Monday, September 15, 2008

Ramadan Bazaar Section 14, Petaling Jaya 2008

ramadan won't be the same without this famous popiah basah

We had a nice lazy weekend...celebrating Mid-Autumn festival and even managed to squeeze in a visit to the Ramadan Bazaar, just before it started to pour. One of my ever favourite places is Section 14's Ramadan Bazaar as you get one of the best popiah basah in town.

well worth the wait...

It is so good that you must queue ages, as there is so much demand for the popiah. This year, I decided to stand there and watch them do the whole wrapping sequence.

stack of popiah skin

I even managed to capture it, so see my
flickr set for Section 14. I love watching how they wrap these popiah....first place all the skins in rows, then add two types of sauces - the sweet one and then the spicy one. Then sprinkle the bean sprouts, the cabbage and the chopped egg. Sprinkle a prawn and fried shallots. Once everything is assembled, wrap it up and place in containers for people to take home... Very different from Popiah SS Ali in Shah Alam, as instead of making sure each popiah gets an equal amount of toppings, they tend to push the popiah fillings downwards, whenever they wrap. I reckon it could be due to the lack of space they have to spread the popiah skins but at least here, there is a proper control of ingredients.

purple agar agar with egg white

While, I was snapping away, someone came over and asked if I had a blog since I obviously wasn't a professional camera person from a publication (kinda obvious since I use such a puny camera versus those ultra canggih ones). She was amused to find out who I was and she even ended up at the bazaar because she read my posts! Cool! Am glad the bazaar posts seem to be getting to people to try out these places. I was even more surprised to see even Hannah Tan had her Ramadan Bazaar posting during the weekend. Positively made all the guys drool as she was eating a kuih keria.

I love these serunding dusted rice cakes

Even though we got there quite early, there was quite a crowd rushing around to buy food. Luckily we got a parking space nearby even though we had a little trouble getting out, as people were double parking everywhere.

bones bones bones....from sup tulang

I spied all those familiar people, at the beginning of the road and around the field. New ones were the roast lamb chap. This time, one whole lamb was being cooked. Also saw them cooking pieces of it on a hot plate.

pulut panggang in a neat little row

What else we spied? There was this interesting recycling campaign going on also - recycle the tetra-pak containers. Seems if you give in a few containers, they give you back shopping vouchers in return. Kinda good initiative to start everyone recycling.

we tried waiting for this putu piring but gave up when the rain started

I wanted to look for my favourite putu piring stall - the one I have eaten since very long ago. That couple now has a permanent stall in USJ2 and one at Section 17's pasar malam. Sadly they were not around but we did find one stall. Tried to queue up for it, but gave up as the rain started pouring down.

enticing clams

Another plus point about eating here, is the seafood choices here. There's the famous Gerai Sri Melaka, nearer to the field and the first stall selling clams and all kinds of seafood.

even more enticing seafood

This year, there is a new stall selling the portugese version - wrapped in foil and cooked on a hot grill. Somehow people seem to prefer the old type - cooked over banana leaf and slathered with loads of sambal.

roasting chickens...over a charcoal fire

Everything looked good - down to the chickens being roasted over a hot charcoal fire, the satay stall next to it and the stall selling pulut panggang.

there's even roast lamb nowadays

I loved those stalls selling all the curries - Minang style and the nasi ulam one with the bubur manis. Had to resist buying from them, as I know I won't be able to finish everything.

or just plain old murtabak

Murtabak or roti john are good choices, if you want a simple meal since it's packed with loads of minced meat.

rarely seen Kelantanese desserts - jala emas and nekbat

One lady was selling the ultra rich and sweet Kelantan kuih - jala emas and nekbat that looks like teardrops. Made from duck eggs, they are very sweet (soaked in syrup). Not many places seem to sell this though. First place I have seen with these kuih, this year.

pau sambal seems very popular here

The deep fried buns filled with sambal seem to be very popular here, spied a few stalls selling in. One even had a huge stack of it.

I love the colours of this pecal or gado-gado

Somewhere down the field, I found this stall selling pecal or gado-gado. What attracted me was the pink coloured crackers they had on top. Very striking! For more pictures from previous years, click on
2007's entry.


Gina said...

Fuyoh.. Quite dahsyat looking food! Yummy!

AA said...

Hi! I've been there and the had the roasted lamb kebab. TASTY!!! Also the sup tulang is simply delish!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wiping drool. Being a seafood lover, the seafood on the grill OMG and the enticing clams as you said.

Flower said...

Boo, ur killing me..... :-0

Unknown said...

keep these ramadan posts coming looking at ur great shots and i'll definitely make my move soon

Rebecca Saw said...

hi Boo! its me!! I saw you with the camera and honestly, its not your camera laaa.. its the way ur squatting & bending over so attentively trying to get the best shot! Must be a serious food blogger I told myself! And I have wanted to meet you so though I was hesitant at first (shy mahh) I just had to try my luck to see if you are Boo as following your blogs, I realized you have yet to cover Kelana J Sec 14. So I plucked up th e courage to ask whether you have a blog instead of " you are boo rite??"
And yeah I just had to buy the yellow cute thingy & was impatiently checking out your blog yest nite as I knew I wil be educated on what they are!
The bubur manis stall has so many varieties! and they are all not "common". I bought 2 packs - 1 durian and atr with many strange bits of stuffs inside - I dont know the name though I asked as the stall lady didnt really want to share [they are still in the fridge cos I couldn't finish!] but they are absolutely yummy!

email2me said...

Wah max drool ....... but too bad cannot leave the office during this time.

Julian Si said...

The popiah looks like its to die for :-) SLURP!!!

jasmine said...

back in my hometown, we call the pau sambal "doraemon". Lol.

and i am lusting after the gado2...

fatboybakes said...

groan.......i'm HUNGRY.
but tell me, are the foods as good as they look? its so tragic when we are mislead by appearances, and turns out indah khabar dari rupa.

Sngtey said...

Love your photos. It's been more than 12 years since I've visited a Ramadan bazaar. However this year I will be in KL on 29th and 30th Sept. If I have to pick just one, which one would you recommend? Bangsar would be the one closest to where I'll be staying.
Thank you.

OBT said...

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Christina Kim said...

Whoa....that's a lot of food!!! Great you make me wanna go to a pasar ramadhan:)

k.t.x said...

the jala emas and the nekbat can be found everywhere in thailand/bkk. it's available on BTS stations, road sides, bakeries, backlanes etc. RM2 a medium packet. do, i dont really know where its originality, but kelantanese in the malaysian context seems more appropriate, but perhaps it's thai influenced.

jonathan said...

meh, the popiah basah is overrated. i queued up for close to 30 mins last ramadhan and the result was disappointing.

Shionge said...

This is the best of everything :) It has been a looooong time since I have a bit of everything and gosh, I am so hungry!!!!

kak Jah said...

its not nekbat.. its buah tanjung :D

Faye fly said...

tat roti jala 2 colorfull ..a liitle geli..but subang jaya ramadan hawker foods look more deliciuos than penang one ah!!

Unknown said...

it's not nekbat.. we kelantanese call it buah tanjung.. the kuih is not influenced from thailand but a century ago, kelantan and south thai is one territory.. maybe north thais learn how to make kuih jala emas and buah tanjung from south thai people..

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