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A guide to Hairy Crabs in Kuala Lumpur - 2009 edition

hairy crab picture pinched from my previous King Crab post

Tis that time of the year when our cholestrol levels get a double boost from this highly coveted crustacean aka the hairy crab (tai cheok hai in Cantonese). Usually available from October to November onwards, most of the Chinese restaurants in town are running promotions for this delicacy prized for its rich and creamy roe. From what I read, it seems crabs harvested in October are said to be meatier while the crabs caught in November are said to have creamier roe.

In the midst of searching for a place to indulge in this decadent treat, I decided to compile a list of places that offer them for an easy reference plus comparison. It's not an exhaustive list of places but hopefully it's a start to get you on the right track. Note that the restaurants are alphabetically listed. Some have set menus, promotion offers while others only offer a la carte options.

1. Ah Yat Abalone Forum
Avenue K, Tel:03-2166 3131 & Section 13 PJ, Tel:03-7960 4988

Set menu one: RM148++, no minimum order
abalone, fried cod fish, steamed hairy crab, sharks fin soup, fried rice, kailan, ginger tea and dumplings for dessert

Set menu two: RM288++, no minimum order
abalone (kon pau chee), deep fried prawn roll, seasonal vegetables cooked with crab meat and stock, steamed hairy crab, fried cod fish, birds nest and shark's fin soup, braised mushroom noodles, ginger tea and dumplings for dessert

A la carte: Small (175g for RM65++), Medium (250g for RM138++), Large (300g for RM238++)

Availability: Dependent on supply. Best to call ahead to check.

Origin: Shanghai

For more information on this promotion including pictures, see the Star write up as per this link.

2. Dragon-I Restaurant
The Curve, Tel:03-7728 6888; Pavilion, Tel:03-2143 7688 & 1 Utama, Tel:03-7725 8822
Hairy crab is only available at these outlets only.

Set menu: RM128 nett, minimum 3 persons order
Consists of steamed hairy crab (5oz), steamed Shanghainese dumpling with crab meat, double-boiled superior chicken soup, fresh vegetable cooked with crab meat, Yong Chow fried rice and sesame dumpling in ginger soup.

A la carte: RM55++ (5 oz)

Availability: From now onwards until further notice

Origin: Tai Wu Lake

3. Elegant Inn
Menara Hap Seng, Tel: 03-2070 9399

Set menu: RM98++ (RM112.70), minimum 2 persons order
Consists of appetizer (ginger/prawn/pumpkin), chicken soup with shark's fin, hairy crab (7oz), vegetables, glutinous rice with dried scallops, double boiled milk and crunchy water chesnut for dessert.

A la carte: 7oz for RM63++, 8oz for RM88++

Availability: From now until end of December

Origin of crabs: Tai Wu Lake

4. Mandarin Palace

Federal Hotel, Tel:03-2148 8744

A la carte: RM60++ (about 5-7 oz). Cooked in various styles: steamed, steamed with glutinous rice, cooked in a salt soup, ginger

Availability: Until 30 November, 2009

Origin: Shanghai

5. King Crab
Petaling Jaya, Tel:03-7808 2388

A la carte: RM38++, RM78++, RM128++ (Size ranges from 90g to 170 or 180g) Crabs are served steamed. Slight different in price for male and female crabs

Promotion: Buy 3 crabs and get 1 free crab

Availability: Until end of November

Origin: Yong Sheng Lake

6. Li Yen
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tel:03-2142 8000

A la carte: Price ranges from RM170++ to RM210++ (Size ranges from 270-300grams)Steamed hairy crab variety only.

Availability: Until end of November

Origin: Shanghai

7. Shang Palace
Shangri-la Hotel, Tel:03-2074 3904

Set menu: RM248++ per person, minimum 2 persons order
Consists of hairy crab roe, steamed hairy crab, prawn with hairy crab roe, beancurd with hairy crab roe, noodles and sweet ginger tea with gingko nut for dessert

A la carte: RM180++ (7 oz)

Availability: Until 15 November, 2009

Origin: Shanghai

Note: Shang card members get a 20% discount for the hairy crabs whether for the set menu or a la carte order.

8. Shanghai
JW Marriott Hotel, Tel:03-2719 8288

Set menu: RM123++, no minimum order
Consists of hairy crabmeat soup, two xiaolongbaos: one with hairy crab meat and one without, steamed hairy crab, spring onion and soy sauce noodles, ginger soup with mai lai koh as dessert

A la carte: RM130++, RM160++, RM180++, RM210++ (Size ranges from 280g to 300g)

Availability: Until end of November 2009

Origin: Tai Wu Lake, Shanghai


Precious Pea said...

Great info!! Happy Crabby feasting this weekend ;)

boo_licious said...

Thxs Precious Pea. Gearing myself for the crab feast tnite.

thule a.k.a leo said...

I'm planning for next week as I am not coming to Kl this week :)

Unknown said...

yum yum! time for crab attack if got $$

eiling lim said...

The best mitten crabs are from Yang Cheng Lake. But because of the huge demand and low yield, I don't think we can get them here.

sc said...

woah, that's quite a list! but alas, i doubt i can try- i get allergy reaction towards crabs- especially those with lots of roe :(

Unknown said...

hey guys, u must check out the MALAYSIA ASEAN HERITAGE TRAIL at avenue-k. Its free food tasting from 10 diff asian countries. meet celebrity chefs n taste their great recipes of the day. 12 to 22 nov 2009. 1pm to 5pm. u don't wanna miss it. TRUST ME..

Unknown said...
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boo_licious said...

Leo - ah, once a yr indulgence.

Diabloking - yeah, they're not cheap.

eiling - doubt we get the best quality ones here. They probably end up at HK & Spore instead.

sc - awww, u poor thing. Nvr mind, stick to other things.

Thxs Cynthia for the info. We did walk by the exhibition at Lot 10 yesterday.

Unknown said...

No wonder my travel mates were pigging their hearts out when we were in Shanghai! Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I believe Tai Hu means Tai Lake in Wuxi, not Shanghai?

boo_licious said...

Thxs Gina for that explaination. I'm hopeless with China geography.

Unknown said...

Are any of the restaurants listed above pork free?

Vivien said...

they are also selling in CWZJ Cuisine in Kuchai Lama

Dovey Lovey said...

last week, my family visited King Crab on Mother Day...No big deal...service is well below satisfaction...waited for an hour for only fish and veg but surprisingly,Butter Crab-so called signature disc is missing...Very disappointed...

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