Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ramadan Bazaar @ Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

let's start with some dates first....., fresh ones ok!

'Tis the season for fasting and evening bazaars where lots of food is available. We had a leisurely weekend off - a well deserved break, I reckon after a very stressful week. I was kinda worried the bazaars would be rained out yesterday, but luckily the rain stopped quite quickly, hence we did manage to snap some shots of one of my favourite bazaars - the one at Kelana Jaya.

multi-tasking the kuih ayu mould - make adorable jellies with it

Originally, we wanted to go try somewhere new, but the heavy rain kinda stopped our ambitious plans, hence we went back to the familiar.

or make these colourful ones with bananas...

It was good, as when we walked down that street, I recognised all the familiar faces - the jovial fella who sells satar (the Terengganu delicacy with minced fish and coconut), the ikan bakar stall which everyone crowds around, the cencaru sambal lady, the kuih batik stall at the front of the road and etc.

smoke signals succulent ayam percik being cooked on the grill

Some stalls remain at their old spots while, some get elevated. This year, we noticed tanks of water set up by MBPJ, a welcome sight for the hawkers. Those officers to maintain traffic and peace at these stalls were also around.

she's got a brand new spot this year, right up front. Who can resist these stuffed fish??

What was new?? I saw more western influences here - young chaps selling pizza or samurai pizza to be exact. And another stall was frying up juicy kebabs with adorable cherry tomatoes.

pizza anyone? an interesting appearance at the bazaar

There was also an agar-agar stall around, selling all those colourful sweet treats to tempt you. Some even had sliced bananas in them.

juicy kebabs with adorable cherry tomatoes

I reckon this year, more stalls join the crowd at Kelana Jaya, as they seem to stretch down the road further. Everyone was eager to start business, even with the pouring rain, you see a lot of stalls cooking away.

cholestrol high!!! eggs for nasi lemak

The nasi lemak people were around serving quails with their delicious nasi lemak and sinful fried eggs. Couldn't resist to snap a picture of all those wobbly fried eggs. Like the lady told me, a lot of time was spent to get them fried.

satar from Terengganu - kinda fishy but nice with the grated coconut

Some popular stalls even set up branch here - like the Section 14 popiah basah fella. Not sure whether it is the same, as no one seems to be queuing up here, unlike the one at Section 14 where the queue goes on and on for that ever popular wet popiah.

teeny weeny roti boom - perfect for curries

Colours for the drinks seem to be getting more crazy - with bright blue, pink and green competing. One stall set up a leng chee kang stand - just pick what you want and mix.

don't forget traditional ketupat daun palas

The only person, I could not spot was the Kelantanese couple, I usually get my laksam, nasi kerabu and nasi dagang satisfaction from. I hope they are just late, as their Kelantanese food is a must every year for me.

or ketupat nasi with rendang

Do have fun, at these places and take your time to walk down and choose what you want. Quite a few stalls are regulars who have build up a reputation for their food, while some may be fly by night ramadan stall operators - just out to make a quick buck.

Am not sure if I will have time to go to the others and every day seems to be raining. I guess, I may limit my visits to weekends or when I am free. For more on Kelana Jaya from previous years, click on 2007's entry which will lead you to all the other years.

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Ciki said...

well written. it's like being taken on a journey! btw, i love yellow dates, before it's made all gooey and sticky !lol..

J2Kfm said...

I realised boo, you covered Ramadan bazaar every yr without fail huh? :)

though its festivity for the Muslims, I'm all for the bazaar, snapping up everything (on diff days, of course!)

jasmine said...

wow. you're quick. i only remembered that it was ramadhan at 8pm... too late to go :(

Flower said...

Sedap dan bestnye. I wish I'm back home. Every ramadan, pasti tak miss coming to your blog. Thanks.

This would be my 3rd ramadan in Perth.

Unknown said...

Hi Boo!

I am an absolute fan of your blog. I hope you will cover more pasar Ramadhan this year and share your findings with us.

sc said...

was supposed to go to the KJ pasar ramadan yest, but change of plans.. KJ is one of my fave pasar ramadan too :)

Precious Pea said...

