Monday, March 20, 2006

Prawn Noodles

After a weekend of turmoil struggling with the blog - republishing, deleting and slowly freaking out whenever I saw a blank page, I hope Blogger is now back on track and does not dissapear on me today. On to the food which is what matters most to the tummies.

Last week, while wandering through the market and figuring out what to cook for dinner, I found fresh water prawns for sale. Although, these prawns are from farms which specially breed them, they are not readily available at the markets. The prawns have bigger sized heads and larger pinchers in front. I decided to get some to make my own version of "sang har meen" which is popularly known here as freshwater prawn noodles. Although the ones you get at the restaurant serves the prawns on crispy noodles, I decided not to deep fry the noodles this time since I wanted to keep the fat levels minimal. Instead I used a type of noodle we call yee mee. Tastewise, I thought it was pretty good although my stock could have been richer if I had boiled the prawn shells longer. Think the next time round, I will try the crispy version.

Cooking the noodles was pretty easy and straightforward with the steps as follows:
  • Trim the prawn heads of the sharp ends and slice them into half. You can season them with salt and pepper
  • Fry sliced young ginger in a tablespoon of oil and fry the prawns till fragrant.
  • To make the sauce, you can add chicken stock or in my case, I used prawn stock made from left over prawn shells. Season with oyster sauce, light soya sauce and a dash of dark soya sauce.
  • Add the vegetables and yee mee which has been rinsed in boiling water to soften and simmer for a few minutes. You can thicken the sauce by adding cornstarch.
  • Just at the end, add a beaten egg and stir to cook. Dish up and serve hot.

For the crispy version, you can try Amy Beh's recipe.

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Unknown said...

delicious looking yeemee and such lovely huge prawns :)

Swee San said...

hey boo.. do u know where to buy ramekins ? the ones to make souffle ?


sher said...

Yumm. Those prawns look amazing!!!!!!

boo_licious said...

sher and cath - yum! Now my tummy is rumbling thinking abt them.

swee - I bought my ramekins very long ago from Isetan. They're from pyrex. Not sure where you can get them now as I have not seen them around. Try the bigger stalls as they shld stock the whole Pyrex range.

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