Thursday, September 04, 2008

Revisiting Lala Chong, Kg Subang

packed with people on a Saturday night, amazing that we got a table

Sorry, no Ramadan pictures for I've been busy at work. On Tuesday, there was a massive jam at Shah Alam with the police blocks set up to try and catch the Mamak gang, hence I got to the bazaar too late to get any nice pictures. The rain didn't help either. Hopefully, I get better luck next time, as I am off the following few days...

the ever famous seong tong lala, very good but slightly marred by the baby crabs

Thought I'll post about our recent visit to Lala Chong. Not been back ever since my
long ago dinner there. I was inspired by Precious Pea's recent post to go and try out the place.

who knew tuna and fern tops (pucuk paku) would go well together?

We got there on a Saturday night and it was packed to the brim. Luckily we didn't have trouble getting a table, as some people just left when we walked in. After placing our orders, we were prepared to wait it out but surprisingly, food came relatively quick - about 20 minutes.

airy fairy fried sotong

Since I was famished, I didn't care and quickly attacked the dishes. We both loved the tuna fried with paku pakis. At first, I thought the stems would be woody and hard but they turned out to be quite tender. Nice combination, a bit weird but it works.

Japanese-inspired grilled mackerel (aka the saba fish)

I loved the seong tong lala especially the soupy broth it was served with. Just the right amount of rice wine to make the soup taste absolutely perfect. Only slight problem was every shell I opened, had a baby crab inside it! Weird, but I guess the batch was attacked by baby crabs.

We also ordered the deep fried sotong - large round rings dusted in a little flour and deep-fried. Very light batter that was also quite tasty especially with the dipping sauce. While, it was not the best in town (Muhibbah beats it hands down!), it was a pretty decent effort. Needless to say, Splashie Boy, the deep-fried sotong fan, ate almost half of the dish. Last but not least was the Japanese grilled mackerel, served with pickled radish. While it was juicy and tasty, I kinda felt the fish was not fresh, as the sides were kinda mushy tasting. Definitely can't beat Japanese restaurants' fresh saba fish.

Overall a pleasant meal and a quick one, seeing how packed it was. The place next to the restaurant is kinda a mess nowadays with the roadworks. Rumour has it, Lala chong may move hence they already did up a branch at Ara Damansara. Whatever it is, this place is a good place to indulge in a bit of seafood. Next time, I must try the crabs!

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Precious Pea said...

Their oyster omelet also not too bad. But i think the lala attacked the lil crabs instead of the other way round. Haha! Anyway, i love the lala soup, sweet and tasty! And yes, heard of the crabs too and I will go back to try it especially the salt baked version.

Fulltime Mom said...

Just in case you don't know, the Ara branch offers steamboat. Was there on Sunday night and heaps of people were having steamboat. We drove past Kg Subang and it was so packed we decided to head towards Ara.

PureGlutton said...

Lala Chong is ever popular... I go there for the clams (of coz) and also never fail to order their pucuk paku. Whereabout is their Ara branch?

Julian Si said...

Eeeww... that sounds frightening, baby crabs in lala's!?

Glad you had a good time :-)

J2Kfm said...

but aren't you grateful that you're getting crabs (baby) AND
la-la on the same plate? :)

tuna and pucuk paku? fusion huh? but can imagine the taste to be nice.

Tummythoz said...

Yeh yeh I'm going tonight yeh yeh! Hopefully the weather holds.

Mark said...

Near my house, and yeah... good food serve there... Plus your nice pictures... even more tempting.

ling239 said...

baby crab season ah ? hahahahaaa....

boo_licious said...

precious pea - oooooh, must go try the salt baked version. Sounds fantastic!

fulltime mom - ah, must go and try esp since everynite is raining, steamboat will be a nice way to warm up!

pureglutton - sorry, me no idea where exactly it is. Once I find out, will let you know!

julian - LOL! Not that scary, just a bit irritating, as I kinda taking them out.

j2kfm - not edible lah the baby crabs!

tummythoz - nope, weather was raining cats and dogs. How wuz it???

mark - wah, so lucky, near your place also, hence you can eat it all the time.

ling239 - yeah, but I don't think they can be eaten though.

Kclee said...

Lala Chong Ara Damansara is not quite up to par against the original one in Kg Subang. But nonetheless it's alright I suppose.

boo_licious said...

thxs for the tip kc. I guess, the cooks here are much better since they must be the original ones.

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