Nice start Boo! I was looking forward to your ramadan bazaar series. Any good ones in Shah Alam?

fatboybakes said...

ah, so nostalgic. twas during ramadan 3 years ago that you ignited my interest in food blogging!!!

Jackson said...

when talk about Ramadhan bazaar, u seems like a representative of it!! So much good food there!

Julian Si said...

Can always count on you for great shooting ... lovely shots of our local fare!

Happy (belated) Merdeka!

LianneK said...

oh my .. the ayam percik and ikan bakar is making me hungry! Happy Belated Merdeka Boo :-)

wmw said...

Yippee...looking forward to more Ramadhan posts.

Unknown said...

my favourite ramadhan bazaar! love the ikan bakar and ayam percik there..realize that the stalls are the same as previous year too

SkyJuice said...

A great post and lovely photos as always, Boo. I like it that you started the post with fresh dates. It is customary for the Muslims to break their fast with rutab (ripe dates) or tamar (dried dates).

According to an online source, dates ripen in four stages; which are known throughout the world by their Arabic names kimri (unripe), khalal (full-size, crunchy), rutab (ripe, soft), tamr (ripe, sun-dried).

I think the dates in the first photo were kimri judging by the colours.

Look forward to seeing more Pasar Ramadhan posts from you. :-)

CRIZ LAI said...

I have yet to visit the Pasar Ramadan over here. I love the arrays of food as well as the colorful kuih muih around. I hope I can get some ketupat daun palas with serunding this year. Actually, I always like mine with kaya as dessert.. hehe :P Nice coverage here Boo :)


daphne said...

indeed it's that time of the year again-and the jellies still look as good! Planning on visiting more markets this year boo?

emm emm said...

Hi, am glad you reviewed the KJ BR again. This year we miss 2 of our favourite stalls - the Nasi Ayam/Tomato with Merah and Black Pepper Sauces, and the Kuay Teow Taiping. The children love the Nasi Ayam/Tomato with black pepper ! The Kuay Teow Taiping was unique, can't actually describe it. Added this year is Mazlan Laksa Kedah - another family favourite, usually we get them at the FAM pasar malam saturday nights.

shamahim said...

Thank you for your post. for orang jauh (though I'll be balik kampong for the fasting month and raya soon), rasa macam nak nangis je .... can't wait to be back.

boo_licious said...

cumi & ciki - yup, going thru the bazaar is good for educating oneself on Malay food, but seems Western food is creeping in nowadays.

j2kfm - am sure Ipoh would have loads of food esp the famous rendang tok!

jasmine - never mind, you can do it next wk and hopefully the weather is better!

boo_licious said...

flower - wow, time flies and it is 3 years!

thxs norlyn. I just hope the rain stops, as it is so difficult getting to places!

sc - yup, it is also one of my favs as everything I buy usually turns out great there.

precious pea - the stadium one? Full of people and stalls, loads of variety but I often find the food mediocre there.

fbb - wow! amazing how all those coincidences lead to friendship.

jackson - when you going for one?

julian - thxs for those kind words.

boo_licious said...

lianne - thxs for the well wishes. Too bad we can't send some ayam percik over. Maybe you will make some?

wmw - yup, that time of the year again to feast.

kampungboycitygal - yeah, all the regulars again.

thxs for the info skyjuice7 - very interesting, as I didn't know their names. One of my fav ones are the type stuffed with nuts.

criz - nice way to pair the ketupat. Kinda like the Ipoh glutinous rice version.

daphne - I do want to but weather seems to be not cooperating.

emm emm - cool, another fan of KJ. The ckt and nasi tomato sounds awesome, too bad they are not around.

shamahim - Selamat Berpuasa and take care on the journey home. Pssst, nothing beats home cooked food.

SkyJuice said...

Boo, I like stuffed dates too. Those stuffed with almond are a nice change instead of having 'em plain. :-) Have you tried the chocolate-coated ones?

Simon Seow said...

Ah, it's that time of the year again. Always like your Ramadan Bazaar post. This year, I'll try to visit some and blog about it. lol

DS said...

wow boo, great coverage of my hometown bazar ramadhan...im a fan of your blog..nice shoot of picture there

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