Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Penang Rojak @ Restoran Seng Lee, Kuala Lumpur

Here's something to whet your appetites with - Penang Rojak. Nope, sadly it ain't from a place in Penang but I guess city folk like us can't be too choosy. Located outside Restoran Seng Lee, one of my favourite places for a plate of char kuey teow or a bowl of curry laksa, we usually order rojak to share when waiting for our food to arrive. Since it can take some time to arrive especially during lunchtime, it's nice to snack before our food arrives.

As and when you place your order, they will mix the rojak (RM3.30 for small, RM4 for big). First, they fill an old metal plate with the cut fruits - green mangos, papayas, cucumbers, pineapples and yam bean (jicama). Then he mixes a bit of thick black paste made from molasses and prawn paste in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon. The cut fruits, tofu puffs and deep fried chinese crullers (yau char kuai) will be poured into the bowl and mixed quickly and then spooned in a white styrofoam box. Add a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and topped with crunchy crackers for a totally satisfying snack or meal.

The best thing about the rojak is you can also customise each order depending on your preference - more mangos, less crackers and etc. It's ideal you also eat your rojak as soon as possible or else it will get soggy especially the crisp crackers. Here the prawn paste he uses is not too pungent making it a good choice to pack back to the office for a light lunch.

Penang Rojak
In front of Restaurant Seng Lee
Jalan Batai
Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur

(Pork free. Open from 11 am onwards and during lunchtime. Close on Sunday)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Your pic of the rojak looks very appetising. :-) I used to get my fix from the rojak man in front of Rocky's in Bangsar. Not sure if he's still there. I also like the rojak at Little Penang because of the thick prawn paste sauce. :-D

Tummythoz said...

For this I'm a stickler of the produce from that state. Always keep a couple of prepacked sauce from various popular rojak stalls in my fridge. My ultimate comfort food for moody days.

tankiasu said...

Always order this rojak whenever I go to Seng Lee for lunch. But seldom nowadays because of the crazy amount of ppl there during lunchtime. And he refused to sell just the prawn crackers anymore. :-(

Pink Elle said...

I like, I like! :) Rojak's one of my favourite foods till I get sick of it :p I usually order mine sans cucumber and jicama so it's a pure fruit one. Gotta try this one. I heard the stall in front of MPH in Bangsar Telawi area is quite good too but haven't tried it yet.

Flower said...

I love rojak too. Our local oriental shop here do stock on the rojak sauce. So far I havent tried it yet. My Penang friend here make her own rojak sauce. Yummy too. Cant eat rojak to often here because 1/2 pineapple here cost around $6.00, one small bangkuang if it's in season would cost $3.00 and 4 small unripe mango would cost about $4.00. So its more like a luxury food for us here.

D said...

Does this guy pre-charcoal grills his beancurd puffs and dough crullers before adding it to the rojak? Not many stalls go the extra mile to do that anymore but when they do, the warm and crisp puffs and crullers just makes that little extra difference =)

Precious Pea said...

Lots of crushed peanuts on your rojak!!! That's the way i like it. Yumss....i usually ask for additional crackers.

Have you tried the stall in front of Atria, Damansara Jaya? That is my favourite stall. After the rojak, you can even have soya bean from the van right next to the rojak stall.

GFAD said...

I always ask for extra peanuts on my rojak! One of the few places with fresh-tasting peanuts! And only prawn cracker and fruits/vege for me, don't like taupok or yau char kuai. I usually go either before 12:30pm or after 2:00pm, to avoid the crowds.

mh said...

if you drop by Pusat Bandar Puchong area on weekend after 1pm, try the rojak outside 1+3d, by a fat guy.

boo_licious said...

lemongrass - must admit have not tasted the fella outside Rocky yet. Thxs for the tip. Yup, I like Little Penang's one too.

tummythoz - lucky you!

tankiasu - yup, crowd there is absolutely madness during lunchtime.

pink elle - must be the Rocky fella lemongrass mention. Oky, must go try since 2 of you now recommend him.

flower - am glad you get to indulge in it still even though it's so pricey there.

d - the crullers and crackers are pre fried but puffs are not grilled I think. Hard to tell as usually soaked in the sauce already.

precious pea - yup, heard good things abt that fella too! Think he's the one who serves it with bean sprouts.

kat - smart gal as the lunchcrowd is terrible there.

tekko - oooh, sounds good already. Thxs for the tip.

myCoffee said...

Ooh, I love rojak (both rojak buah and pasembor) too. Definitely on my top favourite Malaysian food list. Always in a quest to find good rojak. So far, I like the one at Atria and Taman Tun but location is a bit out of the way. The small corner kopitiam in Sec.14 PJ (next to the houses)has a good rojak buah stall too.

boo_licious said...

mycoffee - I quite like the Taman Tun one too. The prawn paste is slightly stronger there and they always mix a lot of sauce.

Precious Pea said...

I normally ask him not to put in beansprout and kangkung, unless you eat it immediately. Otherwise, it turn soggy.

boo_licious said...

precious pea - thxs for the tip!

Paul Tan said...

the aunty selling pork mee at Seng Lee sells very good.. uhm, pork mee.

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