Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Martell Klue RSVP @ Max! Kitchen and Wines - 23 March, 2007

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you will remember me raving about the food at
Max! Kitchen and Wines before. Friends who have dined there have returned to say the food is great. For us, we keep visiting this place as we love the food here.

If you're not doing anything on 23 March, 2007, the next RSVP is being held there so you get a chance to sample their food at RM60 nett per person. An excellent deal with the pan seared rare tuna loin served with marinated fennel salad, cajun spiced capsicum salsa and chipolte pepper sauce as an appetizer, a choice of cod fish fillet with shiraz braised mushrooms stew on mascarpone polenta mash and sauteed pea sprout or a roulade of chicken and portobello mushroom with a duck liver terrine and fresh thyme jus and to end, a decadent white chocolate fondant tart with milk chocolate creme brulee and vanilla bean ice cream. Coffee or tea is also served with dessert. (For pictures of the food, look at the brochure above)

Sadly I can't make it for this time round as it falls on the same day of Splashie Boy's annual dinner and dance which I just found out last weekend. Sniff! I was really looking forward to going as I love the food there plus some of the bloggers were keen to also try out the place. Unfortunately, his annual dinner and dance is something we can't get out of.

If you're keen, email before 20 March, 2007. Sorry but I couldn't resize the picture to a thumbnail size hence I'm cutting and pasting information from it here.


MeiyeN said...

you aren't going... citygal couldn't confirm... don't think i wanna go too :(

boo_licious said...

Lianne is going though. Maybe you can check with her as she did confirm in her blog.

fatboybakes said...

bah!!!! looks like no go lah, this round.

boo_licious said...

fbb - sad rite as it's such a good deal. Was a bit upset when someone remembered his annual dinner and dance.

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