Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Purple Sweet Potato Crackers

Don'cha love the bright purple colour of these crackers? They're made from the ever popular Japanese purple sweet potatoes which have recently invaded Malaysia's vegetable stalls. Babe in the City has a picture of the potatoes which she used to make tong sui with.

An enterprising person decided to make them into crackers which we got from the wet market. All we did was deep fry them to get these lovely and crunchy crackers. They are extremely nice with a bit of a sweet taste - very moreish. Definitely my favourite cracker now which I am savouring at the moment.

If you wish to try them out, we got the crackers from the Seapark Market vegetable seller at the corner i.e. the one that is nearer to the florist. It seems these are home made and get sold out quite fast hence it may not be readily available.

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J said...


Them crackers look so psychedelic!

Makan Kings said...

Crackers!!! I love crackers!! Havent had decent crackers for some time already.

-BKT King-

superkumquat said...

Wow, the crackers look good. Where is Seapark Market?

Unknown said...

pink or purple, they look crunchy and just the right type of tv-snack!

Chen said...

aiks... i dunno about the existence of these purple coloured sweet potato keropok..

boo_licious said...

J - hee hee, yeah! They look like psychdelic purple!

makan kings - awww, poor thing! Hope you get them soon.

froot - Directions to Seapark Market can be found at this link which describes a stall near it. See the market ref along Jalan 21/22 and Jalan 21/11B.

Cath - they are nice and you get huge pieces also to satisfy your urge for a cracker.

Chen - I guess Penang may not have them yet. You may have to make your own.

fatboybakes said...

ya mean the coloring is natural?

superkumquat said...

Thank you for the link! :-)

boo_licious said...

fatboybakes - 100% natural so give it a try.

froot - you are welcome.

Audrey Cooks said...

was scanning thro ur blog when my daughter spotted ur purple crackers ... looks like i've gotta get some cos not only crackers r her fav, the color is too.

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