramisu were average, but the princess cake was quite delish!

You were right about her cakes being light -- I was hoping for something more dense...

Unknown said...

okay i need to check out this patisserie if i go to KL in dec! :D

boo_licious said...

J - yes, the lady was very nice but we couldn't eat so many cupcakes, hence we packed them back.

c&c - not everyone likes that type of cake (prob that is why the Opera place last time didn't do well!), hence I thought one should be warned what type of cake they serve.

ai wei - yup, the whole set up is uber cute! Even the cupcake looks like a snowball albeit an oversized one.

BBO - yup, took me a while but managed to get there considering how near it is to me.

Sean - those canopies in front don't help and as she has no signboard on top of the canopy, you won't spot it unless u know abt it.

nomadgourmand - her sponge cake is nice and she definitely fills a gap that was left vacant after Opera closed down.

iamthewitch - it's more the colour that grabs yr eyes as honestly anything red velvet has no taste, except maybe those made with beetroot.

taufulou - wow, hotseller. Call ahead I guess to book?

CK Lam - u got to try quite a few that I didn't see, the Baileys one looked good in yr post.

Borneoboy - oops, guess this is a case of see and don't eat! Poor thing.

qwazymonkey - yeah, I was looking at the crumb, very different and sweeter.

Su - LOL, reminds me of the time I bumped into u at Bisou! Ah, do let me know how's the taste of the fruitcake.

kgboycitygal - hee hee, maybe eat a few of them in one go, so they're much dense and richer?

Bsar-babe - the princess cake did sound very delish since the raspberry puree would have made a nicer flavour contrast to the sweet sponge. I shld hve bought that but then that'll mean Becky would not had a chance to bring that over to all of u that day.

Brad - whoppee, u're coming to KL? Come let's go makan-makan.

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